Allison’s Well’s 1st Birthday – Blog Party: Since I Started A Blog

It’s time to look back at the things that have happened since I started Allison’s Well!  It’s been some ride – and just a few of the pit stops are below!


Started a blog (obviously).  I actually built the first blog myself – *cue disaster music*   It was ugly, but I am astonished now that I even had the guts to try it.


Self-published twice on Amazon.


Promoted and marketed my work.


Discovered I could write short stories.  Who knew!


Not only returned to my writing roots by writing a fairy tale, but launched a whole series of fairy tale retellings.


Was traditionally published in a mainstream magazine.


Wrote over a 100 blog posts and honed my non-fiction writing.


Met dozens of amazing, incredible friends.


Connected with people from all over the world.


Submitted my art portfolio to an author.  (she said “no” but hey, getting asked was cool).


Launched my illustrator website.


Launched an author website.


Got through an enormous learning curve, technically speaking.  My first blogs and websites were pretty bad, but I DID IT.  And I usually don’t give myself credit to be technical enough to use a calculator.  So this was HUGE.


Launched a Zazzle store.


Started a Youtube Channel. 


Joined social media – Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.  Believe me, this was huge – very intimidating and just a big change “plugging in.”


Met two amazing, beautiful online friends face to face.  You know who you are!  “tackle hugs”


Really started getting on track with the writing and started rethinking how I want to approach tradition publishing.





I sometimes get frustrated and impatient – feeling like I haven’t accomplished much in this past year.  There’s still more I feel like I could have done – but looking back on this list, I see that I have been quite busy and successful.

God has blessed me with an amazing, fruitful year, incredible friends and open doors.


And I am truly grateful.



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