60th Post Giveaway – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Sorry for the delay everybody – but here it is – the vlog announcing the giveaway winners!

That’s right, winners.  At the last second I decided to give away TWO signed paperbacks of The Reluctant Godfather because – I HONESTLY WANTED EVERYBODY TO WIN and the best I could do was give everybody one more shot at it.

I was feeling a little under-the-weather last night so I seem a little spacey in the video.  “coughs and hides”


But anyway – ONTO THE VIDEO.





If you are still interested in getting a copy of The Reluctant Godfather you can buy a copy at Amazon or Createspace.

And don’t go away anybody – November is the one year anniversary for my blog and I’m planning a big giveaway and lots of fun activities that I’m super excited about!  ‘frolics’

And international readers – don’t forget to go to my Buddies Abroad Day post and claim your free small gift, a copy of my short story The Key To The Chains!

Lastly – thank you EVERYONE for following my blog and for entering the giveaway – Allison’s Well has been a blessing to me and so has each one of you.  <3

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10 thoughts on “60th Post Giveaway – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

  1. WOOT! Congrats, Kellyn and Deborah! You won! *runs around cheering*

    Looking forward to your blogaversary, Allison. Sounds like fun times ahead! 😀

    Also, I just want to tell your international readers that THE KEY TO THE CHAINS IS EXCELLENT AND I 100% RECOMMEND GETTING IT! *nods vigorously*

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