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The Prodigal Has Returned

‘pops out of woodwork with a swirl of confetti’  HELLO PEOPLE!  YOU ALL LOOK VERY FAMILIAR!


Did you miss me?  I missed all of you – a LOT.
A lots been happening at the Well since I last saw you – most notably the new Well – courtesy of Paul Willis.  I am very excited to be launching this new blog and to finally be going the conventional route of blogging instead of the cockamamie setup I had for the old blog.
So – welcome to my new Well.  And thank you, thank you, thank you to all you original subscribers who stuck with me though my initial stumbling and bumbling – you guys are the best!
And so here we go – the first post on this new blog.  Hold your nose and dive right in with me!

The Reluctant Godfather is now available in paperback!

The Road to Paperbacks was a long and ardeous journey fraught with frustrations, near-death experiences, and temper tantrums.  But by the grace of God and the help of my patient family (especially my tech brother and sister who lifted me over the humps) – I can now hold my bee-yoo-tee-ful paperback in my hands and hug it.  Though actually, I must confess that I didn’t really freak out much when I got my first copy – it was more like quiet excitement.  The whole scenario is extremely unreal to me and my frustratingly busy little brain instead of letting me revel in the moment – checked it off my mental to-do list and moved on clinically to the next project.  But I’m making myself enjoy this.
But honestly, it’s more of a weird feeling than an exciting feeling – the only part that really hit home was realizing that not only people from all over the United States are reading The Reluctant Godfather, it has been read in Canada, Great Britain and Australia.  Just yesterday a friend of my Dad asked me to send a signed copy of my book to his great niece in Hawaii.

I suppose I had thought that I was going to be doing the victory Can-Can nonstop at this point – but it’s really more like a slowly burgeoning shock or a faint glow of gratification for finishing what I started – none of the wild emotion that I”m usually known for – I save that for broken pencils, bugs, milkshakes and the latest Star Wars movie, apparently.
But seriously – I am truly grateful for all that has happened, God has blessed me so much by bringing me to this place where I can move ahead with the work he has given me in an group of people who have received me so warmly and kindly.  I am very thankful and I’m excited about moving ahead on this amazing new path.

Had my first experience in actually being face to face with somebody while one of my proud family members told them about my book.

 Finally Completed My Interview For Homeschooled

 ‘coughs’  I said I would do that how long ago?

Anyway – it’s done – and I can’t wait to officially join the website!  That’s been a dream of my for a long time.

Opened a Zazzle store.

That’s right!  After months of talking about it – I finally DID IT.  I am so excited to be revealing some of my own products – especially my Tales of Ambia fan merchandise.

Joined my cabin for July’s Camp Nano. 

One word.  Psyched.

Witnessed RoogleWood Press’ Fairytale Contest Announcement.

I was the first one to comment on the Facebook post! – just wanted to say that,  ‘grins and accepts the pathetic accolades that statement produces’.  ALSO – I guessed CORRECTLY.  I predicted that Snow White would be the next fairy tale.  ‘bows and accepts slightly less pathetic accolades’.
Seriously, I was so excited for this announcement and was literally on pins and needles the day before.  Checking Facebook was the first thing I did on June 1st and I was sitting there staring at my account when the cover update appeared.  ‘cue excited screaming’ – now, all I have to do is unsnarl all the vague ideas scrambling madly about in my head.

Oh yeah – and actually WRITE THE STORY.  Haha.  Hahaaaa.  ‘weak chuckle dies slowly away’

Finally bought a ‘Little Black Dress’.

Yet another fashion life goal completed.  ‘fashionista fist pump’

I finally reached what my Mom called ‘Hair Nirvana’. 

For years I have tried every hair length and style on record – from halfway down my back to a cropped cut that was as short as my Dad’s hair.  I have finally settled on a happy medium that I really like and I’m actually KEEPING.  Seriously, this is an ‘epoch in my life’.  Ladies, you understand.

Published The Key to the Chains

I am super excited that I had this story ready to publish right after The Reluctant Godfather released so that I would have a chance to contrast my two very different writing styles.  It’s so great to have that one ‘out and about’ and it was so much fun to write.

I finally watched Rogue One. 

My sweet brother and Star Wars Buddy had a date night with me and administered a great many comforting pats throughout the movie.  Not to mention laughing at my reactions.
My reaction in GIFS.


While I have never seen a movie that did heroic deaths so beautifully as Rogue one did. . . .
They did it well, they did it brilliantly BUT –
I WANTED AT LEAST JYN AND CASSIAN TO FLY AWAY INTO THE SUNSET.  And get married and have lots of little Jyn’s and Cassian’s . . . <3
Anyway – I could go on and on about how wonderful Rogue One was – I was gobsmacked.  The script, the story, the visuals, the acting, the EDITING was some of the best editing I’ve seen in years.
And can we just have a moment to appreciate how cool Cassian is?  🙂  He is an awesome actor and a great hero.
Note:  I don’t like or agree with all the statements they were pushing in the movie – or the Force jazz – just so you know.

Had my first Chick-Fil-A Peach Milkshake of 2017.  

I have been dreaming of Chick-Fil-A’s peach milkshake for MONTHS.  All winter long, I was craving a peach milkshake.  All through spring, I was waiting with bated breathe for Chick-Fil-A to announce my pink delight’s glorious return.  Finally – FINALLY – the magic words appeared on the billboard and I got one posthaste.
Oddly enough, the minute I had a peach milkshake in my hand and the straw in my mouth, I instantly started craving a chocolate milkshake.  Not that the peach milkshake wasn’t delicious and I did enjoy it but as I was drinking – I kept wanting chocolate.  After limping through winter wanting nothing but peach and waiting for it for months – NOW . . . ‘speechless’.  Humans are indeed fickle.  Mr. Spock was correct when he said wanting is more desirable than having.

Reached 19 subscribers on my Youtube Channel.

Reached 34 subscribers on my blog.

LOST two subscribers on my Youtube Channel.

My reaction in GIFS.

And last but not least – I have pulled together my very first blog tour (obviously) and am hosting a Giveaway. 

Did somebody say ‘giveaway’?  As in free stuff?

Over $50.00 in merchandise will be given away on this blog to two lucky winners.  Two signed paperbacks of the Reluctant Godfather and assorted Tales of Ambia merchandise will be for grabs.  Stayed tuned for the giveaway post and best of luck to all who enter!
The giveaway will be the culmination of The Reluctant Godfather’s blog tour – June 12 to the 17th.  Nine lovely ladies have graciously agreed to be a part of this blog tour and I am so excited to be doing this with them!
Annnnd since this post is getting ridiculous long, I will now stop.  ‘exits stage right’




When I reach 25 subscribers to my Youtube Channel I will eat alligator nuggets and film myself doing it.  REAL alligator nuggets.

‘tries not to think about it too much’
I keep telling myself that they are going to taste really good.

A little voice keeps telling me.  “Yeah, right.”
If I reach 40 subscribers on my blog I will film myself reading a section of The Reluctant Godfather out loud.  I love reading out loud – so that should be fun – but I’ve never done it for an audience before so that will a little bit of a nervous roller coaster.  But that’s the point of these challenges!
And that’s all friends and strangers!  i am so excited to be sharing this new blog and new adventures with you!  <3





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17 thoughts on “The Prodigal Has Returned

  1. I love the new blog, Allison! Can’t wait to participate in your blog tour!

    And you’re doing the Rooglewood Press contest? Are you going to write yours during Camp NaNo?

    1. THANK YOU, ZANE! <3 I can't wait either! 🙂

      Yes I am! Are you? Yes, I'll probably be working on my Snow White entry during NaNo. 'crosses fingers'

      1. Well, at first I was thinking no, because I really want to finish my WIP… but then I couldn’t help myself. Fairy tale retellings are like my THING! I’ve started outlining and am kind of thinking of doing it during NaNo! Eeep. So, yeah!

        1. THAT IS SO AWESOME!! EEK!! Way to go! I’m so excited that so many of my friends are doing this – can’t wait to for all those results to be published!

  2. This new blog is so cute and cozy! 😀 *high five*
    AHHHH I AM STILL SO TICKLED THAT YOU PRINTED YOUR BOOK! 😀 I can’t wait to read it. ALSO: YAYYY A BLOG TOUR!!! Whoohoo! Congrats, Alli. 🙂
    I want to hear you read your book aloud… but please don’t eat alligator. 😛
    God bless!
    -Ang |


      EEk - thank you again! That's so sweet - that means so much to me!

      HAHAHA - but I MUST. 'gulps' - I posted it - there's no turning back . . .

      God Bless you, Angela!

  3. Glad you’re back, Allison! The blog is purty!<3

    Loving all the good news! Alligator nuggets, though? *wince* Looking forward to you reading out loud, though. 🙂 *crosses fingers*

    I only just saw Rogue One recently myself and….yeah. Those were pretty much my feelings too, even knowing before hand what happened to everyone. (Whyyyyyyy? *sniffle*) It was definitely well done, though.

    Wait, what? Camp Nano Cabins are already open and taking members? WHY THEY NO TELL ME???? (Or maybe they did in that one e-mail I got and I didn't comprehend that that was what they were saying.) *runs off to update account with project and stuff* *returns* I'm going to work on my Snow White retelling too. Er…would your cabin have room for another person? This is only my second Camp Nano and I'm looking at the Finding Cabin Mates forum and feeling very shy while my brain repeats "I don't see anyone I know and I don't know what to dooooo," over and over again. If there isn't room or whatever, that's totally okay. Just thought I'd ask. 🙂

    1. Aww – thank you, E.F.B! <3

      Haha - thanks! Yeeeah - I'm thinking positive and believing that they will taste like chicken - very chewy chicken. heheheheeeeeee.....

      AHHH! Yes. 'sad high five' - I was 'braced for impact too' - but still HEARTBREAKING. 'sniff' - and while it was one of the best 'suicide mission' stories I've ever seen - My sentimentalist heart still wanted to see at LEAST Jyn and Cassian survive. 'rebels and throws furniture at the screen'

      Yes it is!! YAY - good for you! OH - I will ask - I REALLY WANT YOU in our cabin!!! 'crosses fingers' - I know what you mean...yes I will ask! 'hopes, hopes, hopes'

  4. I guessed correctly too!! But you knew that already . . . *high-fives you anyways* *grins*

    I’m still planning to do the contemporary/urban retelling I was thinking about earlier–I’ve never actually written contemporary, though, so WISH ME LUCK. I’m half in love with a good many of my characters already, though, so that’s a good sign 🙂

    1. Haha – YES!! Good on you! ‘high fives you back’

      I LOVE that idea for a setting! That sounds awesome – I DO WISH YOU LUCK. ‘gasp’ YAY – that is an awesome sign! ‘fist pump’ GOOOOO!!

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