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Over 80 Books In ONE Weekend – VLOG.

     Here it is people!  All the lovely details about my recent book haul – dozens of books in a single weekend – thanks to a massive library sale.
As you heard in a previous post – I am having massive technical difficulties with my video editing software.  It was a plot.  Somebody  sabotaged me.
    Consequently I couldn’t edit these clips together in a nice little vlog – I had to ‘stack them’ one by one.  I was also unable to edit out *cough* some mistakes.  *slinks away*
Well, this is not resting well with my inner editor and inner perfectionist AT ALL!  So they’ll be coming along with us during this vlog, to comment, critique and clarify at convenient and inconvenient moments.

     My inner perfectionist and inner editor are pretty loud and cranky – sometimes they get sentimental and potter away down rabbit trails – so, brace yourself.

But anyway – ONTO THE BOOKS!

I need stronger glasses – I couldn’t see that one curl sticking straight out like a horn on a Viking helmet.  I SHOULD HAVE USED A BUTTERFLY CLIP. 
   Why on earth, did I say that?  What possessed me to make a special note of characters falling off cliffs (and my subsequent delight)?  Now I sound like a nasty fruitcake.  Oh well, you already knew I was a fruitcake.
Obviously, I have nothing against Mary Magdalene – it was this particularly actress that aggravated me – and I had some curiosity in  seeing what on earth she was doing on a cliff in the first place.  So . . . yeah.  Doesn’t that clear things up nicely?  ‘cautious smile’
And then I finish up this riveting clip by having tech problems.  ‘hits button harder’




     It is a VHS player, right?  Or is a tape player?  No, that’s for audio tapes – another caveman creation that has now gone the way of other outdated technology – which would be the trash can, or Alli’s storage.
The Land Before Time.  *smiles*   Oh, how I loved that show. 
     How do you know when your Dad isn’t easily embarrassed (thank goodness)? . . . when his eight year olds dispatch him to the video rental store to get the latest Land Before Time video.  Oh right, a VIDEO RENTAL STORE – yeah, that was when a Red Box was the SIZE OF A WHOLE STORE and they had candy and snacks and human beings to help you check out your videos – and they had VHS tapes.
And YES, apparently that’s a very lame idea, since no one does it anymore. 


     Ugh!  Someone turned on a sink faucet – those pipes sound so loud – like I’m about to be washed away!  I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, or go beat up whoever was responsible.
If only I had know I would have been unable to edit these clips, I would have re-recorded that section . . . but I didn’t, so excuse me while I give a Charlie Brown ‘augh!’. 
     Oh, well.  It’s not like I haven’t embarrassed myself on this blog before . . . right?
     And by the way – no offense to teenagers!  Some of my best friends in the world are teenagers.  I didn’t say YOU had weird phases – I said did.  Just wanted to clear that up. 


    Who else likes Choose Your Own Adventure Books?  I have lived a thousand life times in those books – I have been Indiana Jones – I’ve witnessed the parting of the Red Sea – I’ve met extra-terrestrials – I’ve done it all.
Of course, when I was Indy I was killed by bandits, when I was at the Red Sea I was caught by Egyptians who killed me because I had a smart mouth, and the extra-terrestrials probably turned me into a zombie – I don’t remember all the details now.
See how relaxing they are? 


   Tinkerbell – YES!!!  I love those movies.  I don’t care who knows it.  I’m going to shout it loud and shout it proud.  I LOVE TINKERBELL, ROSETTA, VIDIA, FAWN, IRIDESSA, SILVERMIST, PERIWINKLE, BOBBLE and CLANK!  I love Pixie Hollow.  I love the little animals.  I love that they can fly.  I love the stories.  I love the dialogue.  And the characters – did I mention the characters?

      That’s why.

And if you don’t like it well . . .

     I’ll give you the LOOK.

Whoops!  More technical problems!  FLASH.  Cover your eyes!  You didn’t know you should have brought sunglasses to watch this, did you?


    So if you like the Borrowers – you would love Tinkerbell.  Just so you know.  Yes, I am desperately hunting for fellow fans of this delightful (and I won’t hear a word to the contrary!) series.  But i digress, I’m talking about movies instead of books.  Moving on, moving on . . .




     That’s right, I’m also a doll collector.  A doll collector who reads Clive Cussler.
And what I meant by ‘shocking people with Cussler’, I know a lot of people have heard (correctly) that the Dirk Pitt books had objectionable content.  But the Remi and Sam Fargo Adventures are quite different and tons of fun.
And yes – error! – I realize that Atilla DIDN’T bury himself – his minions buried him, and they put his treasure with him.
So let’s finish up this clip with a complete brain blank.  And then to top it all off – let’s have my iPad crash and cut this clip off in mid sentence.
If you came here look for professionalism and slick videos, you might need to look somewhere else.  No wait!  Please don’t go somewhere else.  Stick around and keep laughing – it gets funnier, I promise!



     Bananas?  Yes, my mind is very random.



     London in the Dark!  If you don’t have a copy – well, you can find one HERE!  See?  I’m so excited I start tripping over my words!
And of course – half an hour after I finished filming this, I was washing my hands looked in the mirror and suddenly blurted out:  “DUST JACKETS!”  Then my reflection started laughing at me.  Oh I guess that was me – laughing at myself. 

And I can’t believe I forgot to mention my very last book!

How could I forget?  Easy – too many books and this one was put in a different place and I forgot.  Anyway – the other book I got during the library book haul was Beauty by Robin McKinley – a favorite of mine and probably one of the strongest influences on my own writing.  I read this book for the first time around 14 years ago – and it’s been a faithful companion ever since.

     Unfortunately, the spare copy I picked up at the sale has a huge pink sticker on it that WILL NOT come off.  Well it will, but it will take off half of the pretty cover with it.  🙁


Pretty stack of books –

And the books came tumbling down . . .


~ Happy Reader ~


Well, that was it campers!  I had also noted that there was some curiosity from more than one of my friends over whether I did indeed wear glasses (sometimes).  Behold my bespectacled look!

‘insert slow clap here’.


As always – I LOVE to hear all your comments!   So . . .


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1 thought on “Over 80 Books In ONE Weekend – VLOG.

  1. LAND BEFORE TIIIIIME! I loved those when I was little! I think I watched all the way up to movie X before I lost interest.
    *whispers* I didn’t know Choose Your Own Adventure books existed until I started writing in 2014 and saw someone on the writing forum I frequent mention them. No particular interest in them myself, but I’m glad you like them. 🙂
    I will unashamedly admit that I’ve watched almost all the Tinkerbell movies and thoroughly enjoyed them. They’re pretty and fun and innocent and the music is beautiful… What’s not to like? I think my favorite is The Lost Treasure because I love autumn and it totally captures that magical autumn feeling. <3 Do you have a favorite?
    My mom is a huge Clive Cussler fan. I think she’s literally read every book he’s put out, but those Remi and Sam ones are her favorites. She’s recommend them to me but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Maybe someday…
    Since you mentioned liking talking, thinking, animal books, might I recommend the “Chet Gecko” series by Bruce Hale? They’re children’s mysteries about a middle school aged gecko private eye and his mockingbird sidekick and they are so fun and HILARIOUS!
    I just got myself a copy of London in the Dark a couple weeks ago. After my next reread book it’s getting bumped up to the top of the TBR pile. 🙂
    Aha! So you do wear glasses! I have a pair myself. *gives the fistbump of bespectacled unity* 😉
    Er…that’s all I can think to say. Technical issues or not, Allison, your videos and post are always enjoyable. Keep it up! 🙂

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