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A Bakers Dozen Of Tears – 13 Scenes In Movies That Made Me Cry

Some of you may already know that I am not a very sentimental viewer and that I’m not much of a crier.  Oh sure, I’ve done the fake sobbing like:  “Waaaah, I can’t believe they did that, that is so saaad!” but not actual, genuine, legit tears.

I know some people cry buckets over movies and when I see that or am told that, I’m always standing there looking like this:

I just can’t sob over movies (or books) – sobbing is something I save for special emergencies.

And just to clarify – when I say these scenes made me cry, I mean as in my eyes well up or a single tear run down my face (trust me this is a BIG deal) or maybe a couple of tears, tops.  Believe me, this is BIG, people.

So without further ado – let’s stop laughing and bring on the tears.

As my twin pointed out on her sneak preview of this post, it’s mostly filial love and scenes that involve it that make me cry.  🙂  You’ve been warned.

13 Scenes In Movies (and TV shows) That Made Me Cry

(in no particular order)



Star Wars Rogue One – Galen Erso’s Death

Finally reunited with his ‘Stardust’ and then IT’S TOO LATE!  ‘wipes eyes’  – this scene was so short, but so beautifully shot and beautifully acted.

They had very little screen time together, but I would have to say that Jyn and Galen are one of my favorite father/daughter duos of all time.

Star Trek Enterprise – T’Pol’s Mother Dying

Aaaahhh, I’m getting misty thinking about it.  So obviously, the only way you’re going to have a really pivotal death scene is to have shown a good relationship prior to that and these two actresses NAILED it.

When T’Pol clutches T’Les and murmurs in that broken voice:  “Mother!”  I started cracking up.  The actress who played T’Pol has an incredible face, somehow managing to remain ’emotionless’ and Spartan-like in her grief and yet her eyes are so soulful, you can see her being ripped apart as the moonlight catches the single tear falling down her face.   A VULCAN CRIED – oh my word, a VULCAN cried.  ‘buries face in hands’  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT EVEN MEANS?

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Mr. Magorium’s Goodbye

‘long silence’  ‘takes a deep breathe’

This is hands down one of the most beautiful heart-felt scenes EVER – the depth of emotion Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman portray is AMAZING.  I usually rebel against movies where an MC who has a precious relationship to another MC dies but it suited this movie SO WELL – I wouldn’t have changed it.  I love the blend of sweetness and sadness in this scene – as Mr. Magorium’s gives her advice on how to live HER life, now that his life is ending.

The Land Before Time – The Baby Pterodactyl

Don’t laugh, this is one of the most poignant movies I can think of – you could really feel Steve Spielberg’s and George Lucas’ influence on this one, the story and character were so much more engaging, more ‘adult’, although it was a kid-sized adventure.

And for those who know what The Land Before Time is, nope, it was NOT when Littlefoot’s mom died and his little voice keeps whispering:  “Mother?”  It was afterwards, when he is lying in the middle of nowhere, can’t move, can’t speak and a little baby pterodactyl spots him.

The pterodactyl had been squabbling with its brothers and sisters over a cherry, he finally won, but then he spots the depressed Littlefoot.  The little guy patters over, looks sympathetic and then presents him with the cherry.  Littlefoot just stares at him and turns away.  The pterodactyl nudges the cherry forward and waits expectantly but then finally sighs and turns away, also depressed.

This scene always cracks me up, I hate that moment when I am so sad for someone and can’t do anything and I suppose this scene reminds me of that.  Plus, it was the ‘enormity’ of the small gesture.  That little guy wanted that cherry and yet he was so willing to part with it.  It was such a REAL scene.

And besides, what could be sadder than that little pterodactyl’s face?

Monsters Inc – End Scene

Okay the end scene – NOT when Sully says goodbye to Boo – but when time has passed and his best friend has rebuilt Boo’s door.  Sully walks towards it, slowly, full of hope and uncertainty and he carefully opens the door.  He looks around the room and a small voice chirps:  “Kitty!”  And his FACE.  ‘eyes well up’

You can tell fathers had a big hand in making this movie – the complete joy on his face is wonderful.

Rogue One – Jyn and Cassian’s Death

‘long drawn out keening wail’

I have very little to say about this except that JYN AND CASSIAN SHOULD HAVE SURVIVED AND FLOWN AWAY INTO THE SUNSET AND HAD LOTS OF LITTLE JYN’S AND CASSIANS!  ‘stamps and stamps and stamps in disappointment’  Finally, a romance I liked (blink and you’ll miss it) and they BLEW IT.  Literally.

I mean WATCH this –

look at this heartfelt hug!  The look on Cassian’s face!



Something this good shouldn’t be blown up – okay?  Make a note people!

It’s also worth noting that this is one of the few “romantic” moments that makes me cry.  A lot of girls get emotional over romantic scenes but I don’t – so the fact that this scene busted me up is a big deal.

‘looks at gifs again and lip trembles’


Heidi – Heidi Comes Home

I love, love, love father / daughter relationships in movies and you hardly ever see them – although this one is a grandfather / granddaughter relationship that will warm the cockles of your heart.

In the final scene when her grandfather storms away from her yet again, Heidi – ever loving, never refusing to give up him – runs up, grabs him and turns him back.

“Why did you come back?”

“Because I love you grandfather.”

And I literally wiped my eyes, writing this.  HER BEAUTIFUL SWEET LITTLE FACE, HER VOICE.  Ahhh!  And then his face melts just like our hearts do and he picks her up and holds her as tight as he can, his wrinkled cheek resting against her smooth one as she hugs him fiercely – they never want to let go.

‘buries face in hands’

The Patriot – Susan Speaks

Benjamin Martin’s small daughter, Susan, will not speak – mostly do to post-trauma at the death of her mother, but also because she is angry with him because Benjamin is always leaving.

There is quite a bit of story wrapping around all this but to make a long story short, Benjamin finally has to ride off to war again.  He hugs each of his children goodbye but Susan is stiff and even though he entreats her to say goodbye to him, she won’t.

Reluctantly, Benjamin mounts his horse and turns to leave and then Susan – her face crumpling – opens her mouth and shouts:  “Papa, don’t go!”

Benjamin whirls his horse around, leaps off and runs to her as she meets him halfway, sobbing and begging him not to leave her.

Benjamin strokes her hair and kisses her, promising that he will always, always come back to her and that she has made him very happy.

Boom – our hearts are broken, his heart is broken.  No matter how many times I watch this scene I get tears in my eyes.  Ahhh!

Anne of Green Gables – Anne Thanks Matthew

I’m willing to bet that nearly everyone reading this blog has seen this scene.

Matthew’s character is my favorite character in this whole series and Richard Farnsworth plays him so perfectly.  There isn’t one single scene where I don’t want to hug him – but if I was forced to choose a favorite scene it’s the one that makes me cry the most – when Anne runs out to the barn to thank Matthew for giving her that beautiful dress.  Matthew looks up with that gleam of anticipation and pleasure at seeing his little girl and Anne gazes at him.  He kisses her on the forehead because ‘he doesn’t want to get her dress dirty’ but then Anne throws herself into his arms and we have this beautiful, beautiful scene.  I love the gentle, radiating love of this father / daughter duo.

Star Trek Voyager – Caylem and Janeway

So I’m kind of cheating by including this one, because I didn’t just cry for one scene, I was sniffing throughout the ENTIRE episode.  Where do I even begin?  This is one of the most poignant and beautiful father/daughter relationships I have ever seen done in about 20 minutes (since there were over POV subplots running parallel to theirs).

Okay, I have to share the backstory for you to get this scene.

Captain Janeway is on a socialist type planet looking for a vital commodity for her ship when she is shot by guards, but before she can be arrested she is rescued by a mysterious old man named Caylem who is convinced that Janeway is his long lost daughter.  The man appears completely insane and indeed, his sanity has slipped away ever since his wife was arrested twelve years ago.  He and his daughter have tried several times to break his wife out of prison but failed, and then his daughter disappeared, but he is convinced that Janeway is his daughter.

Oh my goodness – Caylem’s gentle care for her, his sweetness – and Janeway’s heart starts getting just as involved as ours are.  Caylem shows her all the things he has saved for her, the letters he had written to her imprisoned mother every day for twelve years, pretty dresses for Janeway to wear for when she is finally ‘released’.  Caylem nurses her back to health and saves her repeatedly from local guards, despite being humiliated by them.

And then the end scene.

Caylem and Janeway break into the prison to rescue her crew (he thinks they are going to get his wife out) and the villain confronts them and reveals that Caylem’s wife and daughter have been dead for years – the wife died in prison and the daughter died trying to get her out – Caylem has simply been too out of his mind to accept these horrible facts.  Caylem doesn’t believe him and leaps to save Janeway from getting shot, taking the blast meant for her.  As he dies in Janeway’s arms, Janeaway tells him the villain was lying – she is his daughter and Caylem’s wife is now free.  Caylem dies happy, but Janeway is heartbroken.

As am I.

Pixar Short – Lou

‘opens mouth and emits choking wail’

I can’t say too much because this is actually one thing where I DON’T want to give away spoilers, but oh my goodness, the emotional impact of this tiny short is so good.  I cried both times I saw it–it is so sweet, so inventive.  It reminds me a lot of the Velveteen Rabbit but, in my opinion, better.  What a beautiful and poignant message and when it’s balanced off of humor, that makes the sentimental moments even more powerful.  Make a note of that everyone!  Sentiment is more powerful when it is juxtaposed against lightheartedness and when it drops it on us when we least expect it!  Like with a little toy monster that lives in a box…  ‘sniiiffffs’

Star Wars Rogue One – Galen’s Holograph To Jyn

Oh, Oh, OHHHHH!!!  ‘bites lip’  The image below was pretty much MY face when I was watching this scene.

Even with so little backstory, the writers and the actors did so well with the relationship between Jyn and her father, I loved that the entire crux of the movie was based upon their connection and if I was forced to pick, I would have to say this scene of them packs the most punch.  It is so incredibly sad, and yet beautiful – juxtaposed against the Death Star firing and destroying life in Jedha City it is magnificent – the editing, pacing, the music, the acting – it is SO emotional.

For years, Jyn has felt abandoned and betrayed by her father and then finally he confirms his love for her and all of her walls begin to crumple.  He is NOT a traitor, he’s a hero; and then he portrays his trust to her by relating his greatest secret into her hands.  He knows she will complete it – he knows she will fight and die for the right as he has.

A Case For Christ – Lee accepts Christ as his Savior.

As Lee finally kneels before his Creator and asks him into his heart, the tears started to fall.  By the end of the movie I felt as if I knew this guy, I had gotten so involved in his story and I found myself leaning forward, grinning with anticipation as I watched the threads of God being woven through this man’s story, leading him inexorably to his knees.  It brought back memories of that night when I prayed so long ago.  All the times God has touched my life, intervened for me – it was as if I was sharing those moments with Lee and his wife – as if we could look at one another and laugh for joy and say:  “Only God could have done this!”


And that’s all, folks!

Well, what did you think of the tears?  Have you seen any of these scenes and if so, did they make you cry?

What are some scenes in movies and TV shows that have made you cry?

Would you like me to post something like this again if I remember more scenes that made me cry?

I’ve love to hear about it in the comments!


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32 thoughts on “A Bakers Dozen Of Tears – 13 Scenes In Movies That Made Me Cry

    And yes Monsters Inc that “KITTY” moment kills me. Oh, gosh, Strobel’s writings are amazing so I really need to see the movie.
    Mm.. when have I cried? Marley And Me is a generic ‘everyone’ cried movie, lol. The show Jericho made me cry, spoilers: the deaf girl got killed and her brother’s reaction about killed me. 🙁 I also cry every time I watch The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Oh, gosh. *heart swells*
    I cried in Hachi. Also: the last Night At The Museum movie, because Robin Williams had passed away and it hit me hard. SO I guess I cry a bit lol when it comes to movies. ;D And I feel like I’m forgetting some but oops. 😛

    1. I knoooow!! The Patriot scene. “sniiifs”. So beautiful.

      LOL, me too! That Kitty scene… punch to the gut. YES, YOU NEED TONWTCH A CASE FOR CHRIST!!

      Hehe! Looks like you have quite a list there, yourself! I’ve seen Night At the Museum but that one just mad me laugh…

      So cool to compare! Thank you for sharing, Angela!! That “Jericho” scene sounds super sad..

  2. I’m somewhat similar, in that I don’t cry much over books/films. I may get stinging eyes or what-not a few times, but actual tears falling–that’s RARE. (But conversely, the stories that CAN make me really cry are all the more precious.)

    – the end of Rain Man (because #brotherhood)
    – the end of Toy Story 3 (“So long, partner.”)
    – the part in Inside Out where Riley opens up about her emotions to her parents (right in the childhood FEELS)
    – the end of Woman in Gold (it’s so awful and so unjust but she still has her memories, and . . . whoa)

    TV shows:
    – Boy Meets World, Chet Hunter’s heart attack (I didn’t love him as a character but still OWWWWW)
    – Boy Meets World, final scene of final episode (“Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try.”)
    – Doctor Who, the Vincent van Gogh episode (*distant sobbing*)

    – The Chosen, final scene (I refuse to spoil it for anybody but HOLY MACARONI)
    – Little Women, Beth’s passing (she was my favorite and I have never gotten over this)

    1. Yes, I know what you mean! The fact that we DO tear up make it even more impactful.

      Aww, Little Women is sad… which version made you cry? I’ve also seen Woman In Gold (yes, SO UNJUST) and Toy Story 3.

      For some odd reason the first two didn’t make me cry and I was MAD at the end of Toy Story 3….LOL.

      Thank you so much for sharing, Jessica! So interesting to compare!

      And BTW you made me laugh with “holy macaroni”. :DDD

      1. Actually, I haven’t seen any of the movie versions of Little Women! (I probably should, though . . .) The book made me cry a lot when I was a teenager.

        Wow–the end of Toy Story 3 made you mad?? It’s one of my favorite movie endings of ALL TIME. Isn’t it funny how people are so different? 🙂

        1. Ohhh! LOL – the book was is SO BEAUTIFUL! I think I have huge chunks of it memorized.

          ‘coughs – hides’ Um, yeah. I just didn’t like that they did the whole thing with Andy growing up. It just all felt way to adult for a kids movie and really Toy Story was always about Andy – Toy Story with Andy gone / leaving is just not Toy Story to me. ‘shrug’

          1. Yeah . . . I can see that . . . 🙂 I loved it, I think, because by the time I watched it I was NOT a kid anymore, I was an adult myself, and so it was a really emotionally satisfying way to say “goodbye” to Toy Story, and (ultimately) to my own childhood.

            (Although if they did more Toy Story movies after this, I probably wouldn’t watch. Because you’re right, it’s not really Toy Story anymore with Andy gone.)

          2. “nods”. I can understand that! And that’s really sweet; I see your point! I’m just a continual defender of kids movies (keeping them kid oriented) so that’s just me…

            Aww, yeah. Andy was kind of the ‘heart’. It would be like Monsters Inca without Boo….

          3. Well, it’s probably different for me, because I wasn’t allowed to watch movies as a kid–“children’s movies” or not, I simply didn’t watch any of them. Movies, for me, are very much an “adult” experience regardless of the intended audience . . . Which is weird!! But it’s how I grew up 🙂

          4. Ohhh okay! I gotcha, and that makes sense! Everybody’s grows up a little differently from one another!

  3. I knoooow, I love that last scene in Heidi, it always makes me choke up! *sniffs and passes round tissues*
    But I’m the same, I very seldom cry in movies. Except for the following, which I don’t think ANYONE could not find moving enough for tears! XD
    Alone Yet Not Alone (especially the last scene, where the mother is reunited to her daughter Regina after ten years)
    Amazing Grace (again, the last scene where everyone’s applauding him)
    God’s Outlaw
    Mrs Miniver (I don’t know how anyone can watch this film and not bawl their eyes out!)
    Finding Faith

    1. ‘gratefully accepts tissues’ Yes – that Heidi scene! <3

      I've seen Amazing Grace (one of my favorite movies) and Mrs. Miniver (such amazing fortitude) - and yes - those are definitely VERY moving but for some reason I didn't cry. 'scratches head and ducks' 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing, Bethany! Comparing all the things that affect us differently is so interesting!

  4. The only one you mentioned that I’ve seen is “Heidi’. And I believe I may have cried during that one. I agree, father/grandfather/child relationships are usually the best.


  5. I have only seen two of the movies on this list (Anne of Green Gables and The Case for Christ), but I completely agree with you about AoGG. I always tear up at that scene (as well as a bunch of others). For me, a movie has to be really good to make me cry…but once it does, I’ll probably love it forever. 🙂

    Great post!

    1. Oh cool! Yes, wasn’t that AOGG scene, terrific? “high fives and hands over tissues” – YES – or a certain type of scene for me!

      Thank you, Eva – glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Annnnnd I just watched Rogue One last night. I don’t think I really cried at any point of it, but now thinking back…it has stomped on my heart and I think the damage is irreversable. :(((((((((

        1. oh, oh, oh??? Wasn’t it GOOD? And yet…YES, heart stomping!! ‘sniffs and offers tissues’. My brother showed it to me a while ago and spent half of the movie either laughing at my reactions or patting and hugging me…LOL. I think I watched in three times in one week… then I had to stop because it was making me too sad.

  6. Even though I always cry at movies, this post seems to hit the nail on the head… Rogue One? Anne of Green Gables? Monsters Inc.? Father/Daughter relationships? OHHH man, my heart.

    Another one of my favorites that makes me tear up is the end of It’s a Wonderful Life!

    1. Aww, thanks Chloe! Yes, exactly… my heart! “sniffs and high fives”.

      Oh, It’s A Wonderful Life is a good movie!! Though I don’t remember crying over it…huh. Isn’t it funny how some things make us cry and others don’t?

  7. I’ve seen (and teared up over) everything on this list except Heidi, The Patriot, and the Anne of Green Gables series. They sound good though! I especially MUST get my hands on the old Anne of Green Gables series! I was so disappointed with “Anne with an E”, I just really want to watch an adaptation of it that doesn’t make me want to throw things at the TV. Might end up having to rent it or something.

    For my own crying, I only truly sob over books because I often have more privacy when I’m reading. With movies, I more just get watery-eyed and one or two tears might escape, but I won’t outright cry because other people are usually around.

    For movies that make me cry, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (the deaths and Bilbo’s goodbye to the dwarves) and certain moments in all of the Lord of the Rings movies jump to the top of the list because no matter how many times I watch them I still get teary at the moving parts. Specific things:

    From Fellowship: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

    Everyone’s reaction to Gandalf’s death.

    “I would have gone with you, to the very fires of Mordor.”

    “I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. ‘Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee.’ And I don’t mean to. I don’t mean to.”

    From Two Towers: Theoden mourning his son and weeping.

    Sam’s speech. Too long to quote here, but so inspiring *sniffle* so here’s the video clip:

    “Frodo wouldn’t have got far without Sam.”

    From Return of the King: Gaaaah, THE WHOLE THING!!! But specifically,

    “Never thought I’d die fighting side by side with an elf.” “What about side by side with a friend?” “Aye. I could do that.”

    “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”

    “I never thought it would end this way.” “End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path… One that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass… And then you see it…White shores. And beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.” “Well, that isn’t so bad.” “No. No it isn’t.”
    “I’m glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things.”

    (For the record, despite all the talk of death and endings, none of the characters in these quotes actually die. These movies are uplifting because of the things these characters overcome, not depressing. :))

    Aaaaand, the entire ending from the point the hobbits get home to where Frodo sails into the sunset and the end credits song starts to play. (Oh my goodness, the end credits song just randomly started playing on the inspirational movie music playlist I’m listening to on Youtube right now! #irony)

    This is getting a little long, so a couple other movies would include The first Narnia movie (Aslan’s death and resurrection) and the end of the third one (when Repicheep goes to Aslan’s Country), and various other movie/TV show scenes I just don’t have time to list. 🙂

    1. I HIGHLY recommend Heidi! The Patriot, I’ve only seen a highly edited version and I’m not even sure I’ve seen all of that? ‘scratches head’ – it’s pretty violent/gory.

      Aww – yeah, I remember your feedback on that new Anne of Green Gables thing – bleh.

      Well, I don’t think you’d be throwing things at the TV for the old adaption. 😀 – you might be able to get it at your library?

      Aww – I can understand that. ‘nods’ – even if I don’t sob myself over books or movies. ‘hugs’

      AWW GOSH – I saw that scene were Bilbo said goodbye and it made me tear up – I forgot to list that one. I need to do a part two for this post, apparently. ‘sniiif’

      Eeek – I’m getting emotional just reading your comment, even though I’ve only see tiny snippets of what you are talking about – lovely moments here. And ANYTHING with Sean Astin as a hobbit is cry worthy. Aaack!

      I don’t think the new Narnia movies ever made me cry because they weren’t really Narnia to me. Some of the old BBC’s might have made me tear up at moments? Ah yes, the scene where Aslan tells the girls he is overwhelmed with sorrow and asks them to touch him. I think I teared up at the last viewing of that – I suddenly felt the connection to Jesus’ sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane so acutely.

  8. It looks like you have a lot of Rogue One scenes in the post. I don’t blame you because that is a pretty emotional movie overall. For me, I was heart broken because as I was watching the movie, I figured out that they would have to die because we never saw them in the original movies. Then I realized that they actually were going to die, and I was heartbroken at the end of the movie. I loved the Romance between Cassian and Jyn. Oh my goodness! That last scene is awful! I loved that type of romance. It was like they truly cared for each other, They didn’t kiss and make the whole scene awful, they just held hands and hugged each other. Oh! Why do I have to love characters? It’s like they tear your heart out.

    1. LOL – yes!!

      I knew just through gut instinct for months that most of the cast would die, but I really thought the main two would live… a la Guns of Navarone. But…EVERYONE….? “sniffs”. I actually read the run down before I watched it (I need spoilers) and was so shocked that I found the end finale on YouTube to watch and steel myself…I have to do that sometimes. So Jyn and Cassian’a death was pretty much the first scene I saw and I was sitting there with my mouth open even then without the buildup. “wails”


      1. Oh, so you prepare yourself before you watch a movie. No wonder why you don’t cry very often during movies!

        For me, I can’t bear to see spoilers for a movie. It affects and kind of ruins the entire movie for me.

        1. No, not always! Just sometimes…and even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t cry, probably. That’s why I DO read spoilers…because I CAN’T cry. I just bottle the emotions – so to help with that, I read things ahead of time.

          LOL – my brother is like that – he’s always warning me: “DON’T TELL ME!!” XD

  9. I don’t usually cry over much of anything, but one book I did cry over was Anne of Green Gables. :'( And that scene in Rogue One was SO SAD. I didn’t cry, because we were IN A THEATER (this very rarely happens), but was very close to it. Agh.

    1. I’m with you Zane, I only cry from say, grief or extreme stress or sorrow….


      Ah, well, nobody can see you crying in a theater unless you have a red nose afterwards. “smiles self-consciously”

      1. Ya know, the ONE WHERE EVERYONE DIED. Spoiler. XP

        I usually just cry over books though… if I’m around people I will! not! cry! if it can possibly be helped.

        Once, though, I was reading – I think it was the Kathleen (Life of Faith) series – in the car, and we had to go into a store. I had gotten to a really sad part and I was literally fighting tears as I got out of the car! Don’t think anyone noticed though. XD Have you read those books? I haven’t read them in forever so I can’t really remember anything except for the fact that they were sad.

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