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March In a Nutshell


Just when you think you’re on top of your schedule – something happens to knock you off the ‘to do’ pile. 

     Ah well, such is life and all it curious twists and turns; it’s vagaries are like the tentacles of an octopus – invariably pulling me away from my dream schedule.

But I’ll talk more about that later – for now – what DID happen in March –

Not much – seriously, my life is pretty quiet  But here it is, such as it is.
     Successfully cut back on my time on Goodreads – a sort of check!  I did cut back (I even went for a WHOLE week without Goodreads – and LOOK, I’m still alive!) but then I slipped back into the over indulging.
     Signed up for Camp NaNo.  Am I crazy?

    And I TOLD MYSELF last November that I would NEVER do another Nano unless I was THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY PREPARED.
Did I remember that?  Did I prepare?  Did I?

Of course I prepared!  To not prepare would be stupid.‘crickets’

‘clears throat’

  The Pinterest monster wandered by

and snagged me – Help! – and I added tons of lovely new pins to story boards as well as my other random boards – so if you are on good terms with the Pinterest monster (another words – he’ll let you leave his cave instead of just eating you alive on the spot) then go ahead and check them out!

After setting a goal of reading 64 books in 2017 – I finished it by mid March.
     My grandmother visited us for two weeks and we were super busy during her stay!
     My grandmother loves music and I played the piano a lot while she was here – more regularly than I have in a while – it was good to get so much practice in!
     Just KIDDING!  I did not play rock n’ roll.  My grandmother loves beautiful old vintage songs and show tunes, and I do too.  🙂
Participated in a book blog tour for the first time!
Announced my official website
Reached 15 subscribers on my YouTube channel and 33 subscribers on my blog!
     Did my very first vlog!  Well, I did a promo for The Reluctant Godfather – but that doesn’t really count – that was a promo – THIS was a vlog.
     Went to our libraries bi-annual book sale.  I kid you not, there must be AT LEAST 50,000 books there.  I’m not exaggerating.
Library book sales are my favorite form of exercise – yes it IS a thorough cardio workout – and one of my favorite things to do – although it is also quite stressful.  It REALLY bothers me that other people attend these sales.  it downright disturbs me when I see people walking away with books that I WANTED.
It panics me when I see people run past me, literally put an arm down on the table and sweep books or DVDs into a huge plastic wagon.  It makes me want to do something desperate.

     Discovered two new flavors of ice cream!  Yes – THIS IS BIG NEWS!  Stumbling across this stupendous flavor was like tripping over a gold nugget in an field of flowers – flowers are nice, but gold nuggets are better.INTRODUCING!!!  ‘drum roll’ . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

That’s right, I’m mean – keep scrolling!
Keep going . . .

     In honor of St. Patrick’s Day – Brusters released several new ‘Irish’ flavors – including this delectable delight.
It’s basically chocolate with Irish cream flavoring.  But we can’t talk basic about this flavor – it’s NOT basic – it’s utterly and stupendously delicious.
The runner up flavor?  Snickerdoodle – there are few things more soothing than cool cinnamon.
The flavors are EXCEPTIONALLY good paired together.  But if you want a super big, blast-your-bean-off KICK – just get a cup or a cone of Irish Cream – this stuff will knock your socks off!
For a few hours, I think my family thought that there was REAL Irish Cream in my ice cream.   It really gave me a buzz, I went kind of nuts.  I certainly talked a lot.  Which isn’t unusual – I just talked MORE.  And very excitedly.  And I laughed, A LOT.  Loudly.  And I can’t remember if I dropped things or not.
But anyway – now I’M WORRIED.  What if this flavor GOES AWAY?  I don’t want it to be a one time thing.  St. Patrick’s Day is only once a year – I NEED THIS ICE CREAM ON A MONTHLY BASIS!  PLEASE, BRUSTERS!  Don’t take it away!!
     Got a new color of nail polish that I really love!  Guys who follow this blog, forgive me – this is a girly update – just ignore it – but ladies who are reading this blog – can I please get a great big chorus of cheers and ‘I know what you mean?’

And now – randomness.

     And yes, I know this post (and my blog) is pretty random – but this is MORE random.  You’ve been warned.
Two Dreams I Had In March.
I was on a film set – and was one of the leading ladies – OBVIOUSLY!  🙂
In and of itself, not so bad – except for the increasing agitation I felt when I realized what scene we were filming.  The cast was going to be standing on the deck of an old ship while a killer whale swallowed us whole- not just the people – the whole ship.  I found myself staring into the jaws of a mechanical killer whale that would put Jaws to shame.   It was big enough to swallow a tramp steamer – or whatever we were on.  It was BIG.  And in the middle of my dream, I actually thought:  Oh no, I’m dreaming.  This killer whale is going to turn into a REAL killer whale any second – I just know it – and it’s going to bite me and swallow me, AHHHH STOP!!!!
Fortunately, my dream switched to something else before that happened.
And nope, I have NO idea where that dream came from.  I try to avoid watching videos of killer whales, looking at pictures of killer whales, thinking about killer whales, or even SPEAKING the words killer whale, unless I absolutely have to.
     Dream Two:  My friend, E.F.B. – for some reason could not keep her beagle, Eli and gave him to me.
This was a bad dream, in the fact that it would be a sad thing for my friend.  But as far as someone giving me a beagle.  BEST DREAM!!!  DON’T WANT TO WAKE UP!!

     I ate part of a match – or a piece of ash.

     There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.  As I sat down at our table to eat a piece of cake, I noticed a ‘crumb’ on the table near my plate.  No point in letting a crumb go to waste, right?  I popped that puppy into my mouth and instantly knew that it was NOT a cake crumb . . .  It.  Was.  Nasty.
Naturally, I instantly said:  “Okay, who put that there?”  I just naturally assumed that one of my family members was trying to mess with me – perfectly natural assumption, right?
They are too busy laughing at me to deny it, but afterwards they confirmed that it was my own silly mistake.  I ate part of a charred match, a chunk of ash.  I wouldn’t recommend it.

     And now – let the torture begin!!

What I meant to get done in March – but didn’t.

     I might have to stop doing this section – the shame is almost more than I can bare!  Is this giving you people a laugh?  Please tell me if you guys can laugh with me about this?  Is this keeping me humble?  Probably.  Is this making me INSANE!  YES!

Okay, here we go – AGAIN.

1.  Get up earlier.  Nope.  That partial insomnia thing I mentioned?  Yeah . . . it’s moved in for a very long visit.
2.  Get back to my artwork.  I did a LITTLE bit more art in March than I did in February – a SMIDGEN more.   A couple of days.
3.  Published ‘Key To The Chains’.  Nope – failed a second time.  My sincere apologies to everyone that heard that i was going to publish in March.
4.  Write 40,000 words in March.  What a joke.  I am currently experiencing writers block of the most epic proportions . . . it’s really awful.
Write 40,000 words . . . yeah right.
5.  Record and post two new songs on YouTube.  I recorded two, but I haven’t edited them yet.  Or done the photo shoots.
6.  Start exercising. 
7.  Join Homeschooled  The interview questions are sitting in my inbox as we speak – currently unfilled.
8.  Plant morning glories.  The final blow.  I didn’t get something so simple as sticking seeds in dirt accomplished.  I do buy the seeds.  Does that count?

‘crawls out from under desk’  Is it all over?  Let’s just say it is.  ‘collapses into desk chair and makes yet another list’

Hopes and Goals For April

Nail Camp Nano.  This is NOT camp people – this is war – war with myself – this is a struggle of epic proportions.  If I DON’T win Camp Nano – we’re are looking at a total apocalypse for this sad little ‘writer’.
However, thanks to my friends and my local guru (my twin), I have realized that it’s time to cut myself some slack.  I’m not going to be able to accomplish the massive writing goals I had hoped to accomplish on my current writing projects.  April will have to be devoted to breaking my massive writers block, by whatever means possible.  April will be a time for exploration; let’s just hope I find the treasure.
Let’s see . . . what else?
Finish editing The Reluctant Godfather.
Open that Zazzle Store!
Draw and paint regularly.
Fulfill various promises I have made to various friends.
Release at least two songs on my YouTube channel.
Start exercising!

So how did March treat you?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 




3 thoughts on “March In a Nutshell

  1. I UNDERSTAND NOW WHY THE FIRST ANIMAL YOU ASKED ABOUT WAS A KILLER WHALE!!!!! Oh wait, it was a kangaroo…. Oh well. I got one moment as an accomplished detective. That’s better than average, right? Nope? Well, then….
    *looks disappointed*

  2. Thank you. 🙂
    It was a random gif, I found – I believe it was from the Planet of the Apes . . . not that i would know for sure. 🙂

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