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The Reluctant Godfather Blog Tour Wrap-up – Giveaway Winner!

Hello everybody!  First of all – I just want to thank all the bloggers who participated in this tour.  Thank you to you nine lovely ladies and friends – you were so sweet to feature my book on your blogs and you have blessed me so much.  I am truly grateful for all you did in enabling me to launch my very first blog tour.  You are the best!


The Ladies – And The Posts.

Jane (Maiden Of The Misty Mountain) – Spotlight / Review.
Christine (Musings of an Elf) – Spotlight / Review.
Karyssa (No Coffee, No Can Do) – Spotlight / Review / Interview.
Faith (The Writer’s Song) – Spotlight / Review.
Tracey (Adventure Awaits):  Spotlight / Review.
Micaiah (Adventures Beyond The Horizon):  Spotlight / Review / Interview.
Kellyn (Reveries Reviews):  Spotlight / Review.
Zane (Simple Impossibilities):  Spotlight / Review / Interview.
Victoria (Ruffles and Grace):  Spotlight / Review / Interview.
And breaking news about the giveaway – BOTH first price AND second prize win chocolate – I forgot to mention that in the video – I got excited.  ‘coughs’.  I was literally so excited I started hyperventilating and I sound like a loon in this video.  ‘slides under desk and turns red’  Not to mention the crummy lighting and quality.  Oh well – I had fun!  😀

AND LAST – but certainly not least – THE GIVEAWAY WINNER!



Find all of the Tales of Ambia fan merchandise HERE at my Zazzle store.
And click HERE to find kindle and paperback copies of ‘The Reluctant Godfather‘.



And a huge thanks to everyone that followed this blog tour – thank you for your interest in my blog and my book.  You guys are the best and are an integral part of The Reluctant Godfather.  If it hadn’t been for my readers – part of my writing journey might not have occurred, and my novella would have very likely remained a standalone.  Thank you for fanning the spark – you are amazing.  <3


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13 thoughts on “The Reluctant Godfather Blog Tour Wrap-up – Giveaway Winner!

    1. Congratulations, Faith! I was just about to send you an email! ‘applauds’ – so happy for you!

  1. Congrats Anna and Faith! I’m so happy for you!

    Alli, your excitement is infectious! I was starting to smile and giggle with you just watching you be so excited about discovering who won. 😀

    P.S. The peachy color of that t-shirt looks really good on you. Very complimentary to your skin tone. 🙂

    1. “blushes, grins”. Awwww, thank you, E.F.B! <3. Haha, I hope the video was fun for everybody at least, I certainly had a blast...I w's so excited for everybody. Thank you SO MUCH for entering, E.F.B!

      Aww, thank you! Peach is one of my favorite colors, but hard to find in clothes so I was really happy I could get my own tee shirt in that color!

  2. EEEEKKKK!!!!!!!! I’m so excited! I NEVER win giveaways!! And this one is super special! I’m sooo happy!!
    I already have friends here waiting in line to borrow my new paperback of TRG, but I told them I get to eat it up FIRST! lol 😉 And it’s so cool, when you’re super famous I’ll be like “Yeah, she’s my friend and I have her book– AUTOGRAPHED!” Oooh and chocolate to eat while I read it! *swoons* <3
    Thanks so much for doing this, Allison! #Burndeeisthebest <3

  3. Yaaaay! ‘flails’. I’m so happy for you, Anna!! I never win any giveaways either . . . so I know what you mean and I’m so thrilled that you broke the streak!

    Eek! I’m so happy that it’s something that can be shared; I hope they all enjoy it! As far as being famous . . . I think we’ll both have a while to wait! – LOL!

    Yes, nothing more royal than chocolate while reading! ‘bear hugs and squeals’.

    Aww…I was so happy to do this giveaway, it was a joy!

  4. Congratulations, Anna and Faith! So exciting!!! 😀

    And thank YOU, Allison, for hosting all this epicness. Not to mention writing your utterly delightful book!!! I had a BLAST being a part of your tour and giveaway! It was an honor.

    (Also, I adored your video. Your sweet, bubbly personality makes me smile! <3)

    1. Awww, Christine!! <3 <3 Thank you so much for kind words, your enthusiasm for The Reluctant Godfather AND for participating in the blog tour - thank you so much, I am truly grateful for your sweet friendship and support!

      Ohh...'blushes'...thank you. I'm glad that people could enjoy the video and the thrill of participation. I know it was a thrill for me to host it. <3

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