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What I’m Eating This Week

Coffee, coffee, I love coffee, EVERYBODY LOVES COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!!!!

I think you understand how much I love COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!  But, as I mentioned in a previous post, I only like coffee with milk (I won’t drink it black) and I can’t drink a lot of milk.  So what’s a girl to do?

Coffee flavored chocolate, of course!

Call me dumb, but I’ve only just discovered this very likely obvious answer.

I was standing in line at a local Tuesday Mornings, trying not to salivate over the array of ‘Die Happy’ goodies laid out to tempt the customers when I spotted the best chocolate I have ever tasted in my life.

I first picked this item up because of the unusual shape.  I instantly liked the idea of a stick of chocolate,  there was just something really cool about that, it would be great to fit into a back pack and you could tell everyone it was a chocolate covered carrot, which means you wouldn’t have to share (who wants a chocolate covered carrot?) and everyone would think you were eating more healthy than you really are.

So, I picked up a stick of chocolate and examined it, my eye snagging on the word ‘coffee’.

I hadn’t tasted coffee in months and though I wasn’t too sure about how this would taste.   I suspected it might be so expresso-y that it would taste more like mud than chocolate.  Then I saw the brand, Harry London’s.  I had experienced another type of Harry London Chocolate the year before—a rhapsody that deserves and will have a separate post of its own—so I knew I was holding quality in my hand.  Plus it was in a cool stick shape, and it would fit into a back pack really well and I could tell everyone I was eating a chocolate covered carrot and most importantly, my dad, my brother and my older sister wouldn’t be trying to eat my chocolate because they hate coffee.

And it was only .69 cents.

Back in the car, I tore it open, took a bite and experienced an epiphany.

I had just found the greatest chocolate in the whole world.

A rich dark chocolate with a lovely coffee taste that lingers deliciously even after you swallow the last morsel.  This is a treat that dentists will fear because it makes you not want to brush your teeth.

Real espresso grounds are in the stick, so it had the crunch of Crunch bars but without the nasty crunch stuff they put in it, plus it actually tasted caffeinated.  I knew it wasn’t just the excitement of discovering my new favorite that had me buzzing.  Caffeinated chocolate!  The answer to a maiden’s prayer.

This maiden was deliriously happy.  It was the next best thing to a latte and oh how I had been longing for one.  Plus there was that added sparkle of taking a chance (okay only a .69 cent chance but hey, that’s almost an Mp3) and having it pay off.  The anticipation and then the pay off as those anticipations are realized create half of the taste bud experience.

Harry London’s Espresso Sticks are an experience and they are an experience that you should experience now!
I don’t know if this specialty item is at any of your local stores but you can order them online at, but don’t you dare wipe out their inventory. 



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2 thoughts on “What I’m Eating This Week

  1. Ooohhh….this chocolate bar sounds AMAZING!! Now I want to try one xD I wonder if they sell them in Canada? 😉

  2. It was INCREDIBLE!! Ooo….I wonder if they do….hmm…I hope they do! 🙂
    Even if you can’t find this exact bar this combination – chocolate and coffee – are a real craze now – so I’m sure you could find a reasonable (and tasty) facsimile! 🙂

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