A Royal Masquerade – Blog Tour: Day Seven


Here we are at last – DAY 7 of A Royal Masquerade’s blog tour.  Thank you all so much for sticking around this long!




Last (but certainly not least) we have two lovely ladies posting today!



Liv:    Guest Post:  The Spiritual Themes We Find In The Goose Girl

The Book Sprite


Victoria:  Spotlight

Ruffles and Grace



AND WHAT THE HECK – WHY NOT?  I’m just gonna say it.




Every day you comment on this post, or on a participants post, you get another point towards winning the giveaway.



(and if you don’t know who Captain Riley is and the context of this joke, I am sorry for you. 🙂 )




Obviously, since this is the last day of the blog tour, you need to hurry up and enter the GIVEAWAY to win stupendous prizes!



Note:  Due to the price of shipping, I’m afraid only the 2nd prize is open to international participants.  If someone living internationally is drawn for the first prize, they will automatically win the second prize.  







Thank you all again for following along with the blog tour – don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my wrap up post and the announcement of the winners!





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4 thoughts on “A Royal Masquerade – Blog Tour: Day Seven

    1. *HUGE CHEER* MAH ONLY FRIEND WHO RECOGNIZES CAPTAIN RILEY, I’LL BET!! YEEEEES! I wish he had been in more episodes!! 🙂 *high fives*

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