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A Taste of Africa

            What gets you started in the morning?  Most of us would probably say a big cup of coffee (or as my sister calls it—starter fluid).
Regrettably, I cannot often say I start my morning with coffee.  While I love a good frappe or latte, I cannot tolerate a lot of milk – any kind of milk – so my frappe and latte experiences are few and far between.  *hysterical sobbing*
And while a cup of tea isn’t quite enough to assuage these bitter disappointments, there are a few brands that I really, really enjoy and one of my absolute favorite is Rooibos.
A friend from South Africa introduced this unusual tea to my mother years ago.  Rooibos is herbal so it can be consumed copiously at any time of the day and you won’t be lying awake or getting a caffeinated twitch in your left eye.
A beautiful dark red color, Rooibos has a flavor that is warm and hearty and utterly indescribable…unless you were to describe it as ‘A Cup of the Africa of your Dreams’.  The smell and the flavor instantly bring to mind wild savannas, safaris moving through tall brush to watch lions stalking prey, campfires with dark starry skies above.  No, I am not reading off the side of the box, this is my own prose out of my own imaginative head and Yes, it really does taste like this!
Rooibos is best, in my opinion, without milk or cream and with one lump of sugar—no honey.  If you can drink it outside, wearing a bush jacket and a pith helmet it will taste even better.
No, I have not done this!  What do you think I am; a nut or something?  (comment below)
Well, I like imaginative nutcases, so if you have a pith helmet, go a head, do something nuts, you don’t have to post it for the whole world to see, just enjoy the experience.
Rooibos can be purchased at Wal-Mart and I like to drink it out of a FiestaWare mug or a beautiful teacup out of my growing English Bone china collection…English Bone china that has been careful wrapped and stored, hauled miles across the Savanna and then filled and savored while I crouch in front of the camp fire and listen to the roar of the lions…



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6 thoughts on “A Taste of Africa

  1. I love Raspberry zinger, Early Grey, Black Current, and Echinacea. I have been drinking a lot of Echinacea lately to combat this cold, and I am very much enjoying it just plain, no sweetener or anything. 🙂 I should try Red Rooibos. My mom had some one time, and I didn’t like the smell. Maybe I’d like the taste. 😉

    1. I should try Raspberry zinger…I haven’t had Black Current in ages… Ooo, yes! You need to try it! 🙂

  2. YES! I love tea! I must try this African delight! LOL! Your post made me smile as always!

  3. i was actually thinking of doing a special vlog about my favorite teas and my ‘tea things’ collection… Ooo – yes, you must try it!
    Haha! That makes me so happy! I’m glad I could give you a smile, Victoria!

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