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Blue Sky Tag

Angela at The Peculiar Messenger tagged me for The Blue Sky Tag – thanks so much, Angela!  I love tags!  🙂

The Blue Sky Tag RULES:


  • Thank the person who tagged you

  • Answer their 11 questions

  • Tag 11 people

  • Give them 11 questions to answer

1. One song that has hit you really hard lately (or, just one that has been very groovy for this summer time!)?

Ooo – that’s a fun one!  Well, that’s a tough one, but one song that I’ve had on my alarm clock and is kind of my ‘Get up and be happy’ tune I like to sing in the mornings is ‘Shine On Your Shoes’ by Jane Monheit.  Love this song and her voice.

2. Favorite summer activity you’re looking forward to this summer?

SWIMMING, SWIMMING, SWIMMING!  And I actually got to swim this year – unlike last year – which was a wonderful blessing!


3.  If you had to beat up one historical figure (just someone in the past…) in an Ikea, who would it be?

First of all, just gotta say, that is a very funny question.

I assume it’s an Ikea store because there’s lot of furniture to use as weapons?  ‘cracks up’

Okay, now . . . I’m afraid I’ll have to ‘Take the Fith’ on this one.  Everyone I thought of whom I would like to beat up are rather controversial – and since this is a blog about being refreshed – not debating – I decided to skip answering this one.  I don’t want to start a long, drawn out argument, so I’ll just assure you that I did think of someone and leave it at that.

But thanks for giving me a very good private chuckle!  😀

4.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? One example of how you’d use it?

Ohoooohooo!!!  ‘wiggles fingers’  Well, I would have to say flying, no contest.  Why?  Because, WHO WOULDN’T?  I love heights, I love going fast and I’ve always wanted to fly – some of my best dreams involve me floating through the air.  As to how I would use it – and aside from just jetting around – I assume you mean use it as a superpower against evil.  I would grab villains by the collar and start flying really fast with them and then drop them from great heights . . . into muddy lakes.


5.  If you could have a dream vacation, what would the day look like? What would you do?

Day is a relative word – using the Mercurian Day (58d 15h 30m) my vacation would look like this:

I would drive across the United States and ultimately wind up in California, I would take a train ride through the Southwest and then once I reached the Gulf of Mexico, I would take a riverboat up the Mississippi all the way to the Great Lakes, explore the Great Lakes, hop over the border to Canada for a bit then take a plane to some place like Tahiti or Bermuda for a long stay in a 5 star resort.

Then I’d reluctantly go home.

6.  Say you could step into a book and live there for a while; which book would you visit, and why?

WOW – HARD QUESTION.  But ultimately, I would have to say Narnia – probably the Horse and His Boy during the Golden Age.  Why?  BECAUSE IT’S NARNIA!  And to quote Shasta:   “I’ve been longing for Narnia all my life!”


7.  What do you do when you get stumped in creativity? (writer’s block, artist’s block, etc…)

Either blow through, switch briefly to another project, or go do something else.  The best cure I know is to talk to one of my sisters about the story – my big sister is like a Genie when it comes to brainstorming for plots.  So yeah – that’ s usually my solution to a lot of things.  Talk it out!  😀

8.  If you had to describe yourself in a book, write that description.

Oh sheesh – this is gonna be embarrassing.  ‘levels look at Angela’  All right, here it goes.

“She was short but curvy; not very athletic looking more like a soft huggable type of person.  Her hair was short and exploded from her scalp in bronze colored ringlets that just barely touched her shoulders.  She had green and gold cat’s eyes set deeply in a pale but peach tinged face that was round but with a pointed chin and nose and ‘Princess Leia’ cheeks.  A pair of large wired rimmed glasses were perched on her nose and she kept pushing them up.  She walked like a soldier on a mission, taking huge strides as if she were in a hurry and didn’t want anybody to bother her but she looked around with a lively, helpful expression. 

‘pokes head out from under desk’  Is it over?

9.  If you could meet one of your own characters, and bring them to present day earth, who would it be, and why? What would y’all do?

Ahhahahaha!  ‘grins awkwardly’  Actually, so many of my characters are such obnoxious, nasty and even dangerous people that I’m not entirely sure I’d want to meet them, even though I love them to pieces on paper.  #authormoment

One character that does come to mind is from a series that, unfortunately, I decided to shelf.  Lieutenant Ed Paris – a helmsman for a ship rather similar to the U.S.S. Enterprise and a fun, sweet guy.

Ed is just the ideal ‘guy friend’ – that really super, totally platonic guy friend that is sort of like a brother or a cousin.  He’s a bit like Woody in Toy Story because he can be petty and get jealous and has a temper but ultimately he’s a big softie with a huge heart and a love for adventure and high jinks.  He also has a bit of a low opinion of himself.  He should technically be a commander of his own ship but he loafed through the Academy because he didn’t have enough direction, drive or confidence so a lot of his friends and classmates left him behind and he feels pretty awkward and alone sometimes.   I kind of want to give him a good talking and encourage him and follow it up with a big hug.  Ultimately, Ed though is in the right place.  He’s a very talented helmsman and the perfect ‘right hand man’ – there couldn’t be any better guy piloting that ship.

I would probably go with Ed to an amusement park ride, I know he’d love roller coasters – and then I’d let him take me for a joyride on a motorcycle – I have ALWAYS wanted to ride on the back of a motorcycle and I know Ed would get a kick out of me alternately squealing with fun and telling him to be careful!  Because I wrote him I trust him not to hurt me because Ed is very responsible and would never let any of his friends get hurt.

And then ice cream on a beach – for sure.  And he’d probably splash me and for sure I would splash him back so there would be a very salty and messy water fight to top off the day.

10.  What is one joke you made recently that got everyone to laugh?

‘grins’  I was sitting at the dinner table teasing my brother about how much he loves juice.  I was miming him walking through the store and then spotting juice and crawling towards it and panting – that sort of thing.  I am a  big storyteller and an actress and everybody started cracking up.

11.  One movie that always makes you cry?

Huh – well as I’m going to mention in next week’s post it is extremely rare for me to cry over a book or movie – VERY RARE – and when I do it’s just my eyes welling up, no tears running down my face or sobbing.

Humm . . . one movie that had me really cracking up multiple times though is Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.  ‘holds heart’  That’s one of my favorite movies and so beautifully poignant.


And that’s it, campers.

And now my questions for you.  ‘cracks knuckles’  Some of those questions are so good, I’m just going to recycle them – shhh!


1.  What fictional character did you think was the coolest person ever when you were a kid?

2.  How would you describe your type / sense of humor?

3.  If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue, what would it be?

4.  If you could sing like one famous person (alive or dead) who would it be?

5.  What do you like to do first thing in the morning?

6.  If you had to live in another country alone for a year, where would it be?

7.  When you’re in pain, do you want space or attention?

8. What is one of your weird obsessions?

9.  What job would you be great at, and what job would you be horrible at?

10.  If you could time travel back in time once as far as the second century, what specific event would you attend?

11.  If you could meet one of your own characters, and bring them to present day earth, who would it be, and why? What would y’all do?


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12 thoughts on “Blue Sky Tag

    1. Thanks, Faith!

      LOL – I know! I busted out laughing! And I did think of someone but ‘cough’ – thought it would be better not to say. 🙂

    1. HEY ZANE!! Yes, I was so happy to tag you.

      Oh, I hope so – I can’t wait to see your answers to these questions! <3

  1. These questions were really, really good. And I loooved reading your answers! #3 killed me. That’s quite a question there. XD

    I am SOOOO with you on flying. That would be my choice as well. That or telekinesis or teleportation. But FLYING. I love heights toooo. It’d be amazing!

    Sooo much yes to wanting to go to Narnia. Ah, if only! *dreamy sigh*

    And I LOVED your description of yourself. It was so cute and perfect. Bravo! *applauds*

    Thank you so, SO much for tagging me! I’m honored. And the questions you came up with are great! 😀

    1. Thank Angela for those fabulous questions. 😀 HAHAHA – yes – it WAS quiet the question and my twin and I had a good time coming up with several different options. 😀

      ‘high fives’ – OOOO. I hadn’t thought about teleportation as a superpower!! That would be AWESOME!! But still…FLYING…hard for me not to pick that. 😀

      ‘sighs with you and hugs sadly’ Yes, if only! 🙁

      ‘shy smile’ – Ehehe thanks – it was hard to be honest and not sound too critical and not sound like you were making yourself sound better than you are – and eek – embarrassing. But thanks. 🙂 I have many witnesses to say that I do walk like a solider….LOL!

      I was so excited to tag you, I can’t wait to see your answers!

      Thanks, Christine! 🙂 <3

  2. ((About died w/ that first GIF, girl I love you)) WHOOO!!! 😀 *jumps up and down* GURRL THIS IS EPIC. I loved your description *chuckles happily*- it ROCKED! And I’m glad that one question got a laugh, lol!
    ED SOUNDS LIKE A SWEETIE!!!! And is he like in a couple in your book? Because if not I totally ship y’all, lol! xD
    Ooh gosh, I’m scared of heights so you’d have to leave me behind. 😛 LOVED THIS, ALLI! And thanks for tagging me. ;D
    -Ang |

    1. LOL! When I posted it, I thought of you! <3

      DAW - THANKS, Angela - I had SO MUCH FUN!

      'blushes' Haha - thanks - it's hard describing yourself and I mostly just wanted to get it over with. LOL!

      HAHAHA - IT DID. My twin and I we howling over that question. 😀

      He is! <3 <3

      Actually - he's in a series called Dauntless - that I shelved. I keep trying to bring it back though - cause I love him and some other characters so much - we'll see.

      HUH?? ME AND ED?? IS THAT WHAT YOU MEANT? 'cracks up then stares'

      Really? Well then you must tell me what superpower you would chose!


    1. You’re so welcome!

      Thanks, Kate! I love tags. I hope you have fun too and I look forward to seeing your answers!

  3. This post was awesome Allison! I was dying over some of those gifs! 🙂

    The IKEA one was hilarious. Now I am a little curious to who you would have chosen! 😉 I don’t blame you though for not saying. The person I would chose I probably wouldn’t say either. 🙂

    Since you tagged whoever wants to do this… Do you mind if I consider myself tagged? 🙂

    I loved all your answers! Love your blog too!


    1. Hi Emma! Welcome! I’m so excited to have you on my blog!

      LOL – thanks! I love GIFS and I’m often laughing out loud when I insert them. 😀

      Wasn’t it, though? OOPS – I was afraid of teasing everybody – I was trying to do a good blend of not creating strife and still participating in the tag (if only mentally!). Haha – yeah – thanks – it took some thought. 🙂

      OF COURSE! Please do!!!

      Aw, thank you, Emma! <3

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