Book Sale BlitzKrieg

       An alarm buzzes in my ear and my eyes snap open.  The strange butterfly of anticipation in my stomach that lingered all day yesterday has multiplied in the night into a swarm.  All my senses are on high alert.  Years of training begin to kick in. I dress quickly – comfortable, combat clothes and shoes are essential.  I…

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I Whistle A Happy Tune

       I am so excited – my singing teacher has set up her own home recording studio! For my lesson yesterday, instead of doing lip trills and deep breathing exercises, I got to record a song!  I picked Dean Martin’s ‘Everybody Love’s Somebody’ and with my wonderful teacher manning the controls, we were able to whip out this puppy…

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Tellus Science Museum

   After lots of planning and rescheduling, my family and I finally got to visit the Tellus Science Museum! It was a gorgeous day and we got to enjoy the beautiful grounds.   Aren’t these shady avenues lovely? I wanted to pitch a tent and stay there even more than I wanted to run through the sprinklers.   My sister took…

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5 Best TV Shows About Families

My Three Sons:    Hands down, this is one of my favorite TV shows.  This show holds some of the most honest and heartfelt representations of family that the television world has ever seen.  The crazy, rollicking lifestyle is something nearly any rowdy family can relate to.  This show was a master at having three conversations going on at one time,…

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What I’m Eating This Week

Coffee, coffee, I love coffee, EVERYBODY LOVES COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!!!! I think you understand how much I love COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!  But, as I mentioned in a previous post, I only like coffee with milk (I won’t drink it black) and I can’t drink a lot of milk.  So what’s a girl to do? Coffee flavored chocolate, of course! Call…

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