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10 Things I Want For Xmas . . . But Probably Won’t Get

     The title is pretty self-explanatory.  Oh, I wanted more run-of-the-mill things for Christmas….books, music…that kind of thing.  But I have these deep longings for something else for Christmas….things that very likely won’t come to pass…but are still lots of fun to think about.  Thus, I have compiled a list.


1.  A Biplane Ride.

I have seen local signs advertising bi-plane rides.  Pretty pricey.  But I wouldn’t mind paying if:

A) My family would let me do it without protest.  #unlikely



B) I have no clue what this pilot is like.  I could wind up with a wannabe stunt pilot and end up sky-diving instead of flying.  Or they could just be . . . not all there . . . rather like the attendants at theme parks with the very important job of making sure you’re fastened into your death-defying ride properly – but you have to beg them to double check your harness.

C) I don’t know if the bi-plane has a mounted machine gun – and frankly, the flight wouldn’t be as much fun without that.



Please don’t freak out – I’m normal, I swear. 



2.  Teek the Teek


If you don’t know who Teek is – I am very sorry for you indeed.  I know his picture is a little ugly – but he’s adorable once you see him in cation.  This mischievous little creature is one of the heroes of Star Wars: Battle for Endor – a spin off movie George Lucas made after Return of the Jedi AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EWOK ADVENTURE MOVIES I’M VERY SORRY FOR YOU INDEED.  😀

Teek is a pert little person, rather small-minded but lots of fun to have around and very brave.  He also moves so fast – he can’t stop.


Sadly – Teeks don’t actually exist.



3. A Personal Assistant.


I need one – BADLY.


4. A Trip To The Bahamas.


Mmm – hmmm – Oh yeah, this is totally happening.

Behold – my Bahama vacation – as close as I can get to it.



You’re all invited.


5.    A Motorcycle Ride.


Reasons why this won’t happen.

  1. I only knew one person who had a Vespa type thing – and I don’t really see him anymore.

  2. I wouldn’t really feel comfortable riding with him – he’s a reckless driver (and a closet thrill-seeker).

  3. I don’t know any other trustworthy motorcyclists.

So if any of you know some trustworthy motorcyclists that have a good track record of not crashing – I’d love to connect with them.  I would prefer them to be relatively cool. #Ihavestandards



6.  A Wand That Will Magically Complete All Of My Stories With One Swish.


Somebody please explain to me why this doesn’t exist.


7.  A Wookie.



Having a Wookie friend would be reaching new levels of awesomeness.  I would absolutely love to have Chewie as a pal.  Why?  So many reasons!!  Let me list a few.

  1.  He’s a Wookie.

  2. He’s a Wookie.

  3. Nobody would ever bother me. From thugs to critics – Chewie’s got it covered.

  4. Nothing beats a Wookie hug.

  5. He has a really cool home world and he could take me there for Christmas vacation.

  6. He has a really cool ride.

  7. He has a moderately cool pilot friend.

  8. A great playmate – we could do games (as long as I let him win) he could push me on a swing (as long as he doesn’t send me into Earth’s orbit).

  9. HE’S A WOOKIE.  #enoughsaid


8.  My Own Personal Bungee Fitness Center.


Watch this video – no other explanation should be needed for why I want it.


Rats – if I had this thing – I would be exercising every day for hours!  #fumes.


9.  Another Season of Garrison’s Gorillas.



My favorite TV show in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD – and it only ran for one season – it was cut down in its prime to be replaced by Mod Squad – MOD SQUAD!!!  If I could find the person who made THAT decision . . .



Why It Won’t Happen:

  1. Three of the main actors have passed away.

  2. There’s nothing good on TV anymore so Garrison’s Gorillas would never be produced.




“hugs character in gif”  I love that line of yours, Casino – I quote it all the time!  You’re the man!


 10.  Meeting All My Online Friends In A Face To Face Party.


I have been so blessed to have met two of my online friends face to face but I WANT TO MEET ALL OF YOU!

I would LIKE to attend Realm Makers next year (#herestopipedreams) – so this wish could possibly, maybe, perhaps HAVE A SLIGHT CHANCE OF COMING TRUE!



Two ladies that follow my blog (you know who you are 🙂 can testify that that gif was basically me.  😀


And that’s it!


So what impossible things do you wish for this Christmas?  Do you want to change your name to Batman?  Swim with whales?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “10 Things I Want For Xmas . . . But Probably Won’t Get

  1. Sorry, didn’t know what a Teek was. xP *is not a Star Wars person* I can still kinda relate to wanting a Wookie though. XD

    And OK… Yes… Bungee workout!!! Looks kind of fun, although I’d be scared the cord would snap.


    *sobs* And I totally relate to wanting another season of an old TV show… I’ve never seen Garrison’s Gorillas but it looks really cool! And it reminds me of the A-Team – have you ever seen that show? It’s kind of cheesy but the characters are SO. GOOD. HANNIBAL. AND FACE. And B.A. And Muuurrrdock!!!!!! That would be the TV show I would want another season of, and the GOOD seasons… Not the horrible ones after they got rid of Colonel Decker. *cries some more* The show really went downhill from there. But a remake will never happen… They’ve already tried and it looks horrible… And all of the actors are old/dead!!! Sad…

    OK – I started ranting – sorry! I’ll end this comment now. Byyyee!


    1. LOL – that’s okay. I can guarantee you – you’d enjoy the Wookie friend! 😀

      Doesn’t that look fun? Yeah – that COULD be a problem – if we lined the floor with mattresses maybe?

      I KNOW RIGHT? “sniffs” I wish…

      I’ve heard of A-Team but I’ve never watched it – but dear me – I can really relate to your emotions over a old TV show that got wonky at points and will never be really truly fixed or finished…. “sobs with you and hugs sadly”

      I understand the feeling all too well. “sighs” And i rant about this often, so no worries. 🙂

      YES WE DO!!!! <3

  2. I want another season of Gidget … and more Petticoat Junction with Kate. *weeps* (What? I can’t help meself …)

    YES. I WANT TO MEET YOU AND ALL MY INTERNET FRIENDS. Maybe someday??? I don’t know … I just know I’m super excited thinking that it might happen sometime in the distant future.

    And yes, I would like to swim with the whales. Or swim in warm water that isn’t chlorinated. (All our rivers/oceans/lakes are freezing cold!) (But I think I’d be scared for sharks …) (Because that’s a thing. *nods*)

    1. I’ve heard of those series but never watched them. Awww. “hugs” Join the club of sad viewers and loyal fans who will never see another season of their beloved shows…. 🙁

      I KNOW ME TOO!!! “crosses fingers”

      WITH WHALES? Interesting. What if you just happened to look like krill that particular day? 😀 OH MY GOODNESS – I hadn’t thought of what a rarity that would be for someone in your location. Eeeeek.

      Yeah – sharks – DEFINITELY a thing. I’ve heard people say: “Oh sharks aren’t bad – they don’t attack people.”

      These statements are always from people who had no experience with the ocean or had rarely been on a beach, of course.


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