June In A Nutshell

Well, look who’s back!



Obviously, this post is incredibly late.  Sorry about that, folks!

I was feeling really bad for the last two weeks of June and basically wasn’t working – let alone writing or blogging.  I’m still feeling bad and scrambling to play catch up.  Blogging (and basically everything else) might be a little irregular for a bit – so if I disappear off the radar screen of life – I’m still alive, just absent.


Now, onto the belated nutshell!  As a further note, this post will be a bit shorter.  1) because I didn’t do as much last month as I might normally do in a month and 2) because I’m behind in everything and I’m going to actually keep it short for once!



At least, I’ll try.  😉



I shall refrain from going over every thing I watched and just list my top favorites!




Beautiful animation and the magnificent cinematography was a particular delight.  I’ve always been drawn to this story, and while I thought the plot and pacing were on point, oddly enough I didn’t really care for Shang and Mulan (I found their performances a bit bland).  But I loved Mushu.

While showing it to my sisters, they both looked at me and said:  “Mushu is basically you.” And I paused and went:  “Um – yeah you’re right.”  I can’t deny it.



Mushu and the cricket were brilliant – and reminded me of Ancient China’s version of C3P-O and R2D2.




The animation has a beautiful, soothing watercolor quality and I was delighted to find out that my favorite Disney animator Glen Keane animated Pocahontas – and it shows.  His work is always superb.

John and Pocahontas are probably my favorite Disney couple now – and John Smith is one of my favorite “Disney Princes.”

This movie is basically a propaganda piece (don’t watch it if you’re looking for real history, either) and the scenes with the evil British settlers were very poorly done.  The true highlight of the film is the amazing music and the beautifully crafted love story.  I have a love/hate relationship with sad endings, so I was pretty torn over the finale – part of me loved it and the other part was –



But that’s the point, I suppose, after all about a sad ending that’s done very well – it’s a bag of mixed emotions.  A surprisingly moving film, once you get past the hooey.




I had pretty much seen ninety five percent of this movie on Youtube, but it was out of sequence.  I finally sat down to watch this movie all the way through.  This was a fun, sweet movie.  Top things that stood out to me.  1.  Flynn Ryder (obviously).  2.  I love how Disney cleaned up the tale of Rapunzel – shying away from the dark themes of abandonment and infusing a little Disney magic into the tale.  3.  I do believe Mother Gothel is one of the best crafted villains I have ever seen in a Disney movie.  She is one of the best villains I’ve seen in a long time – period.



Tenspeed and Brown Shoe


This show revolves around two detectives who have their own detective agency in L.A. Lionel “Brownshoe” Whitney (Jeff Goldblum) a former stockbroker, with a black belt in karate who always wanted to be a 1940s-style Humphrey Bogart investigator and E. L. (“Early Leroy”) “Tenspeed” Turner (Ben Vereen) a crook and a hustler who works as a detective to satisfy his parole requirements.

Hilarious, witty, and fast paced. Ben Vereen is especially fun to watch as he slips out of one persona and con into another in the blink of an eye, pulling hustles and personalities out of his sleeve like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat.

Some of the episodes need to be edited, but it’s worth it.  This show is a treat.

 – READ –


I read thirteen books in June – but I’m not sure what three of them were, because my Goodreads shelves are malfunctioning and June is so long ago I can’t remember the titles of those last three books.



I also began a reading challenge with my good buddy, Karis, that has me digging for all kinds of weird categories.

Reading a book with a profession in the title became my especial favorite category.  I asked Karis if I could use a book entitled The Queen’s Poisoner – to my reasoning, that’s a legitimate profession.  Ahem – in fiction.



Karis had to ask a moderator (after making sure they knew she wasn’t the one who wanted to know).  We had a good laugh over that one – and laughed even more when the moderators approved my choice.  Very liberal-minded of them.




Let’s see . . . two of my stories got turned down by separate magazines again.

One of these days, all these people are going to feel really dumb for turning my stuff down.  They had the chance to publish the one, the only Allison Tebo and they turned down opportunity when it came knocking on their door.  One of these days, I hope, they shall join the ranks of all those people that turned down famous writers.  #epicfail



Just kidding.  Sort of.  😛  Actually, it feels nice to be all caught up on my rejections and not have anything outstanding.  I’ve had to set aside submitting for a little while – but I’ll return!  They can’t put me off that easily!



I’m coming for you publishers / editors.

I started drafting a little in June, and wrote perhaps 6,000 words before I had to take a break from writing.  Other than that, it was a rather wordless month.

And by the way, as a public service announcement, as I’m sure you noticed I DIDN’T POST A CHAPTER OF LIFE AT HEDGEROSE IN JUNE, LIKE I WAS SUPPOSED TO.




I was feeling so bad through June, I wasn’t able to rewrite the chapter in time – I absolutely promise you, you will get TWO chapters in one of the subsequent months – you will not be shorted, you will get an extra chapter in the near future.




The Belmont Stakes


I was overjoyed at this year’s Triple Crown win.   Justify isn’t just a fine horse and Mike Smith a great jockey – it was utterly thrilling  to hear Mike Smith and Justify’s owner’s and trainers giving credit for their victory to God.   It was inspiring and heart-stirring, and reminded all of us that God be glorified in everything.





Junk, junk, junk BEGONE!  There were several major cleaning / reorganizing sessions – and it feels SO GOOD to get rid of stuff.



It’s a wonderful feeling to know what I have and that what I’m keeping and are things I actually use.



I finally got back to practicing my singing in the evenings!  *cheers*  I had really missed it and, boy, did I need the practice.  

I also posted another cover on Youtube for the first time since . . . December????  *hides in mortification*  You can listen to it right here.  I had a lot of fun recording this one.



I am determined to be more regular in posting covers to Youtube because, this June, I reached 29 subscribers on my Youtube Channel!!!



And you would absolutely make my day if you guys could make it 30 subscribers?  *hint, hint, hint*


Tickets To My Dreams


ANNNNNND . . . last but certainly not least . . .


the most exciting thing that happened to me in June –







Guys, I can’t even describe how excited I am!  Seeing Broadway’s Aladdin is literally on my list of Things I Must Do Before I Die – and it’s actually happening!!!



We are seeing the Aladdin on tour – which I am thrilled about, because I will get to see THE Adam Jacobs preform the title role of Aladdin!



We got our tickets way in advance.  It’s a beautiful venue and we got good seats – AND I KNOW I’M GOING TO BE USELESS AFTER I SEE THIS BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I keep walking by my twin and bursting into spontaneous renditions of Prince Ali – doubtless I’ll be sitting in the theater and crying through the whole thing – I AM SO HAPPY, CAN YOU TELL???


And that just about sums up my June.



So what happened to YOU this June?  Did you find any genie lamps or ride any magical carpets?  I want to hear all about it in the comments!






10 thoughts on “June In A Nutshell

  1. I’ve been reading a lot this month too. Mulan is so good, and Tangled is one of my favorites! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. That’s fabulous!! I remember you saying last month reading was a little slow for you – I hope you’ve been able to get your hands on lots of fantastic books!

      I enjoyed Mulan and Tangled so much! They really are classics – I don’t care how old I am, I’m purchasing the DVDs! 😀

      Thank you! I can’t wait to get it up! *crosses fingers* 🙂

  2. I love Patricia C. Wrede, especially the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. 😀 That is amazing that you went to watch Aladdin on Broadway! I’ve heard it is really good.

    1. Hello Camille! Welcome to Allison’s Well! I’m so glad you stopped by!

      I only just discovered Patricia C. Wrede and the Enchanted Forest Chronicles and I am in love!! It actually reminds me a little of my own fairy tale series – it was fun to explore a different take!

      Thank you! I can’t wait to see Aladdin! I’ve seen clips of the performance on Youtube and it looks utterly stupendous!!

  3. ALLI!!!! I’ve been thinking about you and missing your posts! I was so happy to see this. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling bad though. MEH. MY POOR ALLI! I do hope you get to feeling better SOON! <3

    You've never seen Tangled before now? *LE GASP* It's only my favorite animated movie in the history of existence. It makes me so happy. Rapunzel is adorable, Flynn is the BEST Disney guy ever, and Mother Gothel is definitely a formidable villain. I just loved it! Mulan has also been a favorite of mine forever.

    OH MY GOSH. Your cover for He's a Tramp!!! I shamefully don't think I've listened to your songs before??? BUT NOW I MUST GO LISTEN TO ALL BECAUSE YOUR VOICE, GIRL! IT IS SO PROFESSIONAL AND GORGEOUS AND SKDJFLDSJLFJLDJF I LOVE.

    That is so, so, sooo amazing you get to go see Aladdin on Broadway! EEP. I am ecstatic for you!

    Have the most amazing rest of July, sweet girl! <333

    1. Aw, really? That makes me so happy! *beams*

      Thank you, Christine. *soft hugs* You are such a dear!! <3

      HAHA - well, I had seen 90 percent of it on Youtube - out of the order - but this was the first full experience. It is definitely a Christine type of movie!! It's magical and charming and amazing. *smiles*

      It was so much FUNNN!! I enjoyed Mulan and Rapunzel SO MUCH. I can't wait to purchase the DVDs.

      AWW - thank you!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the cover! DAWWWW *blushes* - you are so sweet.

      EEEEP - ACCCK - THANK YOU! I AM SO, SO, SO EXCITED!!! *muffled screaming* *grins*

      Thank you, yet again, dear Christine. I hope YOU have an amazing stupendous July! *HAPPY SQUEAL* I was praying that you would be able to go to Realm Makers and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, YOU ARE GOOOOOINGGGGG AND I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! *RADIATING EXCITEMENT* I will be praying for you and I hope that you are SHOWERED with blessings at Realm Makers and that you have a beautiful July, dear! <3

  4. You got your tickets!!!!!! *throws confetti wildly* I KNOW how excited you were about the possibility, and I am so happy for you that it worked out! I just know you’ll adore it!!!!!!!

    And, yes, I’m still grinning over the mods letting that title count. 🙂 I really need to start reading books for the categories. I’ve been pleasure reading some unplanned books, allowing my library books (ones I got out FOR the challenge) to go overdue. They are now safely returned, but I’m left behind shaking my head sadly at myself. Somehow, though, I don’t regret it. I WILL READ AS I LIKE AND HOPEFULLY READ ENOUGH THAT I “ACCIDENTLY” READ SOME BOOKS THAT FIT THE CATEGORIES!!!! LOL

    1. THANK YOU, KARIS!! *squeezes* I’m so excited! <3 I'm sure I'll adore it too!!

      LOL - I know, I'm still sniggering over that.

      Haha - I know. The challenge has been fun, but it makes the random reading difficult!

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