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My Favorite Xmas Music Of All Time


Okay, confession time.  I have hardly listened to any Xmas music this year.   ‘ducks from the ensuing bombardment of rotten fruit’

But just because I am going through a Grinch-y phase, doesn’t mean that I don’t have my all time favorite Xmas music just like the rest of you merry elves!

And so….let the list begin!

This is the CD we always turn on when we open our presents on Christmas Day.  It’s the perfect Xmas ambiance and it never drowns out our conversations or completely overwhelms our video camera’s mic.   A wonderful, soft, choice for Christmas dinner or small gatherings.

This is the music we always turn on when we’re decorating our tree.  A perfect combination of a marching band and full orchestra.  A lovely, ‘standard’ for every Christmas collection.
Because….it’s ELVIS!!!   ‘twirls and jumps up and down’.   What is NOT to like about this voice?  I’s still remarkable after all these years.  His voice is the perfect ‘wrapping paper’ for Xmas songs.   His voice is gold!
Though some of the Josh Groban phenomena seems to have faded…I will never grow tired of listening to his amazing voice.  In my humble opinion, his version of ‘O Holy Night’ is the best vocal cover I have ever heard of this song.  ‘O Holy Night’ is probably my favorite Xmas song, the lyrics are full of truth and power….and Josh Groban’s voice delivers it perfectly.
Anne Murray has such an unusual quality to her voice, I love the husky, throaty elements of her singing.  Her album also covers less known Xmas songs (and some of my favorites) such as ‘Sweet Little Jesus Boy’, ‘No Room At The Inn’ and ‘Mary’s Boy Child’.  I especially like the heavy dose of black gospel in these songs!
I’m surprised my family hasn’t worn this CD out by now!  I will never tire of hearing Nat King Cole smooth, soothing voice.  He took songs that we’ve all heard a million times and makes them into something special.  Had a long, tiring day of Christmas Prep?  What better way to unwind than with Nat!
And just to shake the selection up a bit….  I’m kidding, I really do like this CD.  Amazing, epic versions of our favorite Xmas songs…that sometimes sound more like the theme song of some sci-fi adventure show than Xmas songs.  If you’re in the mood for a Star Wars or Star Trek Christmas – Mannheim Streamrollers is the CD to play.  They also have some more Renaissance style recordings of songs such as ‘Wassail, Wassail’ and ‘Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella’, that I absolutely love.

Last, But Not Least –

Favorite Stand Alone Singles.‘The Drifters White Christmas’:  I think everyone who has seen my recent posts has already read just how much I loved the Drifters version of this song…and what a blast it was to record it!

‘Carol of the Bells by Celtic Woman:  A stirring, enchanting version.  I love this song, but for years I could never find a version I liked….until I found this!

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’:  Its a toss up for me which cover I love the most – Mariah Carey’s version or Vince Vance and the Valiants.  They are both so different, but both of them are fantastic.

‘What Christmas Means To Me’ by Paul Young:   Anybody who has heard this doesn’t need any explanation for why this song is so great.  Makes me want to dance every single time.

‘Marshmallow World’ by Dean Martin:   Are the lyrics light and silly?  Absolutely.  Does it have anything to do with the real meaning of Xmas?  Eh…no!  But its still a fun song and every time I hear it, it makes me think of a child skipping through a powdery snowscape.

I recently recorded a cover of this song and I am looking forward to sharing it with you guys later this month!

What are YOUR favorite Christmas albums, songs and singers?  I would love to hear in the comments!



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