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I Whistle A Happy Tune


     I am so excited – my singing teacher has set up her own home recording studio!

For my lesson yesterday, instead of doing lip trills and deep breathing exercises, I got to record a song!  I picked Dean Martin’s ‘Everybody Love’s Somebody’ and with my wonderful teacher manning the controls, we were able to whip out this puppy in 45/60 minutes.  Believe me, in the recording world, that is REALLY fast.  I have had the opportunity of using a real recording studio and each time it took over 3 hours to record 2 songs and it could take as long as to two weeks for the sound engineer to send me my finished tracks.  Not to mention that it can take weeks for everybody’s schedule to align to set up the recording date in the first place.

My teacher and I were jumping up and down in glee at being able to do this ourselves and we recorded and mixed it in a few easy clicks.  It’s not as perfectly mixed as a sound engineer would get it – I did about 3 takes and we used the best recording, instead of clipping together all my best parts from multiple takes.  It probably could have been studio perfect if we had had a little more time — her set up is that good.  Even as it is, its still way better than my home recording system…and in a mere hour we were able to produce a song that I am not ashamed to share on my blog.

I am now accepting donations for the Allison Singing Foundation….surely you heard about this noble charity that equips people with their own home recording studio?  Never?  Well, please stick around, you’ll will hear a great deal more about it.   Just kidding….just kidding…I’m not actually accepting donations.

My foundation of one member is already cooking up ideas for how I can create my own set up.  For now, I have so many things on my plate that I’m content to keep utilizing my teacher’s studio and the local recording booth.  I just got a new mic….and discovered yesterday that this expensive piece of equipment wasn’t the absolute best for the job.  But I’m not ready to give up on it yet.  I use Audacity, but aside from its most basic functions, it is still a vast, uncharted territory to me.  I have a decent sized learning curve ahead of me before I can start doing this on my own and maintain my sanity.

Some people dream of having a cook, or a chauffeur, or some other permanent staff in their house….I dream of having a personal sound engineer, ready to record me and make me sound wonderful at the drop of a hat.  I am an ar-TIST!  I don’t want to be bothered with technical things….such as pushing the ‘record’ button.  Just thinking about all the stuff I’ll have to learn makes me choke.But buckling down and learning this process is a necessary step and when I put my mind to something, I do my best to follow through.

Audacity….home recording studio….PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MATCH!




16 thoughts on “I Whistle A Happy Tune

  1. So cool Allison! I am so jealous of you and your voice teacher! 😛 I would love to be able to have my own studio. And if you ever want to upgrade from Audacity, Studio One by Presonus is what I use, and it is AMAZING! And . . . it’s FREE!!!!! Super super simple to learn. There are three versions, I personally use the 2nd, but 3 is good too. They don’t have 2 available right now, but I have a download of it, and I could send it to you if you want. Don’t worry, it’s completely legal. 😉
    I love the changes you made on your blog! It looks great! So proud of you! You did a great job designing it! 🙂 God bless you girl! 🙂

    1. Ugh….I would love to have my own studio too!!!! PreSonus..hmm… Free! Oh, yes, I like free! I don’t know though, Audacity is a little complicated to me! 🙂 I will have to look into it, thanks!
      Awww…thank you! and thanks for all the suggestions and feedback, I really appreciate it! God bless you!

      1. I know right? Free is the best! 😉 To be honest, Studio One was MUCH easier for me to learn than Audacity. I totally got lost the first time I opened up Audacity. 😉 Don’t hesitate to ask if you change your mind! 🙂

      2. Oh always! ‘grin’. Really? Hmm….okay….you’ve got me interested now. I think around the first of the year, I will look into this! Thank you!

      1. Aw, well thank you!
        Its my hope that God will allow me to bless those around me with what He has give me and use my voice in the way that He wants me to use it!

  2. OH MY STARS! Your voice…it’s just amazing, okay? I’m literally stunned right now!
    AMAZING job on this cover, Allison! Eep, so excited for you! 😀 I can’t wait for more songs!

    1. Ohhh….thank you, Mary! You’re so sweet! That’s so encouraging.
      Hehee. I’m looking forward to doing more songs too. NaNoWriMo has kept me busy lately, but I’m hoping to have the cover of a Xmas song up within the first week of December!

    1. Thank you, Jasmine! I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to listen to my cover!
      BTW – I LOVE you’re name – it’s beautiful!

  3. 45-60 minutes? You’re joking. How on earth?? The studio must be positively lovely to work in though 😉 And the song!! Absolutely beautiful!!!! Have I told you yet that I LOVE your voice?
    Oh, you can do it! Conquer Audacity! But yeahhh….a personal sound engineer would be a dream come true! And make it sooooo much easier 😀

  4. 🙂 Thank you, Blessing!!!
    I’m kind of ‘One Shot’ kind of person…I’m able to get a fairly decent take in one go…especially on this style of music…which is really easy for me to sing.
    ‘squeals and runs away from Audacity….takes a deep breathe and creeps back…’ I can do this, I can do this.
    Yes! Forget hiring a chef! I want to hire my own personal sound engineer! 🙂

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