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March In A Nutshell

 – Premise – Greetings, my lovely citizens! I wasn’t feeling well for most of the month and then I got a cold . . .  Consequently, I didn’t get nearly as much done this month as I would have liked.     But we shall at least endeavor to gather the few scraps of news.  Onto the nutshell!    –…

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The Spamalot Edition

    I don’t know about you, but I get a TON of spam email on my blog.  Fortunately, my blog is built to withstand the invading hordes, but I’m forever beating off legions of these wretched little spammers, because I tell you, they fight in groups.   While deleting spam after spam – I decided to have a little…

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February In A Nutshell

 Yeah, that’s a completely random picture of a pear blossom on the header because I didn’t really have a feature image for this post because nothing really happened in February.     But, it’s still relevant, because our pear tree DID bloom – poor thing.  We had some unusually warm days and it tricked the blossoms into coming out.  It’s…

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