The Get To Know Me Tag / Writers Edition


So I semi-stole this tag from Mary at Sunshine and Scribblings.  She tagged anyone who was wearing socks and wanted to do this tag.  I’m not wearing socks, but I DO want to do this tag, so let’s just call it legit, shall we?


Be warned – I got really, really giphy in this post.

:: The Rules ::

// link back to the person who created the tag (done deal)

// thank the person who tagged you (Thanks, Mary for letting me cheat!)

// share the tag graphic (Ignore this rule – I did and I give you permission to do the same)

 // tag eleven bloggers (This rule is open to interpretation)


:: Vital Stats And Appearance ::



Allison Tebo.  Are you SURPRISED?



Alli.  Al.  Grease Monkey.  Twiddle Pie.  Jungle Girl.  Hummer.  Miss Fashion.  Miss Hollywood. Little Ewok.  Flaubert.  Pumpkin Pudding Cup.  Chum-Chum.  Gif Master.  Gif Queen.

I’m one of those people that just produce nicknames. But just so you know – the only ones you are allowed to use is Alli, Al, or Gif Master/Queen.  Only my brother gets away with calling me Pumpkin Pudding Cup, okay?  I’m serious now.







That’s classified information, my friends.



Hair color and length:  

It’s a sort of coppery-gold brown?  A smidge past my chin.


Eye color:  

I have cat’s eyes.  Green with a ring of gold around the iris.



1. Got em and don’t miss ’em.  2. NO WAY.  *clutches ears and winces*  3.  NOT IN THIS LIFETIME.


You get virtual cookies if you recognize this movie ^^^ and call it out!


Righty or lefty: 






And that’s good enough for me!

But I assume you want more.

Let’s see – I’ve got some Irish (doesn’t everyone?) plus German, French (hence the last name), English….




:: FIRSTS ::


First novel written: 

Well now, let’s see.  *strains brain to remember*  I believe the first novel I completed was a monstronsity called The Four Warriors.  You guessed it, it was about four warriors (four twelve year olds, to be exact), two boys and two girls.  Some evil pirate king was attacking their country and they had to embark on a perilous quest to retrieve four swords.  For some reason, these swords were the key to defeating the pirate king and after a hair-raising battle with an eel / snake sword guardian that was the length of the Empire State Building, they discovered the swords in an old quarry.  The Four Warriors then returned to the castle location and called on their allies to defeat the nasty pirate king and rescue their families.  It was very ala Redwall and it did include talking animals.  



First novel completed: 

Same as above, I believe.



Award for writing: 

Er . . . my writing group (The Second Inklings Club) held a vote to determine which of my novels they were most anticipating . . . and I don’t even remember which one they nominated now.  So . . . does that count?



First publication: 

The Reluctant Godfather!




Sadly none.  I’d like to try for one next year, but that’s a long way off – things change.  We shall see!



Eh – none.  But that’s the top thing I want to do when I attend a writers conference.  Will I be nervous?  Mmm . . . yeah.  But I work in sales and I do dozens of nerve-wracking pitches to people every single day.  I’ve got some good pitching under my belt already, so I think I’d be fairly well prepared.





Novel (that you wrote): 

Hmmm – I like a lot of my novels – if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t be writing them now, would I?  😛



I’m going to cheat – I haven’t actually FINISHED them yet, but I’m going to say my Peter Pan retelling and Sci Fi Baby.  One day you SHALL read these; NOTHING shall stop me from finishing them one day!




Hmmm – I can like any genre if it’s well done – except for romance and horror (I think horror could basically be another word for the romance genre)



I’m such a naughty.  😉

If I had to pick absolute top favorite genres – I would say science fiction and fantasy (as well as their various sub genres, such as steampunk and fairy tale retellings).




SOME of my favorites include C.S. Lewis, Constance Savery, Rosemary Sutcliff. Louisa May Alcott, Herge, Laura Ingalls Wilder, M.I McAllister. Jan Karon, Linda Sue Park, Dorothy Gilman, Sid Fleischman, Mary Stewart, Jeanne Birdsall, Elizabeth Enright . . .

Writing music: 

Hmm – often I just turn on random soundtracks to help distract me from overthinking.  Some soundtracks I’ve been playing recently are Rogue One, Prince Caspian and The Magnificent Seven, to name a few.  Usually I try to match more of the mood I’m writing in, and all these soundtracks have an intense vibe that does the trick.


Time to write: 

Afternoon, between three and five  – though that’s largely because I’ve trained myself to write at that time.  Depending on my schedule (which changes) I’ve learned to re-train myself about when my mind starts getting ready to write.



Writing snack/drink: 

I always have water on hand – and usually it’s a can of La Croix Sparkling Water.



Sometimes I’ll have a bit of popcorn or ice cream or chocolate (so healthy).



And I’m not too concerned about getting crumbs on everything . . . my poor laptop.





I’m . . . trying to figure out how this question correlates to the previous question….

Buuut I’m not picky.  I shall create my own reason!

Let’s assume you are asking what movies inspire me in my writing.

Bad movies inspire me far more than good movies.  Flawless movies are something I hold up to admire; to remind me of the excellence I aim for in my writing.

SO – movies that inspire me to write are actually bad(ish) movies – films that got close to being good, but missed it.  This is when my imagination explodes (as well as my frustration levels) and I start fixing it in my mind, creating a launch pad that sends one idea after another rocketing into my mental space.

And now!  To answer the question (you’ve been so patient, thank you) . . .  a bad-ish movie that inspires me to write IS –

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

*mic drop*



Writing memory: 

I suppose I’ll always remember my first NaNoWriMo.  The night I realized that The Reluctant Godfather had turned into The Tales of Ambia.  Holding my proof copy of The Reluctant Godfather in my hands.  So many good memories!

Childhood book:

Childhood.  Do you mean picture book or middle grade or YA?  And I assume you meant actual children’s books and not adult books I read while I was a kid.

Hmm.  I’ll try to answer all three with the first favorites that came to mind.


Picture Book:  6 years old-ish

Middle Grade:  10 years old-ish.  #dontjudge

YA:  13 to 16 years old-ish






I’m currently reading . . . too many at one time.



I’ll just pick one off my burgeoning currently reading list . . . Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by C.S. Forester.




For Camp NaNo, I’m working on how many short stories I can write in one month, polishing and rewriting a New Exciting Project, and a smidge of work on Little Red Riding Hood.

I’m also doing some rewriting and resolving of beta reading comments of The Goose Girl on the side.



Listening to: 

If you mean literally as I write this post, I’m listening to –



I’m singing to myself, if that counts.  Snowflower by Hayley Westenra.  And here’s the link – because if you haven’t listened to it, you should.



I just re-watched the animated Tarzan and . . . . EEEEEEEEE! There’s a reason that was a childhood favorite because it is a GEM.  Seriously, K.M. Weiland could hold it up for a thorough scrutiny for structure, plotting, characterization and theme.  THAT MOVIE IS SOOOOO GOOOOOOD.



That pacing myself is okay.   If it gets done, it gets done.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  If it’s meant to happen, it will happen in God’s perfect timing exactly when it’s supposed to.

:: FUTURE ::


Want to be published:  

I already did – yippee!!  I have independently published a novella and a short story (The Reluctant Godfather and Key To The Chains, respectively) and I have also been traditionally published twice in a magazine.

Indie or traditional:

Hybrid.  After a lot of thought and research, I believe it’s really the best way to go.  I’ve made a goal to have one of my novels traditionally published in the next four years (or at least have it on it’s way to being published) just to ensure that I get a move on with moving towards that process.  For the next few years I’ll be independently published more books as well as submitting fiction to magazines as I pursue traditional publishing for a novel and make the dream a reality.



Wildest goal: 

I would love to be a best-selling author that travels for half the year and the other half of the year run a charming little book store.  And yes, I’m thinking like The Shop Around The Corner from You’ve Got Mail.



Mary wanted to have a bookstore too.  Maybe we can pool our resources, eh, Mary?  🙂

And that sums up this post!  If you want to do this tag – consider thyself tagged!



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18 thoughts on “The Get To Know Me Tag / Writers Edition

  1. Ahh, love this post! You like Elizabeth Enright????? I love her….but I’ve always felt she’s so under rated 🙁

    And is that Ioan Gruffudd in that one gif? Under currently reading? *sqeuals* *fangirls really really hard* (*whispers* AMAZING GRAAAAAACE….)

    1. Thank you, Faith!!

      No, I LOVE Elizabeth Enright!! *happily hugs fellow fan* She IS underarrated – she was such an amazing author. Though I have to say, I wasn’t much of a fan of Thimble Summer (possibly her most famous book), but I adore Gone Away Lake and the sequel as well as all the Melendy Children books!

      Haha – yes it is. XD Ioan Gruffudd played Horatio Hornblower in a really marvelous mini series adaption. Amazing Grace is a fantastic movie; a favorite of mine!!

  2. That GIF reference! It’s Tintin! I haven’t watched the movie, but I’d know Captain Haddock anywhere. 😉

    Wait. Did I just get a movie reference? This is a first! XD

    Anyway, I actually don’t have Irish in me. But I do have (a lot of) German, some Swiss, a little bit of French, and of course English. But of course you have Irish in you, since you have green eyes. Does that make sense? 😛


    1. YOU WIN VIRTUAL COOKIES, HANNA!! Haha! *fan hug* Captain Haddock is recognizable anywhere, YES!!

      You did! 😀

      HEHE – my mistake. I suppose I meant to say – a lot of Americans have Irish heritage. 🙂 Swiss – cool! And you and I share German and English blood as well!

  3. I’m so glad you stole this tag! It was so much fun getting a closer look at your writing life! And oh my goodness, this may be your best gif-set yet. I’m just sitting here cackling to myself. XDDD Is that one gif from The Adventures of Tintin? Do I get virtual cookies now? *grins* (Although I may be completely off…)

    “I think horror could basically be another word for the romance genre.” <–DEAD DEAD DEEEAD. AND THAT GIF. OH MY WORD I CAN'T BREATHE. It's so accurate though! XD

    I am SO with you about being inspired by badly written movies. So very many of my story ideas are because of awful storytelling or, like you, stories that had ALL the potential but fell so flat, that I just have to FIX. We writers really do get inspiration from errrrywhere.

    Um. I am so in love with this bookshop idea, and you and Mary should TOTALLY join up and make one together. Can you imagine? I NEED DIS.

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I'm so very excited about all your amazing writerly plans! ^_^

    1. Aww – thank you, Christine! <3 *bounces happily* I'm so glad you enjoyed it - HAHAHA. Why, thank you. *GRINS* I love making people laugh. YOU GOT IT! It's the Adventure of Tintin - YOU WIN VIRTUAL COOKIES!! *showers you with your favorite kind of cookie*

      HAHAHAHA!!!! Quite a few of the gifs in this post I made myself - that's guy's horse laugh... *cracks up* I KNOW!! I feel that it is VERY accurate! *still laughing*

      High five!! Yes, precisely!! It's that writer's brain trying to salvage all that potential and just FIX IT.

      I am in love with the bookshop idea too! Wouldn't THAT be lovely???

      Awww! *hugs* Thank you for reading it! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! <3

  4. *raises hand excitedly* I KNOW WHAT THAT MOVIE IS! The Adventures of Tin-tin that came in 2011 (because, yes, I went to the theaters and saw it and loved it and still quote “Barnacles!” to this day XD) Great tag, Alli! <3 OOH I want to open a bookstore too. *grins*

    *gasps* You didn't like The Force Awakens?! Well, I really didn't like The Last Jedi. Almost at all. And I could totally go on a ramble about everything I didn't like… I liked TFA waaaay better. XD I've had braces too! I actually just got them off like a month ago. #issohappy 😀 THE PRINCE CASPIAN SOUNDTRACK. So good.

    Hugs, m'dearie! <333

    1. MICAIAH!!! *tackle hugs* I’ve missed talking to you!

      Way to go!! *pelts you with virtual cookies* And high five! My family saw that in theaters in 2011 around Christmas time and adored it so much we went back to see it a second time! BARNACLES. LOL! I loved all his salty phrases!!

      Hey, maybe we could be a trio with that bookstore, Micaiah – and split the overhead three ways!

      I actually thought TFA had a LOT of potential and I really liked parts of it – but I felt the plotting / characterization / pacing was a bit of a mess. It was the fact that it was close – but not there that makes me want to fix it. HAHA – right there with you on The Last Jedi.

      CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING YOUR BRACES OFF. i remember that blessed day of relief!

      I loooove that soundtrack – it’s beautiful and so rich!

      Hugs back, my dearie!

  5. You mention Mr. Midshipman Hornblower. I hope you mean that you are getting around to it after reading the Captain Hornblower trilogy: Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line, and Flying Colours. Mr. Midshipman Hornblower is a collection of short stories originally published in, I believe, “The Saturday Evening Post,” after Hornblower became famous, and they are welcome to those who already know Hornblower, but a poor introduction to him. If you read the Hornblower saga chronologically, you may never finish it, but if you begin with Captain Hornblower, you will then want to read them all.
    My 2¢ and worth every penny!

    1. Actually, this is my first Hornblower book. I did research it and realized it was published much later, but I had decided to opt for chronological order. After watching the mini series, I was fully prepared to not like Horatio himself, very much – he is rather a difficult character to relate to, though understandable. I’ve been mostly writing and working on submitting short stories for publication recently, so I’m making an effort to read more short stories to study the craft.

      But thank you! After finishing this first book, I may very well go and read the Captain Hornblower trilogy!

      1. Best of luck with the short stories! I don’t believe Mr. Midshipman Hornblower is a good model for character development in short-story form, since Hornblower was so well-known to the book’s readers, but it has appeal for its description of a too-intelligent, awkward teenager. I like it better than the other short-story collection, Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies, where Forester had to conjure up things for Hornblower to do after the war was over.
        I haven’t seen the mini-series, so I cannot comment upon it.

        1. Thank you! Haha – while Hornblower doesn’t strike me as being the absolute best at characterization – it does have a really nice balance between narrative and dialogue – moving quite smoothly from retrospective to tight perspective. I can see how after a time Forester must have been really struggling with new adventures for Horatio.

          I would highly recommend the series – just speaking from what I’ve read so far, I feel that certain elements were definitely improved upon. They did a great job at fleshing out the rest of the cast and combining some of the best elements from many of these short stories. Last I checked, they are free on Youtube!

  6. I love this tag, also I enjoyed all the gifs!
    I actually like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but a lot of people don’t like them.
    At least it inspires you 😀

    1. Thank you, Skye!

      That’s cool! I actually DID like parts of Force Awakens a lot – I just felt that the plotting/pacing/characterization weren’t all there – thus is does reaaaly inspire me!

  7. Eeee, such a fun post! I loved your birthday gif and your Haddock gif! And I didn’t know or else forgot that your green eyes have a rim of gold! That’s lovely! My older sister has a brown streak in her blue eye from pupil to edge.

    Oh, woah! Your first novel actually sounds really awesome! Forgive me if I remember, but I shall try not to remind you.:)

    1. Thank you, Mary! <3 Haha - thanks, I had so much fun with the gifs. Yes, I do! It's impossible to see in my videos or pics, but I have a ring of gold in my eyes. WOW - how unique (your sisters eyes) that makes me want to put that in a story for a character.

      HAHA - you are very kind. On paper it doesn't sound TOOOO bad, I suppose - but the execution needed LOTS of work. LOL!

  8. IT’S FROM TINTIN!!!! I love that movie. <3

    You had way too much fun with the gifs in this one, Allli. Al. Gif Queen. *Not* Pumpkin Pudding Cup. ;D *coughs to hide a grin*

    Hybrid sounds like a fun way to go! And giving yourself four years to get the ball rolling in the traditional publishing world is good. I've noticed things don't move too quickly there. XD

    Hey, is that a Storykeepers gif I see? I always hated Emperor Nero… XD

    Anyway, I would leave a longer comment, but my brain is mush and exams are approaching. This was a fun post!

    1. TRACEY!! Thank you for commenting!

      WAY TO GO!! *hands out yet more virtual cookies* That is just the BEST movie – so much fun!

      HEHEHE – I always have waaaay too much fun with my gifs. I can sit all by myself in a room in hysterical tears of laughter inserting gifs – LOL. HAHAHA – I was warned that might regret sharing that bit about the nicknames. *SNICKERS*

      Thanks – haha, yes. I would be very happy if I could just get a story ready for submission and MAYBE get an agent by the end of four years – we’ll see. It gives me something to shoot for anyway!

      *GASPS* You know Storykeepers??? Oh my goodness, that show is part of my childhood. Haha – I always rather liked Nero – as in, I found him hysterically funny, while despicable. XD

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