October in a Nutshell


Like September, I’ve been focusing on trying to take things easy.  Consequently, not a lot interesting happened in October and this will be quite a small post.



But I knew I had to post anyway.  I couldn’t fail you!



Ahem, anyway.  🙂   The nutshell!





I’m not going to post about everything I watched – just the highlights!


Star Wars: Solo


I groaned when I saw that Ron Howard had taken over this project, since he’s a kind of a butcher when it comes to directing.  His thumbprint was all over Solo in regards to choppy story, chaotic cinematography, and bad editing.  It’s a pity, because this could have been an amazing film,  They had fantastic actors and some great scenarios / sequences but the movie suffered from the episodic storytelling.  I thought it would have made a better mini series than a movie.

But sadly, when Star Wars starts acting like Star Trek and starts gumming up the story with feeble moralizing and robots whining about equal rights, it just goes to show that Star Wars isn’t Star Wars anymore.



The Persuaders (TV Show)


Peppy, cosmopolitan, and very, very cheeky.  Few shows  can blend together sophistication and zaniness together with such skill – and the Persauders nails it with aplomb. This series is just plain fun.  A unique blend of zany clowning and glamorous wit, Tony Curtis and Roger Moore pull off the combination easily and produce a wonderful chemistry in the process.  Two wealthy playboys who would rather die than admit they have heroic tendencies, these two are initially forced into crime fighting . . . but then become addicted to bringing justice to the world (all while enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous).  It’s a romp – with compelling plots, witty banter, plenty of action, and a generous dose of antics.

– READ –


^ My book – A Royal Masquerade ^  🙂


I only read twelve books in October – twelve!



But that’s okay.  😉   I was focusing on rereads in October and I truly relished my rereads, particularly my beloved Mistmantle Chronicles.


I didn’t really write at all, except for two wonderful days when I managed to produce over 3,000 on The Tales of Ambia (my future retelling of Diamonds and Toads) and that was lovely! Other than that, October was a pretty wordless month, as far as fiction.

I have been proofreading and writing lots of blogs posts and interviews for . . .



A Royal Masquerade’s blog tour!  I’ve been scrambling to stay on top of everybody and everything, but I THINK this blog tour is ready to set sail.



I also have a new Street Team now.  The League of Extraordinary Fairy Godmothers are ten ladies who help beta read, proofread, review and promote my books – in particular, The Tales of Ambia.



Someday, when I’m rich and famous, this gang will grow to a might army and help me take over the world.  Maybe.  I’ll let you know before the takeover begins.

Note: The formation of the League actually happened in September (I think?) but I don’t care, I forgot to mention it (I think?) and so I’m mentioning it now. 



Ever heard of subscription boxes?  You know, a monthly or quarterly box of random but themed goodies?  My sister and I have tried several subscription boxes in the past, and while we like the random surprises in general, often, we find that we only truly enjoy one or two items in the box.

So I came up with the idea of doing subscription boxes for each other.  We each gave each other a certain amount of money to spend along with a theme and then, at a random point in the month, we “find” a package at the front door with our name on it.  Voila!  Subscription boxes put together by our mutual sister.

We don’t care if we’re weird, we enjoy it.



Lovely packaging.  Sis was going for a Asian Dragon vibe with the red tissue paper, black cord and wax seals.  It ties in perfectly with the note from Mushu (see below) my not-so-alter ego.  🙂



Aside from the scroll from Mushu, the “customs slip” informed me that my box had come from the South China sea and contained dragon relics.  There were also scraps of script with dragony quotes tucked in amongst the wrappings. The brown paper covering the box was also aged and singed.  My guess is that Mushu accidentally sneezed after wrapping up the box.



The booty.  A Mushu key chain, a paperback copy of Dealing with Dragons, a dragon coloring / drawing book, dragon tea, a dragon eye trinket box, a firecracker scented candle, and the MP3 album of Land Before Time (because dinosaurs are dragons).



I might have mentioned before that my siblings and I have a writers club to help each other brainstorm and to critique each other’s work.  We have been holding meetings for thirteen years and this October, we celebrated our 400th meeting!  There was cake, balloons, and many congratulations.  I’m so proud of us for sticking with it this long!  I’ve learned more as a writer from this club than I can possibly say, and I’m so grateful to my other three members who are all not only great siblings, but amazing writers.




So now it’s your turn to tell me what happened during your October.  Did you watch any fun movies or read any great books?  Did you celebrate anything or go anywhere?  Tell me everything!


^ I do like myself a good play-on ^  🙂




9 thoughts on “October in a Nutshell

    1. HEHE – thank you, Skye! We love doing stuff like that and have such a blast surprising each other. Pretty soon I’m going to ring the doorbell and leave my sister a box. 🙂

  1. AWWWWWW!!!! There is so much I love about this post! Your League taking over the world–and I certainly hope we do someday–and the family writterly meetings over the years! How special!

    Your family sounds like such a sweet encouragement and constant source of fellowship for you, and I love hearing about them. 🙂

    1. *fairy sighting*

      Awww, thank you, Karis!! <3 I wouldn't put it past my League to do that very thing! XD

      YES, our writers club is SUCH an amazing gift! It's very special to me!

      *BEAMS* Thank you for saying that! My family IS a constant source of sweetness, encouragement and fellowship - I wouldn't be the same without them. <3 <3 <3 Thank you - that makes me happy! 😀 😀

  2. I’m glad your writing is progressing in bits and peaces! Cheering the tortoise, as always! 🙂

    You may not have gone on many of your typical adventures this month, but I loved reading about what you did do!! The mention of the League of Fairies made me happy (it feels good to be appreciated!), and I LOVED reading about your escapades with your siblings!!! Your family is the best and so awesome! What an incredibly fun idea to do the sister subscription boxes! Much sweeter and more special than generic ones, and the dragon-themed one is genius – I’m sure the rest are just as delightful! 😀 And WOW, congratulations on your 400th meeting of such a special club!! I always enjoy it when you mention your Inklings Club and the faithfulness of your meetings and support. Sharing writing with siblings is such a special thing. <3

    1. *squeezes* Thank you, Mary – my ever faithful cheerleader! <3

      Aw, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And you're darn tooting you are appreciated! You are such an integral part of the League; every one of you is such an amazing part.

      Aww!! *HAPPY SMILE* That makes me very happy that someone appreciates my family! 😀 Thank you; you're sweet!

      Yes, it is so special!! I am very, very blessed!! <3

      1. *squeezes back* Aww! You’re my faithful cheerleader as well!!! One of the most encouraging people I know, and no less encouraging as a loyal writing buddy. 🙂

        Awww, thank you, my dear! Being part of a close group with a good and fun cause is always awesome!!

        I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I love it every time I hear about them!!! You all are SO SWEET, and you all crack me up!!! 😀 And you have such wonderful traditions and fun times and personalities and humor! Of course I love you the most of all, but they are a part of you, and I love them through you. 🙂 <3

        1. And yes, it’s wonderful! My siblings aren’t writers, but some of them have become interested because I am, and Little Sis may be turning into a writer. (My brothers have wanted to write novels but haven’t – it’s common in the world for people to wish to be writers but not have the dedication or ability to back it up.)

          But Little Sis has always enjoyed coming up with intricate worlds – and starting stories, even if she never keeps writing, which I suppose is a start. She’s never had the dedication to back up her imagination.

          BUT just recently she’s started writing a story, and has been writing and writing away! I’m not allowed to read it yet, but my mom has, and the writing style and vocabulary and characters and dialogue are fabulous – worthy of a good writer twice her age. I’m so pleased to see her working busily away – and keeping on, not losing interest. (I think this one may be fanfiction, but fanfiction is a great place to start and practice writing. With her own worlds, she’s the kind who loves spending all kinds of time worldbuilding, but doesn’t feel like inventing a story set in the world.)

          Anyway, I just thought of that two seconds after posting my comment, and realized I never told you! 😀

          1. *SCREAMS* AHHHHHHHH – THAT IS AMAZING!!!! Good for little Sis!!! That’s okay! She’s starting around the same time I did and I was nooot dedicated, but I started! *squeals* Had this image of a grown up little sis and an older you writing together! *heart eyes*

            Thanks for telling me!! You know I am ready to burst with gladness when I hear of a young writer dipping their toe into the ocean of Author!

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