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August In A Nutshell

This is a depressingly short post because I accomplished hardly ANYTHING in August.


What happened??  How could August be over??  And WHY WASN’T I MORE ORGANIZED AND PRODUCTIVE???

I do hate unproductive cycles.

I mean – what on earth was I DOING all August???

I wish, Maru.


But anyway – onto the meager nutshell.

Warning:  Major Gif-Zone ahead.


I participated in Victoria Lynn’s blog tour for Ruffles and Grace.

I was very excited to be a part of this celebration and I am so proud of Victoria for reaching so many followers on her lovely blog.


So this is where some of my evening time went.  For almost two weeks I got to swim every night in a “borrowed” pool and it was WONDERFUL, AMAZING AND SPLENDIFOROUS.

Experienced A Solar Eclipse

Since our business practically shut down on this day (as did most of the nation) we had a little mini holiday.  My dad and siblings decided to brave the roads and drove for several hours to get to a spot of complete totality.  My mom and I stayed home to avoid the crowds and because I was feeling crummy.  Nevertheless, we had an amazing view from our driveway.  While we never experienced complete totality (there was always the tiniest sliver of sun visible) we were able to watch the moon travel in front of the sun.  It was an amazing and eerie event.  It got noticeably colder and darker – but not a night-time dark – more like the darkness before a storm and yet . . . different.  It was strangely quietly, few car sounds, no animal sounds, there was a definite sense of waiting in the air.  It was magnificent and I kept thinking of what it will be like when Jesus returns and makes the sun nothing and destroys all that we know to make it new again.  Humans think we are so efficient, so powerful, and yet all it takes is for our sun to disappear to make us realize again how finite we are.  While I was watching the eclipse, I kept thinking of Psalm 8:3-4.  When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him?


As of several days ago, I have read 40 books in August and 201 books so far in 2017 and have upped my yearly challenge to 250 books . . .

Can I do 300?  We’ll see.

Probably not, I’ve been having eye trouble and need to rest them more.  But I might have a shot at 250 – we’ll see….

I have also gotten really good at reviewing each book I read.

While time-consuming – I’m glad I’ve started doing it.


I posted twice a week.  I absolutely loved doing this but I can’t keep it UP.  I build my posts and put a LOT of time into each one of them – time that cuts into my other writing – so I’ll have to cut back to five or so posts every month.  🙁


Did some brainstorming with my magnificent siblings and I now have rough outlines for my Snow White Retelling for the Rooglewood Fairy Tale Contest (remember that?  That was the thing I was supposed to have WRITTEN – uh – months ago  “BITTER LAUGHTER”).

I’m still keeping some of that under my hat but I am super excited about it.

I also have a rough outline for a new novella I’m working on – a diesel-punk western buddy story.

The Frog Prince is slowly staggering along to completion and has passed 30,000 words, I believe.  Unfortunately, I still a LONG ways to go with that.

DIY Projects

My twin and I are using this old piece as a side table between our chairs in our new bedroom.  We picked this up at an antique store ages ago, and I believe it was originally used for a washbasin.


And several coats of paint and several sandings later.

It still needs a final sanding and ‘aging’ process, but getting there.

Beside Table / Vanity


This was a small antique children’s desk that we bought years ago at a flea market.  After moving into a new room, I decided to turn it into a nightstand / vanity.  I’m planning on hanging a small shelf with drawers above it and then a mirror directly above that.  For now – we have this.


Aren’t these knobs AWESOME?  They have BUBBLES IN THEM!  #lovesbubbles


Picked up some copies of my book for future giveaways and gifts.

And then lovely copies of these two fabulous books.


I have had so much beautiful and inspiring feedback about The Reluctant Godfather – on August 14th, a friend emailed me to tell me that her nine-year old sister had read my book four times and has not stopped re-reading it.  I was thrilled to pieces to hear this and nearly burst with excitement that a younger reader could be so enthralled with my novella.

On August 16th I cried when I got a call from an uncle I really care about.  He had read my book and enjoyed it (especially the humor) and encouraged me to keep writing.

He’s not doing really well and I’m so blessed that I had the chance to share my first book with him!

Um – what else….?

I got a haircut.

It’s a leeetle shorter than I had anticipated but I’m cool with it.  And the reason these photos are sepia colored is because the original lighting in my selfies was TERRIBLE so I decided to try to fudge it by making it look deliberately artistic.  #badphotographerhack

I have reached 54 subscribers on my blog.


I reached 22 subscribers on my Youtube channel and my cover of ‘Little Black Rain Cloud‘ has reached over 280 views!

So, huge thank you and shout out to all of my subscribers and followers.  You guys are the best!!!

And one last thing – if you are a follower (or a uncommitted skulker) who is currently living outside of the United States – don’t forget to check out my Buddies Abroad Day post and claim your prize!

Just covering that because I have had repeated views from numerous countries and I would LOVE to have you around more often!

Since I started this new blog a few months ago, I have had views from Uganda, Luxembourg, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Israel, Austria, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, the UK, the European Union, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Turkey, Chile, the Philippines, and the Netherlands.

So thank you SO MUCH for stopping by!


Welp – that’s it – I warned you it was pathetic.

And now it’s YOUR turn!  What was your August like?


I’d love to hear everything in the comments!




10 thoughts on “August In A Nutshell

  1. My August wasn’t much, either; just trying to delay the coming doom of school by writing. And writing and writing… and a little reading thrown in. I’m trying to soak up all the rest of Summer before it slips from my grasp. 😉


  2. Hey, you did a great August! The furniture looks GREAT! With the help of my Dad and brother, I repainted my room (Dad put wood floor down, since I was allergic to the moldy carpet) and we decided to paint it. A light tealish/blue color. 😉
    August was pretty good. We traveled to my grandparents, I’ve written some in my novel (a bit behind, more than I’d like, but I’ll work on it!).
    Your haircut is sooo pretty, YOU are soo pretty! 😀 And gurl how you read 200+ books? MERCY ME. xD Nice job!!

    1. Aw thanks, Angela. 🙂 It looks pretty good if you don’t get out a magnifying glass and see all the drips. 😀

      That’s awesome!! I love wood floors in a bedroom – glad you got rid of the mold. Ooo – that must be pretty!

      I hope you had a good time – and a little progress is still progress! ‘thumbs up’

      Daaaw! “ducks head” – thank you, Angela – you’re sweet. 🙂

      Weeeelll…’whispers’ I count DNFs, picture books and individual books of the Bible, plus I almost skim I read so fast. The secret’s out. But thanks. 😀 I hadn’t realized just how much I read in a year.

      MAYBE I’ll actually reach the bottom of my TBR pile someday? ‘hopeful look’

  3. *peeks up behind my computer screen* August in a Nutshell? *blinks* It’s not still August??

    Haha! After our VBS at the beginning of the month, I crashed and have been battling stress and every day life. But the Lord’s good, and I’m looking forward to what this month will bring!! :))

    So happy for your subscribers, Allison!!! <3

    1. Unfortunately, no, it’s September! ‘hugs Olivia and suppresses minor panic attack’

      Aww, I know what that’s like….I’ve been and will continue praying for you, Olivia! <3. And thank you!

  4. Yaaaay, you have an outline for your Snow White retelling! 😀 Brain storming with family is the best! I’m so happy you got such lovely feedback on TRG too!

    YAY, subscribers! You deserve all of them and more. <3

    Oooh, I like the Before and Afters and the cute hair!

    Can't say my August was very eventful either, though I did write over 11k words on my own retelling, and for that I am glad. 🙂 And I read a couple books, of course. There was also much crocheting because my tennis elbow has been feeling way better and I'm both getting new winter stuff put in my Etsy shop and making Christmas gifts for my cousin's daughters. I also made two new Etsy sales, one at the beginning of the month and one at the end, and both customers left super sweet reviews which was very exciting and happy making and I feel so blessed!

    Here's hoping for a good and productive September for both of us! 🙂

    1. YES – I’m so happy about the braint storming and the feedback – thanks, Beth!! <3

      Daw - thank you. 🙂

      And thank you...LOL. I prefer it a little longer but it will grow back soon enough. 😀

      11 K WORD IS FANTASTIC!! 'cheers'

      Oh, I'm sorry you had tennis elbow! That must have been so painful - I'm glad it's feeling better. (and I am impressed - I would die if I had to run around a court -:) )

      THAT IS AWESOME! Your August WAS productive!! 'huge thumbs up' Good for you, Beth!

      Here's hoping. 🙂

      1. Hahaha, I actually didn’t get tennis elbow playing tennis. (I would also die running around a court!) I gave it to myself by holding my knitting needles the wrong way. :/ Well… they say there is no “wrong way” to hold them, but apparently, I found one. :p (I’m self-taught in all my crafts so never had anyone to insist I had to hold them right.) ‘Twas painful indeed, especially since I let it go on longer than I should have, but I got physical therapy early this year and they taught me stretches that target that muscle and exercises that strengthen the muscles around the elbow so it’s supported and not taking all the strain. Still…If I ever want to knit again, (and I do) I’m going to have to force myself to be more patient and learn to hold the needles correctly.

        1. Oh duh! ‘face palms’ – of course, the needles. LOL. ‘has sudden image of lying on one side of tennis court while Beth is lying on the other’ XD

          Aww – I’m sorry, that’s terrible! I once tried to take up knitting and injured my hands so badly it was a month of intense pain and I decided not to continue. 🙁 ‘hugs’ – I have an idea how much that must have hurt – hoe you have a total recovery soon!

          Aww yeah – I have to make adjustments to my schedule and my lifestyle with my eyes – because I’m subject to eyestrain. Just something we gotta do if we want to continue with what we’re doing. 🙂

          Praying for you!

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