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Hear me sing ‘It’s A Marshmallow World’…even though I don’t even like marshmallows.


     Yup, it’s true.  I do not like marshmallows, I never did.  In the rare occasions that we would have cook outs I would eat a couple for solidarity’s sake.  I’m not saying I absolutely loath them…but I’m indifferent to them and do not actively seek out this tasting experience.
However…I do like this song.  For years I would be in stores around Christmas times and every time I would hear this song I would start dancing in the aisles.  Even though I liked this song the moment I heard it, it took me years to actually get around to listening to it all the way through on Youtube.  It was only recently that I discovered Dean Martin’s remarkable cover and knew that I wanted to cover this song too.
Thank goodness I covered this in December, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to release anything new on my Youtuhe channel for the next week or so.  With my bad cold i can barely talk, let alone sing.
I think of this song as more of a winter song (its definitely not a real Christmas song).  It’s just a fun, silly, little ditty, but I love the image it conjures up, of a small child kicking at piles of snow, sending a powder of snow up into the air as they skip through a wintery back yard.  It reminds me when my siblings and I were little and would stagger out of the house, as ungainly as Ewoks in our winter gear, to revel in our rare snow falls.  Something about this song really captures that joyous image.
In a moment of pure serendpity, I just found out that  my local area is supposed to get three inches of snow tonight.  I’m too sick to go outside and have a snowball fight…but no amount of sickness can steal my joy in watching snowflakes fall past my window.

Note:  For those of you who are wondering why my album cover says ‘An Alli T. Christmas‘….this is Ephiphany!  The Feast of the Kings!  The last day of the Twelve Days of Christmas – something my family always celebrates.
So….Happy Feast of the Kings everyone!   I hope you enjoy this song!



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4 thoughts on “Hear me sing ‘It’s A Marshmallow World’…even though I don’t even like marshmallows.

  1. Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!! Now, despite our official rule on non-conformity, the Controversial Views on Mundane Things Group can not allow a dislike of MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!
    Okay, I’ll admit it- normal Jet-Puffs aren’t that great. Probably because they’re made of pig and horse bones. But I could eat Dandies all day!!!!

  2. Hmm – I was kicked out of the group before I had even officially joined! 🙁
    Um . . . I’m not EXACTLY sure what you mean about pig and horse bones – except that it convinces me even more to have NOTHING to do with marshmallows! ‘stares in horror’

  3. Somehow – I think I lost any interest in ANY kind of marshmallows after seeing the information above. 🙂

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