August in a Nutshell

*slides in*  I’m BACK!  I’m late, but I’m back.



I can only assume that you noticed and grieved my absence.



Ahem. 😀  I’m a bit late posting my Nutshell – so let’s dive right into August, shall we?



I’m not going to post everything I watched – just the highlights!


– Escape of the Artful Dodger –



First of all, the STORY.  This is what story telling is all about.  The twists and turns, the cause and effect, in this series is fabulous.  The premise is so unique and the plot will have you scrambling to click the next episode.  And as for the characters –  who doesn’t love the idea of Oliver Twist and Dodger?  This takes a good idea and makes it better as these two characters spring to life with intelligence, sauciness and heart.  The entire cast is amazing, but Dodger (oh my goodness, that Dodger) . . . he steals the show.



I entreat you guys, WATCH IT.

You can find it HERE.


– Flame Over India – 


THE quintessential adventure movie.  It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this film, the sheer film-making excellence always makes my jaw drop open.  From the sheer fear-filled intensity of the opening scene, we are sucked into the maw of a claustrophobic, spine-tingling escape film full of intriguing characters, perfect dialogue and a plot that never stops.  It also stars one of my favorite old actors, Kenneth More, in the lead.  Every time I watch it, I’m in an agony all over again as I despair of any of them getting out alive.

Do they?  Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself HERE.  Note – that’s the free version on Youtube (with Russian subtitles) and I tell you, this one is WORTH renting in high-def – you really need it to capture the magnificent cinematography.  However, I’m just trying to get you irretrievably hooked so GO AHEAD AND WATCH THE FIRST FEW MINUTES.  🙂


 – Christopher Robin (in theaters) – 


Cute – but I wouldn’t call it brilliant. Most of the movies hinges on Ewan Mcgregor’s astoundingly good acting abilities. I thought there were a few thematic / plotting fails and some bad acting on the part of Haley Atwell.  I also found the the little European Socialist plug about paid vacations at the end (BAH!) aggravating.

Something that was really wonderful though was the animation.  Lately, everything coming out of Hollywood has such fake/cheap looking animation, but Christopher Robin’s CGI was top notch.  It was hard to resist those fuzzy stuffed animals.




– Frozen –


This really is a good movie; I’m not sure why people hate it – it’s so beautiful and poignant.  My twin and I watched it again and we lured my sister in halfway through and she was hooked.  Twin and me are now going to be like those little kids who watch it over and over and watch it again with our big sister.  🙂





I read 26 books in August!  Now before you call my bluff – I did a lot of resting in August, so I read a lot.  I also count DNF’s (Did Not Finish) and skim-reading as completed books.



But there’s one book that I didn’t show you up there . . . I also read . . . my novella – THE GOOSE GIRL!



I sent The Goose Girl to my editor!  The sequel to The Reluctant Godfather has been a long time coming, but I’m finally moving forward!



I’m going to have it back by September 17th, and then the round of crazed, Purple Minion editing will ensue as I implement all of my editor’s suggestions. *chews nails*  That’s going to be interesting . . .   And then, hopefully, it will enter the final proofing stage by mid-October!

I also wrote on my next installment of Life at Hedgerose (IT INCLUDES A BABY DRAGON, PEOPLE) and posted Chapter Four on Allison’s Well.

Other than that, it’s been a wordless month. I had hoped to write more, but wasn’t feeling tip-top  through a lot of August.  So – hoping for more words this September!



My family (and me) went to the Ark Encounter!



We spent twelve hours at the Ark, and as always, it’s an unforgettable experience.  But this time, was even better than the last for several reasons which I will reveal in an upcoming post dedicated solely to the Ark.

The Ark Encounter is for everyone.  People of any and every background with questions and seeking answers will find them at the Ark.  Christians who have been ensnared be the ideas of an old Earth, aliens, or a local Flood will find answers about why it is imperative that Christians build their faith on Genesis and accept it as literal fact and that humans are special, set apart, and unique.

And if you are like me, a Christian Creationist, you will walk away refreshed, informed, and encouraged.  My faith is wholly supported by science, and can be proven to an unbelieving world.





I posted a new song to my Youtube channel!  Tell me what you think!





I actually got to return to my beloved art!  *beams*  Okay, it was only for a day, but I got to work a sketch up and lay down a watercolor wash and it felt wonderful.



I realized, to my horror, that it’s been months since I’ve done any drawing or painting.



And it shows.  *purple minion staggers by*  Somehow, I’ve got to squeeze more art into my life again!




Yes, I auditioned to record a book for Audible!  I love narration, and I was thrilled to find a sweet project to audition for.

An author I know was looking for narrators for the audible edition of her book – and I submitted an audition.  She ended up going with someone else (she said it was a tough choice, but maybe she was just being nice 😉 ).




I am part of several writer’s groups on Facebook, and all of them are pretty militant about not “self promoting” – as in not selling . . . at all.



You can’t even share when your book is on sale or if you need participants in a blog tour without someone warning you not to self promote.  Do it twice and you’re out of the group.



What really motivated me to start this group was when I saw a lady comment on how she couldn’t generate many book sales on social media because writing groups never allowed her to self promote.   I was struck by how depressed she sounded.

As indie authors, self promotion is the bulk of what we have to do.  As a matter of fact, IT USED TO BE EXPECTED THAT A CRAFTSMAN ACTIVELY SELL HIS WORK.  A silversmith didn’t set his silver in an attic – he had to display it and  get the word out on the street that he was a reputable craftsman with product worth buying. The same is true for authors.

So I decided to start The Storyteller’s Marketplace – it’s a group designed specifically to allow members to promote and sell their work and to make connections.  There are authors, artists, cartographers, blog tour hosts, book reviewers, cover designers and readers in the Marketplace.  It’s been so gratifying to be in charge of this group and to see people making contacts and being able to freely promote and sell their work.

When I see people coming down on creators for trying to sell their work, I think of 1st Timothy 5:18.  “For Scripture says, “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”

It’s okay to be paid for your work; it’s okay to promote. If the product is good – don’t be shy about sharing it, and don’t be ashamed that you are trying to sell it.

So, if you’re on Facebook – I’d love to have you check out the group or join!

*cue signature wrap-up gif*




So what about you my dear readers?  What was your August like?  What books did you read?  Did you nab a vacation before summer was over?  Tell me everything!



Bye-bye now!

^ See?  That’s the Artful Dodger and he’s AWESOME – PLEASE WATCH IT SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT.  🙂 ^



5 thoughts on “August in a Nutshell

  1. Ahh, Christopher Robin made me cry sooooooooooooooooo much. I was in tears for most of the movie. I can’t recall that EVER happening to me before. And I agree, the stuffed animals were adorable!!!

    *slams fist on desk* THANK YOU. Why does everyone hate Frozen so much? IT IS A BEAUTIFUL AND SAD AND MOVING STORY. Also, I relate super hard to Elsa pretty much 100% of the story so . . . *coughs* I’m very protective of her 😉

    1. I saw your post about Christopher Robin!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! AWWW. <3 YES, THEY WERE SO CUTE. Especially Eeyore - I really wanted to hug him! 😛

      HUZZAH, WELL MET. I agree completely - it was beautiful! Visually and story-wise; as you said, so moving! Haha, Elsa reminds me of my twin some respects! She was such an intriguing character!

      AWW - THANK YOU! *squeals* I can't wait! <3 Thanks for commenting, Katie!!

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