A Royal Masquerade – Blog Tour: Wrap Up and Winners

First of all, a little fun extra.

One of the entry options for this giveaway was “eat a tasty baked treat” as a way of paying homage to my main character, Burndee, who is a baking enthusiast.  To say the least.  😉


The responses were so fun and gave me such a good grin that I decided to share them here.  They make my little Burndee-ish heart happy.


There is peanut butter pie in the fridge….  🙂

Cream cheese Danish  🙂

I ate a pumpkin bar earlier! (it had cream cheese frosting – homemade too!)

Does pudding count?


Chocolate chip cookies!  🙂

My mom’s scrumptious apple crisp.  She made it this week, and it’s heavenly.

I baked and ate scones!

Had some sugar cookies!

Carrot cake!

I ate DONUTS!  😀

S’mores pie!

Chocolate chip pie!


Just look at all those smiley faces.  Who wouldn’t?  Eating all that good stuff.

Okay, enough torture.  Onto the core of the post!

First of all – I just want to thank the fifteen lovely ladies who participated in this tour.  I am truly grateful for all you did in enabling me to make this blog tour happen and feature A Royal Masquerade on your beautiful blogs.  You’re support and enthusiasm mean the world to me!



Hannah: Spotlight

The Roses Heart


Angela:          Spotlight / Review

The Peculiar Messenger


Liz:      Spotlight / Author Interview

Home with Hummingbirds


Faith:       Spotlight

The Florid Sword


Erika:              Spotlight


Abigail:  Spotlight 

Books, Life, and Christ


Katie:  Review

I Am Charles Baker Harris (and I can read)


Eva:    Author Interview

Coffee, Classics, and Craziness


Deborah:  Review

The Page Dreamer


Jessica:     An Interview With Burndee

Jessica Greyson


Gracelyn:  Spotlight

Gracelyn Buckner


Abigail:  Spotlight  

Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors


Rayleigh:   Review

Literature Approved


Liv:    Guest Post:  The Spiritual Themes We Find In The Goose Girl

The Book Sprite


Victoria:  Spotlight

Ruffles and Grace


Second, a huge thanks to everyone that followed along on this blog tour.  You guys are the best and an integral part of the writing process.  If it hadn’t been for my readers – part of my writing journey might not have ever occurred, and The Reluctant Godfather would have very likely remained a standalone.  Thank you for fanning the spark.



AND NOW, LAST – but certainly not least – THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS!



Let me grab some coffee first . . .



*checks social media*  Oh, was I suppose to announce something about winners?  *wicked laughter*



You’re not waiting on me, are you?



Keep scrolling . . .



And scrolling . . .


The 1st prize winner is . . .




Annie Twitchell!


The 2nd prize winner is –

Erudessa Aranduriel!



Congratulations to you both!!

Now, all you new comers, don’t you go away.  Things are usually pretty fun around here.  🙂  I also have a another giveaway in the works so… *waves carrot*


A huge thank you to everyone who entered!  *group hug*  Your excitement means so much to me!


You can buy the ebook edition A Royal Masquerade on Amazon.

As for paperbacks, I’m really, really sorry for the delay.  *bawls in disappointment and shame*  I wanted so badly to have paperbacks available by the end of the tour, and we tried so hard, but Amazon is making me and my formatter jump through one flaming hoop after another.


Related image

^ accurate depiction of us ^


But paperbacks SHOULD be available this week for purchase.  Look for that update in my author newsletter!


If you would like a signed paperback of A Royal Masquerade you can just drop a message below and I will put you on the list to send out paperbacks as soon as I order author copies.

And for those who have not read the first book in the series yet, I do recommend that you read The Reluctant Godfather first, which you can find on Amazon or on my author website.




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8 thoughts on “A Royal Masquerade – Blog Tour: Wrap Up and Winners

  1. Congratulations, winners! Great job with the blog tour Alli and other participants. You all did an excellent job!

    Oh oh oh! Can I be on the list for a signed paperback, pretty please with Burndee’s best icing on top? 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! *hugs* I was running around like Bilbo with a houseful of dwarves, but we saw it through! 🙂

      Absolutely! Thank you so much for your support. As soon as I get my shipment, I will package one up for you! <3

  2. Congratulations winners! Thank you Alli for the blog tour! I really had a lot of fun! The blog tour intensified my excitement to read A Royal Masquerade!

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