Allison’s Well 1st Birthday Blog Party – GIVEAWAY

Last November was my blog’s one year anniversary!!  *shoots off fireworks*


However, due to NaNoWriMo and Christmas, I thought it would be better to hold off the merrymaking until January – and now, the time has come!  Get ready, starting next Monday for a weak of epic partying and lots of (hopefully) fun posts – but first A HUMONGOUS GIVEAWAY.

Like a good hobbit, I have a gift for YOU for my birthday celebration.


Do you hear free stuff calling your name?  YES, YOU DO.  But not just any free stuff – a carefully handpicked box full of goodies to commemorated Allison’s Well’s first birthday.  Twelve items – one for each month of an amazing blogging year.



Welcome to the “My Favorite Things Giveaway.



1.  Stuffed Dragon

This little guy is so irresistible, I bought one for myself (#noshame) and in honor of the occasion – I named him Blog.  He speaks with a slight lisp, practices roaring and flying daily, and loves to read.

And even if you don’t want this adorable little stuffed dragon – (“is sorry for you”)

They would make a lovely gift for a friend or little sibling!


2.  Wizard of Oz Charm Bracelet.

I have a real weakness for charm bracelets and collect them pretty avidly – the fact that this is a Wizard of Oz charm bracelet makes it even better.  The Wizard of Oz series are some of the most delightful children’s books I’ve ever read and I really admire Frank Baum’s approach to writing.  So this bracelet is a perfect marriage of two favorite things.

Again, I loved it so much I bought one for myself!  😀


3.  The Mask of Zorro Soundtrack.

I love soundtrack and THIS soundtrack.  ‘fans self’  Oh my goodness, this soundtrack is one of my all time favorites.  Zorro has always been and always will be one of my favorite heroes and even though I didn’t see this film – I love the images this soundtrack conjures up.  It’s all I can do not to hunt up a black mask and rapier and go fight evil – or at least dance the flamenco / tango. Yeah – I do try.



This music always puts a huge grin on my face and stirs the blood.

This prize combines yet two more of my favorite things – soundtracks and Latin music!

4.  Mini Umbrella.

There is just something so nice about umbrellas.  I also love the practicality of being able to carry a mini umbrella in my purse. And you have to admit, life would be a lot less cheerful without polka dots.  So voila! – a polka dot umbrella.

5.  Chocolate.

So do I really need to explain why you should be excited about this?


The winner will get their choice of milk, dark or white chocolate.  ‘waits for cheering to die down’


6.  $5 Starbucks Giftcard.

Again – do I need to explain why to get excited about this?

And if there’s an outside chance you don’t like coffee – *horrified gasp* – I’m sure someone you know will take it off your hands, right?  😀  Don’t forget – there’s all kinds of DELICIOUS non-coffee drinks at Starbucks (I can personally recommend them) as well as amazing baked goods.

7.  Teacup.


I have been collecting china for some time.  I love tea parties.  Despite how busy I can be, I try to take the time to serve myself tea in a beautiful china cup – it’s worth the extra few minutes to wash it by hand – and washing china this beautiful is no punishment.  it’s important to elevate the every day, drinking out of fine bone china makes me feel special, it reminds me to look for beauty in the ordinary things and to treasure the femininity that brightens a home.  This vintage / antique tea cup is from my collection and is fine bone English china in excellent condition!

As a note: The little rabbit and the perfume are not for sale – they’re display only.  Also, the flowers are a wee bit pinker than they appear in the photographs and there might be a few scratches on the teacup, as per typical an antique.  

8.  Scarf.

As most of you know, I am a fashionita – and there are few accessories I love them scarves – I’d sooner wear a pretty scarf then jewelry.  I am also an unapologetic lover of pink.  This creamy, fluttery scarf would be the perfect accent to an outfit.  Goodness – I wish I had bought one for myself.

9.  The Reluctant Godfather – Signed Paperback

Obviously, this is special to me because – it’s mine.  I also adore fairy tale retellings!  Obviously.  🙂

And as I continue to map out the rest of the Tales of Ambia I have discovered that this “simple little one-off that I enjoyed” has turned into a huge, interesting series that chiseled out a piece of my heart and now I am head-over-heals in love with Ambia.

10.  Journal

I collect journals – there is something so beautiful and thoughtful about the gift of a journal and this particular little diary is absolutely darling.  The perfect place for recording some thoughts!  This journal also has a lovely floral print – combining yet two more of my favorite things.

Please note:  Journal is approximately 6″ x 4 1/2″






I have a special, giveaway JUST FOR INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS.



1.  The Reluctant Godfather – EBook







2.  The Key To The Chains – EBook

Huge shout-out to Victoria Lynn Designs for this beautiful new edition!!  “squeals”




SO – are you ready to enter My Favorite Things Giveaway?  Just add your entries here and give it your best shot!

I can’t wait to ship this beautiful box to someone!








So speak to me, Citizens!  What is your favorite item in this goody box?




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21 thoughts on “Allison’s Well 1st Birthday Blog Party – GIVEAWAY

  1. *flails forever* AAAAAHHH

    First off all, THAT POST GRAPHIC. IT’S TOO CUTE. <333

    Secondly, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, ALLISON!!!! *throws confetti and gives you all the chocolate*

    Thirdly, these prizes = giveaway GOALS (especially that ADORABLE dragon… aaack, HE'S SO CUTE *flails some more*). I've only run one giveaway before, but when my next blogiversary rolls around I definitely want to try for something as epic as this! 😀

    Fourthly (is that a word?), THE NEW KEY TO THE CHAINS COVER. Aaaaah! IT'S SO PRETTY. <3

    Happy blogiversary again, Alli! *hugs* I hope your weekend is fantabulous (and filled with lots of celebratory cake and goodies *winks*)! 🙂

    1. P.S. I think I might’ve entered the international giveaway by accident! Sorry! If so, feel free to discount my entry into that. I don’t want to take any international followers’ chances away!


      Aww – thank you, Liv! AND THANK YOU!! “twirls in confetti and shares chocolate, munching happily”

      I’m so excited that you love the prizes! I was hoping they would appeal to a lot of people “beam” Wow – thank you! “heart eyes”

      ISN’T IT GORGEOUS???? “squeals” I am so, so happy with the new cover, Victoria Lynn Designs did an AMAZING job.

      “HUGS BACK” Thank you so much, Liv!! Best of luck with the giveaway and have a beautiful weekend!

      P.S. Nope – you entered the right giveaway (I double-checked) I just made a really stupid mistake in titling the giveaway and not including a separate link to the international giveaway. “face palms” It’s all fixed now!

  2. Happy 1st blog birthday Alli! Favorite thing in the goody box? How about all the pretty pink things! I lurve pretty, feminine things with flowers and stuff. <3

    Also, that new cover for Key to the Chains is so pretty! Victoria did a great job. *thumbs up* Oh, and that blue feather background you have on your author site and Facebook is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE I LOVE IT!!!!!! 😀

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Allison, and I hope you have a good weekend and a good year of blogging!

    1. THANK YOU BETH! “beams”

      Haha – oh I know – pretty, feminine PINK things – me likeee! “nods vigorously”

      Isn’t is marvelous? I am so happy with it! Aw – thank you! I am really excited about overhauling my author website and look forward to even more changes in the next month or so!

      Aw – you’re welcome! I am thrilled to host it! I hope you have a beautiful weekend too! And thank you! Best of luck to you in the giveaway!!

  3. *dances in (possibly knocking down a door, Burndee-style) bearing masses of balloons and flowers*
    *proceeds to throw them everywhere, destroying your gorgeous new blog set up*
    And many moooooooree…..

    Aren’t you proud of me, darling? I didn’t use the zoo version. XD And it all looks wonderful! OBVIOUSLY, the paperback TRG and journal are my favourites, but then I’m a paper addict. Paper obsessist, if I may go so far. ;P

    1. “crawls out from under door that Seneca knocked down and performs impressive swan dive into piles of flowers and balloons”

      Hey, watcha doing to my blog, girlie?? “shoos explosive balloons away”

      A serenade!! “applauds wildly and squeals”. Thank you, Seneca!!! Of course, I’m proud of you!! XD.

      Thank you, dearie!! “beams’. And you may indeed go so far… aren’t we all little paper obsessed minions here?? 😀

      Best of luck with the giveaway!! “blows kazoo happily in your face”.

  4. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!!! *shoots fireworks and throws glitter*

    OH MY WORD. THESE PRIZES!!! :O *all the heart eyes* WOOOOW! We seriously share a brain because this is like ALL the stuff I love. DRAGONS, TEACUPS, JOURNALS, PINK THINGS. YESSSS. (You know pink is my favorite color! :D) But I think my favorite thing on here is the signed paperback copy of The Reluctant Godfather! <333 You are just the nicest thing to do this amazing giveaway!

    Happy Blogoversary again! Here's to many more delightful Alli posts! 😀

    1. ‘BEAMS, RUNS IN CIRCLES, GIGGLES” You are so sweet!!

      HEHE – It DOES look like a Christine giveaway – seriously we are so similar – done to our tastes in gifts and our adoration of pink! “high fives” Aww – thank you! “smiles”

      But I LOVE doing giveaways and giving presents – it’s no effort to me at all – the hardest part is reining myself in – haha! I’m bouncing off the walls till I announce the winner! “drums fingers” Best of luck to you, sweet girl! <3


  5. I entered!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *dances with excitement*

    I think my favorite entry is definitely the signed copy of “The Reluctant Godfather.” I WANT. *nods vigorously*

    Thank you so much for doing this, Alli!! 😀

    1. YAAY!!!! I’m so glad you entered, Jess!!

      Aw, thanks! XD

      I am so happy to do it! Best of luck with the giveaway! “hugs”

  6. Wow! Allison! This is a huge giveaway! I made an update on Goodreads about the giveaway, so I hope more people come!

    I think my favorite thing is the scarf! It looks very pretty! I’m happy to meet someone else who like scarves and wears them. I don’t know very many people who do wear scarves (probably because I live in a hot place). 🙂

    1. “GRINS” I couldn’t help it. ‘rubs hands together’ I went nuts and have a fun time doing it! “smiles”

      Aw thanks!

      Isn’t it so pretty? It’s so thin and floaty. That’s awesome! I don’t see a lot of people wearing pretty scarves either – they’re one of my favorite accessories, for sure.

  7. Congrats on the anniversary! I read somewhere that the majority of people who start blogs only keep them up for 3 months, so good for you!

    And wow, what a cool giveaway. One of my daughters had a green dragon just like that blue one! So cute. I think my own favorite prize is the journal… or the Starbucks card. I go to Starbucks every week or so to get a couple solid hours of writing in, so that would be a very useful thing for me.

    But I wanted to also say that I LOVE the Mask of Zorro soundtrack. One of my favorites, and has been since the movie came out. But I already have a copy, so wouldn’t want it as a prize 🙂

    (PS Hoping this goes thru cuz the last time I tried to comment on your blog, it kept kicking me out. So weird.)

    1. HUH. This comment went thru. But every time I try to comment on your Williamsburg post about Merchant’s Square, it times out. Weird. Well… just know that I love the shops there too, I guess we’ll leave it at that.

      1. Oh dear, I’m so sorry Hamlette! I’m not sure why my blog is doing that to you. *kicks blog*

        I remember at one point, another follower was having trouble with commenting and I don’t think they are anymore so…. *sighs* Sorry about that!

        How wonderful! Merchants Square is a delightful place – like the rest of Williamsburg!

    2. Thank you, Rachel! I love blogging so much. It’s been a tremendously good year and I look forward to more!

      Thanks! I am super excited about this giveaway! Awww, really? Then if you won – your daughters dragon could have a twin brother / sister. 😛

      The journal is so pretty and YES the Starbucks gift card is definitely useful. “grins” One of these days, I will write in a coffee shop – that sounds smashing!

      OH WOW, HIGH FIVE! The Mask of Zorro is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time – it’s so wonderful. I have a copy too. 😀

      I’m sorry at the commenting issue. “shakes fist at blog”

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