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White Christmas Cover

Years ago, my aunt sent us the link to a video that had gone viral on the Internet.  To the tune of White Christmas, a rather clumsily animated Santa Claus and reindeer crooned and bopped their way across the screen.

It was adorable and it was how I discovered the Drifters White Christmas.
I had long been a fan of the Drifters (for those of you out there who have no idea what I’m talking about they were a doo-wop group from the 1950s).  That’s right, I listen to this kind of thing all the time and I don’t care who knows it!  I love the smooth tones of their voices, their flawless ability to harmonize and to actually sing with hardly any musical back up.  They used their voices like instruments and I will never tire of listening to these artists, who really knew what singing was all about.

This particular song I recorded in my basement ‘studio’ (a bedroom that my family and I have converted into a work room for my painting, writing and recording…it also comes in handy as a secret place for wrapping Christmas presents).  Unfortunately, this room is not sound proof and if a fly even buzzes through the other end of the room, my mic can pick it up.  Like the old film sets, I have to go around the house, warning my family and asking them not to use certain sinks or stomp around too much.  They are very generous in accommodating me and I race back into my room and whip out five or six takes before giving everybody the green light.

So here it is.  My take on the Drifters White Christmas, done in my basement studio, with my Yeti mic and my laptop.  It isn’t necessarily a thing of beauty but this song will be a joy forever to me.  I had so much fun recording it!



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8 thoughts on “White Christmas Cover

  1. GIRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLL!!!! YOU got skillz!!!!! 😉 Love it! You’re voice is amazing!!!!! The drawn out notes at the end!?!?!?! WHAAA!!!! Allison! You rock! I would love to hear your demo reel.
    Also, (sorry, audio freak here) what mic did you use?
    Hahahahaha!!!! I do the exact same, run through the house and tell all 9 members to be quiet. XD So funny. “Josh, don’t clang any dishes, Josiah, make sure Elijah doesn’t stomp up the stairs, Mom . . . just stay right where you are and be quite.” 😉

  2. Awwww…..ahhhh ‘covers face’….thank you!!!! You’re so sweet, Sarah Grace! What a cheering section!
    I would LOVE to share my demo reel with you…thanks…that encourages me to work harder and finish it!
    I love studio freaks! 🙂 ‘looks in mirror…salutes reflection’. It’s a Blue Yeti Microphone…it came in a bundle with a speaker and table stand and floor stand…and I put a little pop filter for it. So far, it works pretty well. What kind of mic do you guys use?
    Hahahaaa! Yes, exactly! Whatever you do…DON’T STOMP UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS!!!

    1. Cool! Send it to me via email; you should have my email for moderation purpose. 🙂 I would love to hear it!
      Yay for audio freaks!!!! 😀 Oooh, a Blue! I have always wanted to try one. I use a Samson CO1. It is very nice quality for the price, and suits my purposes perfectly. I have also used a Shure SM48, but I am not a fan of dynamic mics for use in studio.
      BTW, if I didn’t mention it, I love your favicon! It’s the perfect touch! 🙂

  3. 🙂 Yes, I should!!! I really know very little about audio equipment….my teacher showed me a Blue Yeti mic someone had loaned to her and recommended it (before she upgraded). I’ve never heard of those types of mics – I’ll have to look into them.
    Which mic do you think is best for singing purposes?
    Thank YOU for encouraging me to make a favicon! I absolutely love it and I wouldn’t have had it without you! 🙂

    You literally gave me goosebumps at 1:30; it was SO beautiful! 😀
    And the notes at the end, you held your breath so steady….how??? Eeeppsss….amazingggggg!!!!! ^_^
    Your studio sounds Ah-mazing! Hehe, I understand the sound problem though, the mics DO tend to pic up a ton of unwanted sounds 😉

  5. Goosebumps? Wow!!! Really?! That is so exciting! Thank you Blessing!
    Actually, one of my favorite moments to record in this song was the part where I got to scat a little (around 1:30 I threw in ‘Badodeodo’) – I love doing that.
    ‘you held your breath so steady – how?’ Um….I got lucky? Probably that. And lots of practice.
    Yes! I am very grateful to have that room where I can get my work done in relative peace and quiet…if I just didn’t have to fight that over sensitive microphone! But I guess it’s really a good thing that they are that sensitive and can pick up all those quiet notes…there are pros and cons to my mic that I’ve gotten used to working with!
    Thank you so much for listening and subscribing to my Youtube channel!

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