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Bubbly Grape Juice, Good Intentions and God’s Will


2016 is almost over!

It’s that time of year again!  Time for all those well meaning but utterly insane resolutions that are probably induced by drinking too much bubby grape juice.

So allow me to provide my list of insane goals…in no particular order….

Create A Better Newsletter For My Blog:  The one I sent out this month was….really awful.  ‘hangs head in shame’.  But I was only planning on sending out out a newsletter once a month and I just found out to do a professional newsletter with Weebly it will cost me $10.00 every month!  It would be nice if i could just spend money like that….
     So, the jury is still out on how I will solve the newsletter problem, any advice from my readers would be greatly appreciated it!  Once I publish The Reluctant Godfather and get those thousands of new followers (right)…I will probably have to break down and go the professional (and overpriced) route. 
Publish My Book:  God willing, my novella ‘the Reluctant Godfather‘ should be ‘hitting the shelves’ sometime in January!
Ramp Up My Exercising:  This is something I really need to do, as a way to deal with my every burgeoning stress levels (can’t imagine why I should be stressed).   I still desperately want that kickboxing unit, but I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself.  I’ll probably just stick with my 10,000 steps a day and add in some dancing (I love dancing) and stair steps.
Read More Books:  And more books and more books and more books and…
Participate in the Rooglewood Press Contest:  I have a theory that it’s either going to be Snow White or Little Mermaid next.  I personally hope that it will be Snow White.
Do NaNoWriMo Again:  Only NEXT TIME, I will be more prepared!
Beta Read Again:  This is definitely time consuming, but so fun and gratifying!
Job TrainingBig learning curve ahead….
Get 10 Followers On My Youtube Channel and 20 Followers on my Blog:   I currently have 6 followers on my Youtube channel and 11 followers on my blog….how I will get more, I have no clue.
Publish At Least Two More Stories:  I really wanted to say ten, but even I know my limits…
Start Drawing and Painting Again:  I miss my art!
Create an Etsy Store:  I would love to start putting some of my art on various products.
Finish my Voice Demo:  I was supposed to have finished this in December…’hangs head’
Finish The Second Draft Of My Science Fiction Novel:  ‘cracks knuckles’
Memorize Some Scriptures:  At one point I wanted to memorize Psalm 119…that would definitely take some doing..  I did have a large part of it memorized but now I’ll have to refresh my memory.
Get Out Of Bed Earlier:  Well, how else did you think I was going to get all this done?  Besides, I just love to get up early in the morning.  ‘eye roll’

And most importantly of all….I want remember that sometimes life and all its vagaries interfere with the best laid plans.  Most of all, if God wants me someplace else, or He wants me to switch gears at any time during 2017, I want to be quick to obey Him.  I don’t want to be so hung up on my goals and schedule that i forget about the One who enables me to do all things.
That nasty little voice that we all have in our heads is now saying something like this:  ‘You don’t really mean that!  We both know that you’re a prideful, sinful little wretch that won’t give a hoot about what God wants but will go on doing what YOU want to do.
Another other voice says something like this:  ‘I really, DO want to be quick to obey God’s will….but I HAVE to meet these goals….I’m in my mid twenties, life is passing me by, I’ve got to start accomplishing things.  God won’t really ask me to give up my goals, will He?  What if He does? 

Doubtless you are all familiar with these nasty little voices…they like to keep up a running commentary in my head during every moment of consciousness….sometimes even in my sleep.
I would like to make a public announcement to all those voices in my head.

Response to voice number one.  ALL RIGHT!  I’m a loser, I’m a failure as a human being….that’s no big news.  As my pastor would say ‘welcome to the human race’.  The point is, I am new in Christ and I am a victor in Him.  My Father sees me covered in the blood of Christ…He knows I fail.  Only He knows my heart and only He can change it.  I ask him daily to do this, so I need to put my trust in Him and move on as best as I can.Response to voice number two.  God gave me my writing, my art, my singing voice….He MADE me love these things….why would an engineer tell his design to stop doing what he created it to do?  That wouldn’t make sense.  No; what My Father wants is for me to NOT LOVE THESE THINGS (or my schedule) MORE THAN HIM.  I pray with all my heart that I will keep Jesus first in my life and that my heart will be inclined to Him above all things.

Lastly, when I start to get depressed thinking that I haven’t gotten anything done and never will, I recount to myself all that I got accomplished in 2016.

1.  Got online and started a Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads, Gmail and Goodreads Account.
2.  Started a blog.
3.  Met some amazing and wonderful friends online.
4.  Got to Beta-Read for the first time.
5.  Got to go travel and see new things (Tellus Science Museum and Williamsburg, VA to name a few).
6.  Got some sewing and quilting projects done (yes, I quilt).
8.  Finished first draft of my novel.
9.  Participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time.
10.  Prepped my novella for publication and shared it with someone OUTSIDE OF MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS.  Massive breakthrough, there.
11.  Took more singing lessons.
12.  Recorded two songs in a professional sound booth.
13.  Graduated from the 2nd time with Merit from London Art College, completing my course in cartooning.
14.  Participated for the third time in LAC’s art competition….and learned what rejection is all about for the third time.
15.  Completed some home decorating projects. i.e. repainting furniture.
16.  And most importantly of all….I grew in the Lord.  Those dumb voices in my head tell me that I’m still as messed up as I was at the beginning of 2016….but they are wrong…I have grown in my relationship wtih Jesus…some of it I see, and some of the work has been done in secret places.   Much of my journey will remain a secret between HIm and me, but suffice it to say….He is amazing, He is good….God Is Love and he has a message for me and for all his children for 2017.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.  Proverbs 16:3

You will make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.  Psalm 16:11

May the beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us–yes, establish the work of our hands.  Psalm 90:17

Happy New Year everyone!



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8 thoughts on “Bubbly Grape Juice, Good Intentions and God’s Will

  1. Girl! Your gifs always make me laugh! XD The one of Donald Duck is hilariously fitting. 😉 Yeah, everything on Weebly seems seriously overpriced. 😛 Which is why I go with the free plan and just rig the system to fit what I want. 😉 I have heard good things about Wix Shoutout. It has a free plan, and is supposedly pretty easy to work with, similar to Weebly with the drag and drop feature.
    You memorized Psalm 119 too!?!?!? COOL! That was my goal for 2016, and I got through 120 verses. So this year the goal is to finish it. 😉 How far have you gotten?
    Wishing you blessings on all your goals for 2017! Happy New Year!!! 🙂

  2. Haha! So glad you got a laugh out of that! I’m kind of gif crazy….something about them cracks me up…and yes…I have an obsession with Donald Duck!
    You rig the system? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS! Hmm…I wonder if I could use Wix Shoutout even though my blog is on Weebly?
    Heeeheee….I started to memorize Psalm 119….I think I got about 80/90 verses down…and I would have to have a refresher course on those. Cool! We’ll have to do the challenge together!
    Thank you so much, Sarah Grace! Happy New Year!!

    1. Haha, well, you can access the HTML and CSS code (the stuff that holds a website together) on Weebly, and so, even though things like a favicon and a custom footer are things that come with a paid plan, because I knew some code, I was able to add a favicon and custom footer. I was pretty geeked out about it at the time. 😛 And I don’t feel bad doing that, because A) if Weebly was so concerned about people doing what I did, they wouldn’t give you free access to the code, and B) I think Weebly charges too much anyway. 🙂
      Wow! That’s great! Yeah, I need a refresher course too . . . I really need to get working on that again!! Yes! That would be fun to do it together! 🙂 God bless!!! 🙂

  3. You know CODE?!? ‘stares at you admiringly with the admiration usually reserved for pictures of Albert Einstein’….. wow.
    Yup, I need to do that! Knowing you’re doing it too gives me fresh incentive!

    1. Wow! I feel so flattered, although I assure you, I am no where NEAR as smart as Albert Einstein. Trust me. 😛

  4. Oh my dear, no, no no! Your newsletter wasn’t awful at all! I loved every single thing about it! 😀 <3
    NO WAY! Really! YES! Hurray! I finally get to read some of your writings!!!!! *squeals* I just read the description for the book and AH it sounds so good!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    You’re gonna participate in the Rooglewood Press Contest? That’s amazing!! Praying for the best of luck for you!! ^_^
    WESTLEY. … in a green hat? Wait. Are you tellin’ me he plays Robin Hood? And I haven’t seen it??
    Beg pardon for my ignorance … but how does one subscribe to your blog? *blushes* I’m still trying to figure my way around your delightful corner of the blogosphere 🙂
    And yes, I agree! We can make our plans . . . but if God doesn’t want it to go that way, we gotta be willing to let go of ‘em, no matter how good they sound. Sometimes they sound soooo good though 😉 🙂 Thank you so much for the reminder, Allison! ^_^
    Happy (very belated) New Year and blessings on your 2017 goals!
    P.S. That last picture of Donald Duck is currently killing me. Please help xD

  5. Well, thank you Blessing! But some of my followers had some trouble with the I’ve got to change something! I appreciate your encouraging words!
    ‘grins’ I can’t wait to share it with you!
    I hope too! Awww…thank you so much, Blessing! You’re the best!
    To be honest, I have no idea really who that is…isn’t that the guy from Princess Bride? I just found this ‘Robin Hood gif’ and thought it was hilarious…I’ve never seen it…or Princess Bride.
    Well, actually you already did….I received your email address and sent you the newsletter…unfortunately my blog doesn’t seem to allow my followers to get instant messages in their inbox about my updates…which is frustrating!
    Thank you, Blessing! You’re a great friend!
    Happy (belated) New Year to you too!

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