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March In A Nutshell

 – Premise –

Greetings, my lovely citizens!

I wasn’t feeling well for most of the month and then I got a cold . . .  Consequently, I didn’t get nearly as much done this month as I would have liked.



But we shall at least endeavor to gather the few scraps of news.  Onto the nutshell!


 – The Mousetrap –



The Cumberland County Playhouse is a really fun venue that we try to attend now and then, and typically their productions are very good, but I have to admit, I was disappointed with The Mouse Trap.

There was nothing really intriguing about it.  Essentially, it was a lot of people wandered around on stage talking about nothing and hinting at rather unpleasant pasts.  It was rather dull, definitely downbeat / morbid, and peppered with some inappropriate moments that make me say . . . I wouldn’t recommend it.

 – Reading –

I’ve reached 46 books on this year’s challenge of 150 books.  So while I am closing on being a third of the way done – I ALSO ONLY READ / FINISHED 8 BOOKS IN MARCH?????




On a nice note, the first reading quarter of the year is over and I will have a post with my favorite reads of 2018 up shortly!


 – Writing –

I hardly got any writing done at all this month.  Partly due to the fact I wasn’t feeling well, partly because of lack of focus, and partly because I was distracted by editing / rewrites and partly because I just didn’t.

However, I did a decent bit of rewriting as well as planning, and I’ve got some upcoming projects and ideas that I’m really excited about.  *hoping they will happen*

AND – there is one piece of exciting writing news –

I GOT PUBLISHED AGAIN!!!!  *screams*  I AM SO HAPPY.  I have been trying to get another piece of flash fiction published since last October/November of last year and it finally happened!!!


I was literally doing the dance moves below when I opened my inbox and saw the email.



Ironically, it came just at the point where I was going to give up on this particular magazine – Splickety.  I had approximately eight pieces of flash fiction turned down by Splickety and I was starting to think I’d just let it go.

I was actually about to temporarily set aside my pursuit of getting published in magazines for a while (I was definitely going to set aside Splickety for a while) but now I’m being lured in again and rethinking all my previous plans.  








So yeah, lots of reevaluating and new plans.  As usual!

 – Re-Writes –

Thank you to my very talented alpha reader (my twin) who is patient enough to keep providing me with great feedback!  I am still immersed in rewriting The Goose Girl.  I’m focusing on not getting frustrated, but there are moments when I feel like I’ll be rewriting this thing for forever and I just want to be DONE.



The inward dialogue looks something like this:

Voice 1:  I don’t like rewrites.  I want to be finished.  Will this ever be over?


Voice 1:  I can’t do this!  I don’t know what I’m doing.  This is terrible!

Voice 2:  Just wait till you have to rewrite one of your 200,000 word length novels a gazillion times!


And then somewhere at this point I step in and tell them both to be quiet and attempt to simply forge ahead.  It must be done!!!


 – Editing –

As I mention on a previous post, I am determined to submit The Reluctant Godfather to a professional proof reader / copy editor to have it polished up to perfection for the second edition.

And I finally did.  After procrastinating and getting really nervous, I finally bit the bullet and contacted six different editors for sample edits.  I should have started earlier in the month that way I could have been proceeding with the edits by now but, hey, at least I did it!

Four proof readers got back to me, and after carefully considering their sample edits, I have almost selected a proof reader and I am about to send my book off to be polished.

While I am sinking a bit of money into this, I am committed to making The Tales of Ambia a tip-top, professional product.  Indie publishing is not an excuse for a sloppy product – we should strive to be just as professional as traditionally published authors!

 – Beta Reading –

My Goose Girl retelling is in the hands of my beta readers as we speak.


– Bits & Pieces –

More snippets of cleaning and purging.  It feels so good to get rid of stuff, guys.  It’s freeing to go through piles of stuff (and piles of books I didn’t really want) and just let it go.



Let’s see . . . .

At one point in March, cake was involved.


Milky Way Cake. Yes, I said Milk Way, as in the candy bar.


I also added that fancy, scrolled, divider thingy to this most recent blog post.  Surprise!!   #awkwardgrin  Tell me what you think!  Keep it or nix it?





And that’s all for March – except that I finally made a gif for my signature quote / sign off for my nutshell posts.



So what about you, my dear readers?  What was your March like and what happened?  I’d love to hear all the juicy details!




2 thoughts on “March In A Nutshell

  1. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well for most of the month! That’s awful. 🙁 But it looks to me like you DID still get a lot done!

    YOU’RE GETTING PUBLISHED IN SPLICKETY? AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s a magazine I’d like to try my hand at as well. I’m so proud of you for sticking to it! EEP. I’m so excited for you!

    I’m doing rewrites as well and WHEW. It’s a lot of work. o.o BUT YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS! You’re always so persistent and dedicated with your writing. I know you’re going to ROCK these rewrites! *sends motivational cookies*
    And speaking of you being dedicated to your writing, that is so awe-inspiring you’re hiring a professional editor for The Reluctant Godfather. I’m so proud of you!

    I was just thinking how pretty our little scroll dividers were before I even saw you mention them. I LOVE ‘EM! I think things like that can really add to a post, and these you have are GORGEOUS!

    Happy Easter, dear Alli! I hope you’re having a lovely day. And here’s to an epic April! *raises laptop and charges*

    1. Christine – hi!!

      Thank you! *squeezes* It was rough for a while – but by God’s grace I have been feeling considerably more relief the last week of March and I am SO grateful for His blessing! I’ve been feeling good the last few days!!

      YES, I AM! I was starting to feel like the first time was as fluke – LOL – I’m so grateful to have been published again! Yes, do go for it!!! *waves pompoms* AWWW, THANK YOU SWEET, CHRISTINE!

      YES, I’VE BEEN CHEERING OVER YOU BLOG POSTS and I am so happy you are enjoying the rewrites!! Tell me your secrets! XD AWW – thank you! But in my corner – it seems like YOU are the one who is so persisted and dedicated and you are an inspiration!! EEE – THANK YOU! *shares cookies*

      Thank you! I’m going to make the decision tonight – *gulps* – and I’m so glad to be making that step!

      HAha – THANKS! Actually your beautiful new leaf dividers inspired me to try something like that – thanks for the inspiration! It does seem to add some texture and order to it!

      Happy Easter, sweet Christine! Thank you!! <3 I hope you are have a blessed and beautiful day too! YES - ONTO APRIL! *raises laptop and charges after you* <3 😀

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