Allison’s Well 1st Birthday – Blog Party: A Prayer For My Followers

Allison’s Well has never been just about me – it’s been about you, and what I have to share with you.  The best that I can give you, is prayer – and I would like to pray for you, right now.



Dear Lord, today – I come to lift up my followers to you – and to thank you for them.


I know many of the people following this blog – and they have been an incredible blessing in my life.  Thank you for all that they have taught me – thank you for the beautiful friendships that they have brought.  It has been a gift to know them and I thank you for them from the bottom of my heart.


And now – I lift every one of them up to You in prayer.


For all those that are hurting – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – I ask that You would bind them up, touch then with Your power and Your love and quiet them and comfort them.


For all those that are grieving, I ask that You would give them a crown of beauty.  That You would wipe away the tears and the ashes and fill them with life.


For all those struggling with illness, I ask Lord that You would speak to them, turn to them, rush to their aid, rush to their comfort.  Be their shield, their portion, their anchor.  I ask that You would rebuke the storm of grief, pain, sorrow and frustration that rides in the shadow of illness –that they would be full of Your grace and full of Your healing and that You would work mightily through everything that comes against them.


For all those that are fighting with You and against You, I ask that you would help them, woo them to You.  May they lay down their arms and be released from the prison of resisting You, and step into the glorious peace of surrendering to You.


For all those that are angry, may You take away that anger and replace it with love.


For all those that are frustrated, may You take away that frustration and replace it with peace.


For all of those that are anxious, may You fill them with certainty—that You are our Protector, our Sovereign Lord, and that we rest in the palm of Your hand.  You move all things according to your pleasure, and Your pleasure is good and can be trusted.  May You give them a spirit of trust.


For those that are frightened, I thank you Lord that You did not give them a Spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  I ask Lord that You would protect them by your power, fill them with Your love and speak to their minds that they might receive the strength that you promise.


For those that struggle with legalism, I ask Lord that You release them – that the powerlessness and joylessness of legalism would be stripped away and You would open their eyes to the might and freedom and power of living in Your grace.


For all those that could take living in Your grace lightly – I ask Holy Spirit that you would whisper to them and that they would listen.  I ask that they would not exercise your freedom without restraint, but look to You and ask You about all things; that while living in your grace, they would never forget to be set apart.  May they look to You to guide and direct every step and every decision that they make.


For all those that are struggling with guilt.  I ask Lord that You would assure them that nothing, neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Jesus Christ died for ALL sins – there are no half measures.  He is our High Priest that brings us whole into the throne room of God and presents us as holy because of His shed blood.  The curtain has been torn down and Christ’s temple has been placed in us.  We are clean and renewed daily by the power of Jesus Christ and we can rest in perfect peace in that knowledge.


For all those that are in need, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – I ask that You will provide for them according to Your will – that You would shower Your riches upon them – and remind us that Your ways are better than our ways.  May You provide us with exactly what we need, above what we want.  But Lord – You see all the desires of everyone here.  I ask Lord – if it be Your will – that You will grant the readers of this post the desires of their heart and bless them in ways they couldn’t even begin to guess or begin to ask for.



There is so much I have not prayed, so many needs that have not been touched upon – but Lord, you know every single person that follows this blog.  You know them far better than I do.  You see them right now and know exactly where they are, what they need, what is going on.  I ask Holy Spirit that YOU would pray for them as the Bible tells us You do (Romans 8:26-27) – that You would intervene for them and keep them as the apple of Your eye.  May You draw them ever closer and reveal Yourself to them in a mighty way.



I thank you Father that You have heard my prayer.  I thank you that You love my readers with a love that we cannot even begin to fathom.


And Lord for myself – please use me and this blog to bless and refresh, to bring laughter to those that read it.  May I always faithfully testify the great and wonderful things You have done for me.  May I always share the love I have for You and the love You have for me.  Grant me wisdom and grace and may I never lead a reader astray by my words.  I ask that You will fill in the gaps of my human failings – and use what I give for good because only You are able to do such a thing.



You know we are needy – You know I am needy – we need You – We need You for every breath and for every step.  Please come quickly to us, reveal Yourself to us, keep Your hand upon us and under us.  May we always run after You.


I ask these things by the Grace of God, through the power of His Spirit and in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ.



Dear Friends and Followers…

“I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”  Ephesians 1:16


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16 thoughts on “Allison’s Well 1st Birthday – Blog Party: A Prayer For My Followers

    1. I have been so blessed by the people that follow this blog, it’s a blessing to pray! Thank you SO much for your prayers!! God bless!

    1. Thank you so much, Mr. Schonblom! I am so glad to pray for those that have come across my path. God bless you!

  1. ALLI!!! This is the most beautiful, uplifting thing! You DO use this blog to bless others and point to Him. I always feel happier and encouraged after reading your posts. You are a treasure! <33333

    1. Awww – Christineeeee!! <3 THANK YOU. All your comments always just make my day, you always say the kindest, most beautiful and uplifting things!! "hugs" That makes me SO HAPPY!!! What a blessing!! And what a blessing you are! <3

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