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Beautiful People – Burndee (August 2017)

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This is my first time pariticpating in the Beautiful People link up and today I am delving into some of the idiosyncrasies of Burndee – the ‘hero’ of my book The Reluctant Godfather.

Just for everyone who might not have read The Reluctant Godfather – Burndee is a cranky fairy godfather who would rather bake than help humans.

And I think we can start now.  😀


What Are They Addicted To / Can’t Live Without?

As far as addictions, baked goods!  As far as what he can’t live without . . . someone he’s learned to value.

Name 3 Positive and 3 Negatives About Your Character?

P-p-positive traits?


‘flushes and looks uncomfortably at Burndee’.  Forgive me, my baby – I honestly blanked out on what positive traits you have!

‘Burndee stares back without comment or dismay’

Okay, okay – positive traits.

Burndee is loyal, honest, and not easily cowed or put off by authority or royalty.

Negatives (this was easy):  He is VERY arrogant, impatient and temperamental.

Are They Holding Onto Something They Should Let Go Of?

This is a bit of a spoiler / teaser for Burndee fans . . .

‘waits for excited murmurings to die down’  🙂

. . . .but I’ll go ahead and share something that Burndee is struggling with in future Ambia books.

He is terrified that he will lose the few people he has come to care about – and he is still struggling with pride.  His pride quakes at the idea being replaced.  The two things are interconnected as you will see.

If 10 Is Completely Organized And 1 Is Completely Messy, Where Do They Fall On The Scale?

Aside from a few obsessive quirks about needed certain things just so (like in the kitchen), I believe Burndee would be around 2 on the scale.  He is pretty scatterbrained.

What Most Frustrates Them About The World They Live In?

Humans – people of any kind.  They are a frustrating and time consuming reality that he would rather not deal with.

How Would They Dress For A Night Out?  How Would They Dress For A Night In?

Hmm.  For a night out:  A dark silvery blue tunic with silver embroidery, black trousers and boots and a magnificent dark blue velvet cape with black silk lining.  For a night in: an older and less fitted dark tunic and trousers – probably faded velvet.  No cloak.

How Many Shoes Do They Own And What Kind?

Probably two – one nice pair, one comfy pair and one outdoor tromping pair.  If he needs any stylistic changes in color or design to these three, he can do it magically.  He can also magically keep his shoes from ever breaking down entirely.

He wears mostly soft boots, but I do imagine him wearing those medieval-ish pointed shoes as well.  😀

Do They Have Any Pets?  What Kind Of Pets Do They WISH They Had?

Pets???  Burndee doesn’t have or want pets!!  He’d have to feed them, clean them, take care of them – what a bother!  Probably the only thing he likes about animals is that they don’t talk or pretend like they think (which is what he feels about humans).

Is There Something or Someone That They Resent?  Why And What Happened?

Yes, for those of you who have no read the book, Burndee’s goddaughter / ward, Ella, was not well treated by her family.  He deeply resents Lady De Ghent, Ella’s stepmother and former mistress, for the way she abused Ella, emotionally and physically.  If he had his way, he would turn her into a frog or a mousetrap.  He is angry at De Ghent and at himself – because he blames himself for it.  He has resolved that Ella will never be hurt by De Ghent again.

What’s Usually In Their Fridge Or Pantry?

A-ha!  LOTS.  Only Burndee doesn’t have a fridge, he has a cellar.

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING he will need to bake his heart out.  Flour, sugar, butter, salt – all the essentials!  He doesn’t ever want to be in a position where he can’t back.

But I think maybe you mean something ready to eat?  Pastries, cinnamon buns, cake, tarts, doughnuts, pretzels – as long as he made it and it’s a baked good – he wants it on hand.  He certainly can’t rely on anyone else to make him a proper cinnamon roll!


And that’s all folks!  Well, what did you think?  Would you like me to answer more questions about Burndee in the future?  I’ll try to drag him out of his kitchen.  Have you joined the Beautiful People linkup this month?  Tell me everything!



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18 thoughts on “Beautiful People – Burndee (August 2017)

  1. Yesss you did the Beautiful People link-up! 😀 I’m going to try to do it, but… my inspiration is sort of dead? I’m trying to push through it and I’m hoping the BP will help.

    Someone he’s learned to value… who could that be? *cough cough*

    Loved all your answers! Everything fit perfectly with Burndee! <3

    1. YES – it was fun! I hope to do it more often!

      Aww – I hope the inspiration will come! Yes, actually this made me ask questions about Burndee that I had never thought to ask so it got those mental cogs turning!

      ‘HUGE GRIN and coughs with you’

      THANK YOU, ZANE! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Awesome post!!! I love Burndee and his sweet and hilarious personality and quirks! Thanks for sharing these juicy tidbits. 😉


    I was totally chuckling to myself over so many of these answers. Like being unable to think of positive traits for him. Hahaha! Poor Burndee. But he does bring it upon himself. And the answer to the pets question! “Probably the only thing he likes about animals is that they don’t talk or pretend like they think (which is what he feels about humans).” <— DYING. XDDD

    Can I just live in Burndee's cellar? Because…yes. It sounds heavenly.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. This was great!

    1. Aww, thank you, Christine!

      HAHAHA – I know it was terrible – I actually felt guilty or having so much trouble thinking of good traits for him but YES – as you said – he brings it upon himself…

      LOL – haha – yeah I had never even thought of asking that question of Burndee and when I saw it I knew INSTANTLY what he would think. :d

      Why certainly you can live in Burndee’s cellar – as long as you don’t mind sharing with me! ‘stands next to Christine and gobbles down all the goodies’

      Thank you so much, Christine! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. OH FUN POST, ALLISON! Aw, Burndee!!! Fearing being replaced and losing his newly-found loved ones… ❤❤ He really DOES have some good qualities – even though they’re harder to find! I like the ones you mentioned – like loyalty and honesty. ?

    1. Thank you, Micaiah!

      I know….Burndee…. <3 <3 - I was cooing over him a bit when I wrote this. 'pats character lovingly' Aw, thank you! Haha - yeah, aside from the lamentable blank on my part, he does have some good qualities which will be much more apparent in the next books. Change be a'comin' for Burndee! 😀

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