February In A Nutshell

 Yeah, that’s a completely random picture of a pear blossom on the header because I didn’t really have a feature image for this post because nothing really happened in February.



But, it’s still relevant, because our pear tree DID bloom – poor thing.  We had some unusually warm days and it tricked the blossoms into coming out.  It’s getting cool again so they might not make it.

ANYWAY – onto the small recap.  *coughs and looks away from embarrassingly small nutshell*


– Writing –


I finished another piece of flash fiction.

Annnnnd –

I finally finished the first draft of The Goose Girl!



I am so excited to have finished and to chronicled another chapter in Ambia.  While I built up a lot of momentum finishing The Goose Girl’s first draft, I have been experiencing a curious first draft hangover and am struggling to peel myself off the wall after charging towards the window marked: “Finishing Line.”  It’s been a bit difficult getting into writing the last week, but I’m forcing myself to forge ahead!


– Rewrites –


Because I am relatively new to actually publishing my stories – rewrites are a strange and sharp-toothed creature to me.  Since I never actually had to publish anything, for years I was used to largely producing first drafts and that was that.  Polishing was never really an issue.  Suddenly, I have to do rewrites!  #WHATWHY



The path ahead of me has developed two forks in the trail.  I either learn to like rewrites, or I learn to outline more thoroughly.  I have a feeling I’ll be straddling the trails for a bit.  Which is slightly awkward, but hey, as long as I get ‘er done and learn something in the process.


– Writing News –


Guess what?  I am prepping The Reluctant Godfather to be sent to a professional proof reader.



As I start investing more and more time in The Tales of Ambia and realizing just how big a series I am building, I am realizing just how committed I am to making it quality. While I know the bulk of the typos or things of that nature were caught by my beta-readers, I just (perhaps obsessively) want to keep the bar as high as I can.  I am willing to sink a little money into it to make the end product as professional as possible.


One last bit of news – I am revising The Reluctant Godfather just a smidge becauseeeee . . .



Did you know the Tales of Ambia actually has some steampunk elements?   Don’t worry, the story won’t change, I’m just inserting a few teensy, tiny world-building descriptions – some Easter Eggs for the new edition.  Steam power is new to Ambia and will very gradually take more precedence in the country as the series progresses.  But since it does figure a little more heavily in some later books (especially The Princess and the Pea) it is necessary to introduce it earlier – especially since most of you are probably rather shocked.  Sorrrrry!!  Thank you for sticking with me, my dear readers!

 – Rejection –


I finally heard back from some editors and I FINALLY all caught up with my rejections!  It’s nice to have everything rejected at once and not (currently) have any more hanging over my head.



Seriously, the waiting around for a response is bad, so at least I’m not waiting anymore.  I am prepping my next piece for submission as we speak.  It’s a good experience that I would recommend for ALL writers.



 – The Olympics –


Yep, they happened.

While I used to enjoy the Olympics, I can’t say I enjoyed it much this year.  Between the political posturing, messed up athletes and commentators, unfair judging, increased commercials and the fact that Bob Costas is no longer hosting (the man who is DEFINED the Olympics for me) . . . I was pretty –



The Olympics has always caused a curious phenomena of taking over your life.  I didn’t even watch as much of the Olympics this year, but it still seemed to take over my days somehow.  The one event I wanted to see would take place in the day time, causing me to arrange my schedule and be subsequently to late and too tired at night to finish necessary tasks. Or, the commentators would promise an event would be shown in a three hour time slot and I would hang around for those three hours only to see three minutes of footage, or to have them push off the event to the next day.


So – yep.  Glad that’s over with!



Plus, it will be so nice to actually return to STORIES.  For two weeks, we were *entertained* but in the most superficial way.  I need my stories from movies and books again.


– Purging –

(i.e. sorting through junk and getting rid of it)


That’s a word that might strike fear into many people’s hearts and it has done that for a while for me – but not lately, and it’s been wonderful.

Everyone in our house has been seized by a “get rid of it” attitude and there has been a house-wide domino effect of cleaning, sorting and nixing.

Hey, yeah, I know it sounds lame to say I spent a chunk of February sorting through stuff – but it takes more time than you’d think.



One of my major projects has been sorting through my 600 plus book collection.  We attending several library sales a year and I binge-shop at these events, snagging anything that catches my eye.  Consequently, my bookshelves were full of books I hadn’t read yet and even books that I was indifferent to.  After clearing off a shelf just for this purpose, my TBR is being focused solely on the books I actually own.  I’ve already gotten rid of over 60 books and it’s going to feel marvelous to know that I’ve actually read everything on my bookshelves and that what I own are books I really want to have surrounding me.


– Reading –


I reached 38 books read in my goal of 150 book challenge.  This is not good pardners.  I feel like Ian Malcolm being chased by a T-Rex.



– New Website Design –


I’ve been coordinating with my amazing and fantastic friend Sarah Grace and she has designed a beeeautiful new author website for me!  And psst, don’t worry, the newsletter thing will work itself out, I promise!


– First Ice Cream Of The Year –


Obviously, this is an important update.


Image courtesy of Google images


I ask you, could anything be better than caffeinated ice cream?




And that is that!

How about you, my readers?  How was your February and what happened?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!




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8 thoughts on “February In A Nutshell

  1. I love all your nutshell posts, Allison! Just gotta say!

    Congratulations again on finishing the draft! I’m cheering you on in your rewrites! And your new site is gorgeous!!

    1. Aww – really? Thank you, Mary!

      Eek – thank you! I’m trying to push ahead on that.

      Sarah Grace did a lovely job – I’m so happy with it!

  2. Fun post,Allison!

    Lemme just say…purging is the best!!! I’m currently in the middle of getting rid of excess stuff too, and it’s soooo satisfying.

    1. Thank you, Tirzah! By the way, I think your name is absolutely gorgeous!

      You know it actually IS? And I never thought I would say that – ha! But it does actually take a weight of one’s mind – it makes you feel lighter! “nods”

  3. Your wrap-up posts are so fun! And you’re seriously the gif queen!

    CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE GOOSE GIRL!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! That’s so exciting! *throws confetti* But I toootally feel you on rewrites. That’s what I’m working on right now and it’s so time-consuming. o.o I, too, have always just produced first drafts and never really got to rewrites or major edits. :-/ So shameful! But if I want to try and get my stories published, well, THEY GOTTA BE EDITED. So yeah, I’m working on that. Honestly, I’m kinda enjoying it, but it definitely comes with some headaches!

    Okay but I’m SUPER excited about your Reluctant Godfather news! I looooooove steampunk, so adding a bit more of that in there is A-OK with me! 😀 I’m so excited about all the future Ambia things!

    You have the BEST attitude about rejections. You are an inspiration! I’ll be sending my story out eventually too (ya know, once I survive these rewrites), and it’s TERRIFYING, but you inspire me to push on. ^_^

    I do hope you have the absolute BEST March! Let’s make it a good month, shall we? 😀

    1. Aww – thank you, Christine! <3 Hehe, I'm glad you think so. "bows and grins"

      "squeaks" Thank you!! "dances in confetti"

      Okay, I'm not alone! :/ I was reading some of your posts and your rewrites and I know exactly what you mean. Editing is necessary, but - ohhhh dear! Wouldn't it be nice if we had magic wands that would just produce a perfect first draft? Oh well!

      YIPPPEE! I'm glad you are excited about some of the new elements! I love steampunk too - and my growing love is working itself in a smidge to most of my drafts!

      LOL - thanks, Christine! I'm actually going to work on a blog post about rejections (since I've been getting them a lot!) and I hope it helps. It's not easy, but it's a good thing and a necessary thing. Wishing and praying ALLL the best for you as you start querying and for open doors and fierce determination even if they aren't opened right away! "hugs"

      Thank you, sweet girl! I hope you have an amazing stupendous March too. YES, LET'S DO THIS. Rewrites - be afraid, be very afraid! 😀

  4. I knew you could finish that first draft! Go you! *insert high-five gif of your choice here*

    Oooh a new edition of TRG? I am suddenly glad I don’t have a physical copy yet because now I want the shiny new edition! Let me know when it comes out and I’ll promptly break my book-buying-ban for it. 😉 Also, I agree that keeping a high standard of quality as an indie author is important, so definitely money put to good use, there. Hoping you have a good March, Alli. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Beth!!!! <3 Haha! I just mentally inserted a high-five gif of my choice. 😀

      Awww - thank you, Beth. I'm glad you didn't too and can wait for the shiny new edition!

      Yes, I think that's SO important, and it's a shame that indie authors can sometimes use convenience as an excuse for sloppiness - I definitely don't want to do that!

      I hope you have an awesome March too, Beth! <3

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