Dear Readers – It’s Coming Up On My Blog’s One Year Anniversary!!!!



Attention:  Listening to the music below is mandatory for reading this post. 



I cannot believe it!  I have been so blessed by this blog – and I hope it has been a blessing to some of you!



My blog will actually be celebrating it’s first birthday in late November.  However, since that is the height of NaNo season and Thanksgiving – I decided to postpone the blog tour.  And since Christmas is right on it’s heels – I knew it would be dumb to have it then.  Thus, the blog tour will be taking place in the second week of January, once all of the festivities have died down and people are (hopefully) looking for a little excitement and more celebrations. 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming . . .



Allison’s Well has been a part of the blogging world for almost one year! It has been such a joy getting to know all of you and a true gift to have you follow my blog. Because of this special occasion, I am organizing a blog party.  There will be all sorts of fun posts AND a big giveaway.  “grins”  Would you be interested in participating?

Because the Blog Party will mostly be about Allison’s Well – I was hoping to link up with readers who would be willing to write a short post about Allison’s Well or myself (Examples: Your favorite posts of Allison’s Well, how you met me, why you follow my blog, your favorite memory of me, a letter / note to me or Allison’s Well – etc).



And Now For All My Dear Followers Who DO NOT Blog.  Here’s a way for you to participate too!


I was considering having a ‘hacked’ post be a part of the blog party!


Participants will write a brief message either about me or my blog (from a sentence to a small paragraph – whatever you prefer).

Examples: A mini letter to me. A anecdote about how we met. Why you follow my blog. What your favorite posts are (same suggestions / examples as above).

A family member or friend will gather all the messages – put them onto one post and then post it during the blog party – guaranteeing that I am totally surprised. 🙂


And if you really want to include gifs – just include the links to the gifs in the body of your text – wherever you want them to appear in your message.  ‘coughs and grins’




Would you be interested in participating? Absolutely, positively NO PRESSURE, my friends!

Whether you can participate or not – I can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Click to get the Blog Party (Regular Post) Sign Up Here

Click to get the Blog Party (“Hacked”) Sign Up Here:


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    1. Ahhh! ‘sniffs’ – THANK YOU, FAITH! ‘hugs you’ <3 That means so much to me!

      Thank you so much for following and for your friendship!


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