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40 Subscribers Dare – Reading My Book Aloud

Many moons ago I promised that once I reached 40 subscribers on my blog I would read the first segment of The Reluctant Godfather aloud.  Well, here it is.  I could have had a slightly smoother recording if I had just done it in front of my mic and posted the audio clip but I wasn’t sure if everyone wanted to see me or not, so despite my perfectionist tendencies I just went with this video.  Enjoy!


Note From The Author:  I actually made a mistake in my video ‘blushes’ (yeah, I know–that hardly EVER happens, haha).  I have actually reached 44 subscribers on my blog, not “46 or 47”.  As I said, short-term memory loss. 


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the clip and don’t forget – I have other challenges lined up.



When I reach 25 subscribers on my Youtube channel; I will film myself eating alligator nuggets – real alligator nuggets.  (which oddly enough I am really curious about but I haven’t had an opportunity to try yet.


When I reach 50 subscribers on my blog I will also do another challenge as well.

Some of the suggestions included a vlog of me trying to see how many outfits I could get with $50.00 (a walk through my favorite thrift store and lots of fashion pictures)

Or possibly a book tour of my private library (over 600 books).



Or maybe something else; what would you like to see?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “40 Subscribers Dare – Reading My Book Aloud

    1. Really? That’s what my Dad said! Huh – then I guess it will just be the mental hurdle of eating alligator as opposed to the taste. 🙂

  1. Hey, Allison! You really have a beautiful voice. I was reading The Reluctant Godfather to a friend, and I know that I didn’t do half as good of a job as you did.

    My younger sister is reading my copy of your book right now. I was listening to her laugh as she read it, and I just got my copy back from lending it out to a younger friend of mine who absolutely loved it. She hardly reads many books at all because she’s a slower reader so your book was actually one of the first that she’s read entirely by herself.

    1. Awww! Thank you, Karis! <3

      I am thrilled that The Reluctant Godfather is being read aloud so much; reading aloud has been a huge part of my life and I always have special memories with books that have been read aloud to me. Thank you for reading mine aloud!

      Ahhh! She was laughing? That's one of the things that has gratified me the most about publishing; that I might have made some people laugh.

      OOOO - I am speechless, and so honored. "One of the first that she's read entirely by herself." Wow. Seriously, I'm tearing up - thank you for sharing that - this has made my day!!

      1. I have a lot of special memories of my mom reading books out loud to me, and I love to also read books out loud whenever I can. I’ve loved being able to share indie books that I’m already fallen in love with to my friends and so I often will buy books specifically to keep for me to re-read and to lend out to others.

        Yes, she was 🙂 And she was asking me about whether it really was a part of a series. I know she’ll want to read the others. She finished The Reluctant Godfather in one sitting. 🙂

        *passes tissues* I thought it would make your day. I couldn’t wait to tell you. I’ve been seeing that friend slowly get more into reading as I’ve introduced different books to here. (I lent out my Tricia Mingerink’s books for her family to read together out loud, and they devoured them.) It’s exciting for me to see her enjoy reading so much!

        1. That is awesome!! I’ll always remember my mom reading to me!

          Aw, that’s so cool, Karis – supporting indie authors and sharing them; lending books with good friends that appreciate good reading is so much fun!

          AWWWW AHHHH! ‘covers face and grins’ I’m so glad she enjoyed it! And yes indeed, there’s going to be at least seven more books and this really encourages me to start writing faster – haha!

          ‘accepts tissues’ Thank you! It DID make my day and I won’t be forgetting this, that’s for sure! Aww, thank you! Ahh, that’s wonderful!! It’s so inspiring and exciting to see people step further into reading and start growing comfortable with it! ‘flails wildly’ I”m so happy for her and for you! You’re such a good friend, Karis! <3

    2. I had a very slow start to reading and really struggled with it and I still remember those books that ‘lit the spark’ and had me so wrapped up in the story that I kept soldiering through it. So to think that I might have helped and inspired someone in this way is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

  2. *Applauds* This was fun! 😀 I love your reading voice, how you captured the tone of the characters. You’re making me want to read your delightful story all over again!

    Congrats on all the subscribers! I hope you reach 50 soon!

    1. Aww, thank you, Christine! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Thank you! I'm looking forward to all that happens next here. 😀

  3. That was great! You’re good at reading out loud. 🙂 Like someone else said, I especially liked how you captured the tone of the characters. I shared this post on my Twitter in the hopes you might get a few more subscribers, or even new book readers! 😉

    1. Daw, thank you, Beth! <3 I had fun doing it. I love reading aloud and my siblings often ask me to when I'm sharing my stories; I hope to someday explore more options in audio work because I love being in a recording booth and voice acting. I've thought of Librivox, we'll see! Or maybe recording my book for Audible. 🙂

      EEEK! Aww, thank you, Beth! I really appreciate that! 😀

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