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Tellus Science Museum

   After lots of planning and rescheduling, my family and I finally got to visit the Tellus Science Museum!
It was a gorgeous day and we got to enjoy the beautiful grounds.   Aren’t these shady avenues lovely? I wanted to pitch a tent and stay there even more than I wanted to run through the sprinklers.  

My sister took a picture of me taking a picture of her!

     A special outdoor exhibit called ‘Metal in Motion’ featured massive earth movers, old automobiles, emergency vehicles and military transports.   


     A replica of the Jurassic Park jeep…but no dinosaurs.  Too bad – I’ve got a bloodcurdling scream that I’m sure everyone would have enjoyed.

An old WW2 Jeep!  See that tiny MP in the front seat?  They sure are recruiting young these days!

An authentic 1939 Ford that ran moonshine in the late 40’s.  Isn’t it purty?  The owner ran the engine for us – what a great sound!   My sisters even got to sit in the front seat!  (Unfortunately, I had walked away and missed it!)

Got to meet a genuine, real life hero – a SWAT team member who brought his weapons and transport….   LOOK AT ALL THEM GUNS!  The gentleman seemed really nice but I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.

    And the highlight of the trip…..’drum roll’…..helicopters!  When we were driving up to Tellus, a Vietnam war era helicopter went right over our car and we could see it heading for the Tellus grounds before it disappeared into the trees.  Though we didn’t get to see the Huey land, we were there when a rescue helicopter came in for a landing.
I would have just posted a picture, but I included this video because it’s so funny.  I thought I was so slick in filming this, but it was so bright, I didn’t realize that I had my tablet pointed in the wrong direction.  You can see a little of what’s going on…plus you get to hear me scream like a little kid…I thought for sure the bird was going to land on top of us.
When I checked my video afterwards and realized I had a minute worth of sun spots….I just about passed out.

2 thoughts on “Tellus Science Museum

  1. Wow, the Tellus science museum sounds soooo cool! Love all the pictures!
    The avenues look gorgeous! Yes, go run in the sprinklers 😉 I’ll go with you 😀
    That periodic table wall sounds SO amazing!
    Hehe, the hall of lies. An appropriate name 😉
    What was your favourite part of the museum?

  2. Thank you, Blessing! Aren’t the avenues pretty? I just wanted to pitch a tent, grab a book book and live there!
    Haha! ‘frolics with Blessing in the sprinklers’
    ‘cough’ I might have….’cough’….stuck my foot in one once or twice….but the rest of my siblings were doing it too!
    It was very cool! The Hall of Lies bit was from my very witty big sister!
    Probably the Hall of Transportation…I love old cars and the old ‘flying machines!’
    But my hands down favorite moment was sitting in that Huey….too many old war movies growing up, I guess! 🙂

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