May In A Nutshell

Can anyone tell me what happened to May?  It seemed to pass by me in a blur!

I still seem to be at sixes and sevens as I write this – so if it seems a little vague or choppy – my apologies!



As I look at this post, it doesn’t look like I did a whole lot – but believe me, I was busy.  And here’s why!


– Watched –

*coughs* This looks like . . . a lot.  That’s because TV is a family event and how I hang out with family in the evenings.  Trust me, I did more than watch TV in May.  *slinks away*


The Pixie Hollow Games: 


Judge all you want.  I.  Love.  The.  Tinkerbell.  Series.  The Pixie Hollow Games is an adorable and funny spoof off of the Olympics and, as always, features solid character arcs and themes.  Can I also mention all the fabulous world building and the tiny little details of the fairy world?


The Hobbit Trilogy:


So I’ve read the book but . . . . I liked the movies better.



I thought the movies did a great job of fleshing out basically . . . everything.  I cared more about the Dwarves and their quest.  When Bilbo pledges his help to reclaim their home . . . *trails off for a moment, sniffing* . . . I was ready to pledge my fealty with him!

There were so many beautiful moments – such fine acting and good storytelling.  Granted, I only saw about . . . fifty percent? . . . of each movie.  Less for Battle of the Five Armie.  Basically I just didn’t watch many of the scenes with orcs, goblins or dragons because I don’t like looking at them.  #yuck

But that tells you something, because even with that percentage, I still liked them better than the book.



And by the way, I loved Tauriel and Kili – I thought their relationship was perfect and precioussssss.  😉   And their love theme?  GAH!



Shirley Holmes (TV Show):


A fun 1990s Canadian children’s show featuring the great grand niece of Sherlock Holmes.   Entertaining mysteries with some cute acting.


The Probe (TV Show):


Oh my goodness – the pilot for this TV show was SUPERB.  Parker Stevenson and Ashley Crow have a natural chemistry that pops off the camera in a touching and dynamic relationship in fascinating, mind-bending plots.  A humorous, exciting show full of twists and turns, mental puzzles and mile-a-minute banter.  You can watch the pilot for free HERE.


The 39 Steps (1978): 


I’ve watched four different versions of The 39 Steps and this is definitely the best version, in my opinion.  Good acting, great scripting.  Exciting, nail-biting, clever – it’s everything a suspense / spy film ought to be.   And no one could ask for a more gripping denouement then an end finale featuring our hero dangling from Big Ben.   You can watch the movie for free on Youtube.


Hannay (TV Show):


Robert Powell playing the famous character Richard Hannay was so popular and successful in The 39 Steps (and rightly so) that a TV show was produced.  Excellent and exciting stories and a fine display of Powell’s exceptional charisma and acting abilities.


Mission Impossible (TV Show):


Ohhhooooo, baby.  If you haven’t seen this show – you are missing out.  A show so famously nail-biting and engaging, that when it first aired, people were afraid to channel-surf,  or get up to get a snack during commercial breaks for fear they would miss a single second, since every single second in these tense, sophisticated thrillers is pertinent to following the mind-bending missions.

And the fourth season of this show has Mr. Spock in it!  Do you need any more reasons to watch this?  No, you don’t.





We watched this in honor of the Kentucky Derby.  There are scenes that literally make we want to slam my head against a wall (Penny’s feminism and her neglect of her family) but overall it was a fun film and very well produced, capturing the excitement and beauty of horse racing.




Ahh, I love this film so much.  I adore race-centered stories and this one is not only well plotted, it ignites such an emotional pull.  Dusty Crophopper is one of the best animated heroes.  It’s nice to see a really noble “nice guy” as our main character for once.  Plus, it features one of my favorite Disney sidekicks, El Chupacabra.  And yes, we regularly “a-swish our capes” at people in our house we are trying to shame.  😉



I loved it!  I had seen most of this movie, but only in random out-of-sequence chunks.  I finally sat down and watched the entire thing, and the experience was even more special because my good buddy, Karis, showed it to my twin and me and we watched it as a threesome – a special memory indeed for a really beautiful movie with powerful themes of love and sacrifice.  Not to mention the cutest little baby reindeer in existence.  #littlesven


Spellbinder (TV Show):


Magnificent.  Absolutely . .. spellbinding.  🙂  It’s not often that you find a steampunk portal fantasy TV show – and this one is amazing.  Our family binge-watched this show.  It’s clean, excellent and fascinating, with exceptional attention to world building.  Plus, they all have those cool Australian and Polish accents!  You can watch them for free on Youtube and I strongly suggest that you do!  NOW.

– Reading-


I only read 21 books in May.



And some of those were DNFs and skim-reads.  I’m losing my touch . . .


Puppet On A Chain

In the Land of the Big Red Apple

The Crippled Lamb

Stephen’s Feast

A Flame Shall Spring From The Embers

The Secret In The Wall

The Mother Daughter Book Club

Little Town At The Crossroads

On Top of Concord Hill

The Tree That Sat Down

Message to Malaga

Read twice – maybe three times – while editing.

Fated: Cinderella’s Story

Blood Feud

Beauty and the BeastI had also mentioned on a previous post that I am trying to wrangle my TBR pile.  Since I started working on cutting down my Goodreads TBR shelf – I have culled a total of 95 books.  61 books were axed in April and 34 were cut in May.  Hey, yeah, I obviously added a couple more during that time and I am losing momentum – but it’s still progress!


– Writing –


Drafting kind of went out the window for the month of May – I was up to my ears in editing.

I got The Reluctant Godfather back from my proof reader at the beginning of May and I have been going slavishly over it since them – implementing one tweak, change, and suggestion after another and polishing it within an inch of its life.  I think I’ve read The Reluctant Godfather a total of two or three times in May as I obsessively edit it.  The funny thing . . . I’m not tired of it.  I enjoy it every time I read it.  I really, really do love it.

The Goose Girl’s beta-reading rounds are nearly finished.  I put in a lot of time implementing changes on that story as well and resolving beta-reading comments.



Eventually these babies are both going to be finished and published in beautiful, shiny new paperback editions.  It WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR, Lord willing!



A piece of flash fiction and a short story both got booted back into my lap (i.e. I got rejected) and so I sent them off yet again to two different magazines.  *steely-eyed glint of determination*

The revolving door of rejections dumped both of them.



Haha – actually, I’m just doing that dance on the outside.  On the inside I need a plate of doughnuts and five minutes with a hard surface.


Miss Piggy Fit of Frustration + Stress Eating Doughnuts + Head Desking = Me

Would one of you people please just ask me to rewrite it?  I’m good at changing things to order!  I’ll rewrite anything – come on, guys!  WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE IN ME?



Ah well!  I have back up plans for every rejection I get, and I shall simply poke at this seemingly insurmountable wall from another direction.  YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE UP NOW PUBLISHING WORLD, BECAUSE I WILL WEAR YOU DOWN EVENTUALLY!


I also finished rewriting and posting the second chapter of my blog’s serial story Life At Hedgerose.  I nearly lost my nerve all over again to post that chapter.   And to think . . .  I have to keep doing this until December.



I really didn’t do much “writing” in May!  *sad face*  Other than two brief writing prompts I wrote at The Glory Writers Retreat.

Editing is an important part of writing, but I miss my drafting!  To go so long without drafting . . .   Imagine Boromir shot full of arrows falling slowly to his knees after waging desperate combat and that just about sums it up.



Due to this, I’ve decided to set some of the editing aside as quickly as possible and start flexing the drafting muscles again so that I don’t turn into a Purple Minion! 

– Life –


– The Kentucky Derby / Preakness Stakes –

*fans self*  There’s a reason why these events are known as some of the most exciting moments in sports!  I had so much fun watching these races in live time and I really hope Justify becomes the next Triple Crown winner.




I was especially excited to hear Justify’s jockey, Mike Smith (as well as Justify’s owners), giving glory to God.  We can praise God and thank him and share His truth in everything – even a horse race – and it was inspiring to watch.


– Lots of Family Celebrations –


Lots of it.


– The Glory Writer’s Retreat –


(from left to right)

Victoria Lynn, my TWIN SISTER, Hosanna, Livy, Ivy, Karis, Sarah Grace, Bella, Melani, and Me.  



From May 21st to the 25th – I was in Kentucky with nine amazing ladies.  I plan on doing a longer post about the Glory Writer’s Retreat shortly, but for now, suffice it so say that it was three full days, and two half days of the most beautiful time of fellowship and fun.  Most of these girls I had known online through Goodreads and blogs for a while – but being able to meet them face to face enriched our relationships.  A few of the girls I had never spoken to before, and now I can’t imagine not knowing them!

Every one of these girls are the sweetest, loveliest young women.  Hugging them, talking to them, praying with them, hanging out with them – every second was such a joy and a gift.

I remember when Victoria first conceived the idea for a writers retreat.  I thought the idea was incredible, but too good to be true.  This was such an amazing accomplishment of organization and heart, and I am so grateful and proud that Victoria dreamed big enough to plan the Glory Writer’s Retreat.  I miss all my surrogate sisters so much already!! <3


From Left To Right. 

Front – Sarah Grace.  Next Row:  Melani, my Twin, Livy.    Next Row:  Victoria Lynn, Me, Ivy.   Back Row:  Hosanna, Bella and Karis


Ack!  *tearing up*  Aren’t they beautiful?  My girls!!!   *sad grabby hands*  *lamenting the distance between us*  I miss you!!!



And that just about wraps up my merry month of May!



What was your May like, my lovely readers?  I want to hear all about it in the comments!






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18 thoughts on “May In A Nutshell

  1. Oh, thanks for telling me that Justify’s jockey is a Christian! I don’t really follow horse racing, but I do like to know about Christians in any sport. 🙂 I think the name of the horse is pretty good, too.

    It sounds like you had an amazing time in Kentucky. You could have gone north a tad and come visited me … 😉 We went to Natural Bridge a few years ago, and it was really fun!


    1. Hi Hanna! Thanks for comment.

      Of course! I love spreading that kind of news around – it was wonderful to hear him giving glory to God on the track. Oh, yes – Justify’s a great name.

      I had an AMAZING time in Kentucky. Awww – really? I didn’t realize you were so close! :/ Cool! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the Natural Bridge – I stayed behind, but maybe someday! 🙂

      1. It makes me happy to hear talented people know to whom to give credit. And it makes me not surprised when they win. 😉 (Like Tim Tebow) I wouldn’t be surprised if Justify got the Triple Crown, even though I don’t think he’s favored.

        Well, it’s probably more than ‘a tad north’–I’m not exactly sure how far away Natural Bridge is, I just know we went there. 😉 Plus it’s in Kentucky, so it can’t be much more than a few hours away. Aw, you didn’t go? It’s really cool; you should go sometime!

        1. Same here! It gave me so much joy to hear them giving the honor to God – and to know so many people heard that. It’s wonderful. HAHA – yes. I’m not surprised when they win either! 😉 I really, really hope they win the Triple Crown!

          That’s true! But isn’t it frustrating how a mere few hours can be so difficult sometimes with meeting up with people? 🙁 *sighs* Yes, I stayed at the cabin that day – but I would love to see it one day!

    1. Hi Skye! Thank you so much for commenting!

      The Retreat was absolutely marvelous!

      HAHA – well, I have a few friends who read something like . . . 40? . . . in one month. XD I think there was one month where I read 50 books – and ever since then I’ve held that up as something to shoot for EVERY month. Silly me! 😛

  2. (This will be in two parts because your blog is grumpy about me doing even semi-long comment for some reason. Or maybe it’s my internet. Lol.)

    I’ll TRY to quietly accept the fact that you like the Hobbit movies better than the book. 😛 But really, I’m totally biased because if not for that book, I wouldn’t be the Christine you know. It shaped SO MUCH of who I am and what I love and my pursuit of writing and obsessions with fantasy and basically…everything about me. It has my whole heart, so it’s natural I would be miffed about the changes they made. I just felt like they were trying to go with the dark, dramatic feel of LotR instead of the fun, children’s adventure that The Hobbit supposed to be. And Tauriel ruined eeeverything for me. BUT, I won’t go into that rant. XD I am glad you liked the movies! They are really good, and I’d utterly love them if not for my unhealthy attachment to the book. Lol!

    1. The Tinkerbell movies are adorable! Although I’ve only seen the first two or three. I really need to watch the others. But I think they’re extremely well made. Not a dumb and cheesy kids story at all! (Although Tinkerbell’s character is really nothing like the real Tinkerbell buuut the original Tink is not exactly a great role model so I understand them changing her a bit. Hehe.)

      I’m so sorry about the rejections. But, GIRL. Your ambition and determination inspires me so much, you just have no idea. You keep at it! The publishing world is eventually going to realize it can’t live without the brilliant Allison Tebo. You just wait!

      Aaaaahhhhh!!! That writing retreat looks magical! And I recognize a couple of faces there. I’m so happy you got to do that!

      I do hope you have a most fabulous June, dear girl! <3

    2. *high five* Yes, they are adorable!! They ARE extremely well made – not at all the cheap, silly stuff that is often produced for children – they are quality and actually have some really great themes for young viewers. Haha – yes, they changed Tink significantly – but I actually liked her better in the series than the original. 🙂

      Awwww! THANK YOU, CHRISTINE. That’s so sweet of you to say that. I can definitely be frustrated over it, but it’s good practice on how to keep trying and keep a positive mental attitude!

      AWWW! *beams* You are the best! *blushes*

      The writing Retreat was magical – yes!! The perfect word – it was such an inspiring and beautiful time! Thank you, dear! <3

      *harumphs at blog and warns it sternly to behave itself* CAN’T YOU SEE, CHRISTINE IS TRYING TO COMMENT, YOU SILLY BLOG? Sorry about that. *rolls eyes*

      HAHA. I have quite a few friends would be cringing to see that I enjoyed the Hobbit trilogy. 😛

      Awww – that’s wonderful! I completely understand that! While I didn’t have that connection with the Hobbit (the book) and it didn’t do that for me – I have had books that did, and I understand exactly what you mean. And I think your love for The Hobbit (the book) is beautiful – I kind of wish it had meant that much to me.

      Oddly enough, I found the first Hobbit movie more fairy tale-ish than the book. *shrugs* Go figure! HAHAHA – I’ve heard the Tauriel rant from a couple of Tolkien purists. *grins*

      Thank you so much for commenting, sweet Christine! It means so much to me. I hope you have a stupendous June!

      Okay, that was just naughty – but I couldn’t help it. *cheeky dwarf grin*

  3. Secretariet and Frozen are both such good movies! Especially Frozen–I know it’s overhyped, but I still love it with all of my Vulcan heart. XD

    And I’m so jealous of you for getting to go on the retreat, argh! If that happens again I’m hoping to be able to make it someday ^_^

    1. They are! HAHA – yes, I don’t care if it’s over-hyped. If it’s good, it’s good. If I like it, I like it! *grins and high fives*

      Aww – I’m sorry! I hope you get a chance to go on a retreat some day soon!! <3

  4. ALLISON! You’ve been waiting way too long for me to read this post – my apologies. BUT YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WATCHED THE HOBBIT! Wow! I’m glad you liked it even if I, as a book purist, did not. Mostly, overall. There were parts I loved. BILBO WAS PERFECT! Except that he was a side character in his own story instead of the protagonist. HELLO, it’s called the Hobbit, for goodness’ sake! Thorin was pretty good, and his relationship with Bilbo. And other things.

    But I hated all the parts you skipped – the stupid, laughable CGI goblins and battles and the like. They went on and on. I wanted more Bilbo, not Legolas endlessly fighting stupid goblins! And I shall not speak of Tauriel and Kili. I’m still traumatized for life, and we both know what the other thinks, so we needn’t discuss it. But Tolkien would be sickened and horrified. 😉

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Mary!

      Haha – I didn’t mention it since it’s such a sore subject. XD YES, BILBO WAS AMAZING!! And yes, I did resent every scene and moment that was stolen from him! *growls* I like movie Thorin waaaay more than book Thorin (he only annoyed me in the book) and I liked his relationship with Bilbo, too.


      Ahem – yes, we shall not speak of the adorable Tauriel and Kili. ;P

      1. Tolkien created new species, each (hobbit, human, elf, dwarf, wizard, etc.) with its own distinguishing characteristics. The movies had to made do with computer generated images and human actors. In Lord of the Rings, the successes (in my opinion), were Gimli, Galadriel, and, to a lesser extent, Legolas, Gollum, and the hobbits. I bring in Lord of the Rings only because the only success in The Hobbit was an orc that shouldn’t have played a major role at all. By and large, the others, Thorin especially, didn’t come across as belonging to a different species. Thorin, now and again, but not habitually, appeared to be smaller than a human being. Nothing else suggested he was of a different species. It must have helped with the filming, but not with the illusion, that so many of the principals were small. Forgive my rant. It’s over.

    1. Hi Loretta!! Welcome to Allison’s Well – I’m so glad you are here!

      *falls over in shock* Oh my goodness – I had marked your book, The Lost Princess, to read on Goodreads some time ago! *claps* I’m so happy to meet you and I can’t wait to read your book!

      I just took a peek at your blog – I’m also always cold, and if you want me to do something I’ll do it for chocolate! *high fives*

      1. Thank you!
        Oh that’s cool! I can’t wait to read yours either!
        Wow, who knew? It’s funny how many things you can find in common with people!

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