10 Things I Want For Xmas . . . But Probably Won’t Get. # 3

The title is pretty self-explanatory.  Oh, I wanted more run-of-the-mill things for Christmas – books, music . . . that kind of thing. 

But I have these deep longings for something else for Christmas (things that very likely won’t come to pass) but are still lots of fun to think about.  Thus, I have compiled a list for the third year in a row!  (see 2016 and 2017)

Enjoy!  😉 



# 1.   A Machine That Scans My Brain in the shower, while I’m trying to go to sleep, and all those other times when I’m NOT in front of my computer, but I’m bursting with story ideas, inspired snippets, and sizzling dialogue.  This Machine scans my brain and automatically writes all these ideas down with vocabulary worthy of a Rhodes scholar.



To quote the Beach Boys: “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice!” 


# 2.  A Ride on Aslan


Only a true Narnian will understand.  I want to ride the Great Lion, off on some great task, half-flying, half-running through the stately woods and grassy hills of Narnia with the wind in my hair and joy bursting in my heart.  I want to bury my hands in the golden mane so I don’t fall off on that ride of a lifetime.



Note:  The Aslan above is the REAL movie Aslan (BBC version) and the first person to say that the flying effect is corny, shall receive the full measure of my utmost derision.  See example below.



# 3.   The ability to magically play a new instrument (harp or guitar preferred) like a champ without lessons or practice.


Hey, can you blame me?  Who wouldn’t want that?



# 4.  Another season of Crime Traveler



I love this TV show so much.  It’s like Dr. Who meets police procedural.  The characters, the plots, the dialogue, the humor, the acting – it was all PERFECT, but of COURSE it only ran ONE MEASLY SEASON.



# 5.  A baby Rodian.


I mean, c’mon – LOOKIT THAT GUY.



Isn’t he the cutest thing??  Plus, it’s probably Warwick Davis inside, so it’s a win/win.


# 6.  More interaction / Comments on my blog posts.


Hey, I understand.  I’m terrible about commenting on other people’s blog posts, but –



According to my stats, over 90 people follow me, and I’ve only talked to and know about twenty to twenty five of you really well.  This makes me very curious about the other 70 people that follow me.



Am I posting amiss somehow . . . ?  I’m not trying to guilt anyone, I promise! But one of my New Years resolutions is to spend less time on social media so a lot of my social interacting will take place on my blog soooo . . . I’d love to meet you / talk to you more right here!



# 7.  Spend Christmas in a real live castle.



I’m not as greedy as Flynn; I’d settle for a two week stay.  A private castle would be nice, of course, buuut . . . after checking out my options, I think Swinton Park Castle and Lough Eske Castle would meet my stringent requirements.


# 8.  A New Ending To The Hobbit Movies


*cue eternal bawling*  I want to watch a new and updated version of the Hobbit movies where Fili, Kili and Thorin don’t die.



I DON’T CARE if it makes sense.  I DON’T CARE if that’s what happened in the books (who CARES about Thorin and Fili and Kili in the books?).

For the love of fish sticks, they already changed so much, WHY SHRINK FROM CHANGING THE ENDING?

That’s the problem with filmmakers (especially British ones), the one thing they WILL keep in film adaptions of books are death scenes.

When did happy endings go out of style?



If they were going to kill someone, why didn’t they kill Bombur and Ori?  That would have been a bummer for about five seconds (enough to satisfy the someone-must-die story line) and then we could have gone on to our normal, happy ending WHERE THE SONS OF DURIN SURVIVE AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND VISIT HOBBITAN EVERY YEAR TO HAVE TEA AND CRUMPETS WITH BILBO.



*writhes in agony at that ending where hobbits cry, dwarves die, and one of my favorite love stories is snuffed out like a candle*



# 9.  Pixar balloons that can transport my home (and its temperature controlled comforts) to any destination on the planet.



Someday science will discover this mysterious substance called Disneyite – and then our lives will be amazing.


# 10.  Go to Disney World


Before I die, folks, before I die – I shall walk the streets of The Magic Kingdom, ride the rides until I you-know-what, stuff my face with overpriced food, and buy irreplaceable Disney kitsch.

The plan is to also stay in a themed hotel, eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant and while I’m there, meet up with Gaston for a rousing Gaston singalong to disturb all the patrons with our rowdy awesomeness.  It shall be glorious.







Wonder of wonders, one of my impossible dreams that I wished for in Xmas 2016 and Xmas 2017 actually came true – I got to attend a big party with my online friends!  You might have seen this referenced around the internet as the Glory Writer’s Retreat.


Who would have believed THAT would have happened?


So now I’m wondering . . .




(Not to mention my meet-up with Gaston the Great)


What impossible and preposterous things do YOU want for Christmas?  Do you long to be aboard the first commercial flight to the Moon?  Do you want to swim in a pool full of soft serve ice cream?  Do you want to ride Clifford the Big Red Dog?  I want to know what farcical (excuse me, fanciful) desires you have this holiday season!





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26 thoughts on “10 Things I Want For Xmas . . . But Probably Won’t Get. # 3

    1. Hi Elisabeth!! Thank you so much for commenting! Wouldn’t that be marvelous! What instrument would you play with this magical ability?

      OH MY GOODNESS, yes – I should have thought of that! I’d love to be able to learn a new language that easily! Especially, since that is harder than music! 😛

        1. Great choice! The violin is such an exquisite instrument! First thing I’d play; “The Lark Ascending.”

          Haha, yeaaah, I could use that help with the piano myself! 😛

  1. Oh my gracious, I loved this. XD And basically yes to ALL of it. Especially #1! I NEED DAT. NEED. Riding on Aslan is also the dream. Also, I’ve never been to Disney World either and IT’S A TRAGEDY. D’: It neeeeds to happen!

    1. Haha! Thank you, Christine!!

      Yes, I need it tooooooo!! It’s such a hard choice between the Brain Scan and Aslan!! I can definitely see you riding, Aslan. That’s one of the best things I’ve imagined all day!

      Yes, it IS a tragedy!! Someone who is clearly a magical fairy needs to visit Disney World! . . . and I’ll go with you!! Someday, when we’re rich and famous, I’ll kidnap you at some convenient date and we’ll “do” The Magic Kingdom! #WeCanDream

  2. Totally #8! I agree with pretty much everything you said! I really loved Thorin especially! I was so mad when he died!!! (I need to go rewatch all those movies now… it’s been awhile!)

    Also, 1 and 3 would be SO COOL! Number six… I feel the same way! I love getting comments but I’m so bad about leaving them on other blogs! I’m trying to do better about commenting because I know how much it means to bloggers! And, yes, I will admit, I’m one of those “70 other followers”… ??

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Emma! Thank you for commenting!! THORIN WAS SO AWESOME!!! He was a magnificently detailed and layered character, and amazingly portrayed. Man, I’m so furious over that ending, too! My brother and I skip it now! 😛 Haha, something for the Christmas holidays for you to watch!

      Ahh, they would! Oh, I know! I have some wonderful blogs I follow and I am SO BAD about commenting. “curls into ball of shame” #GetItTogetherAllison In the New Year, one of my resolutions is to comment regularly!

      Haha, sorrrry! “guilty grin” But I’m delighted to have chatted with you! And I’m having fun checking out your blog! Is it named for the song by the Monkees?

      Thank you SO MUCH for following my blog, Emma… and for commenting! It means so much to me!

      Merry Christmas!

      1. Maybe my brother and I can watch them soon!
        Aww, thanks! Yes, it is! Although I have only heard the song maybe twice (so, I honestly don’t even know it…) I thought the title would be a cute name for a blog.
        Commenting will be on my list of resolutions too! (and posting on my blog. lol!)


        1. Emma, my brother is my Hobbit-watching buddy, too!

          I love that song so much, it’s so cute, and it’s the perfect name for a blog – great choice!

          Hehe! I’m thinking I might set aside one day for commenting on blogs, Sunday. I’ll just star the blog posts notifications I get throughout the week, and then I can sit down quietly on Sunday and catch up on blog post reading and commenting, and I shall feel better about myself and actually participate on all the awesome blogs I follow! *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping!

  3. I’d love to ride Aslan too. <3

    *gasps* A new ending to the Hobbit movies?? Hey, that sounds PERFECT!!!! I'd be down for that!!! I never wanted Thorin and Fili and Kili to die!

    Also, A++ gif usage with the "Everybody lives!" thing. I adore that particular Who episode. *heart eyes*

    1. *has vivid image of me and Katie on Aslan, racing across Narnia*

      Once again, I applaud your most excellent taste! Okay, people, let’s protest! Let’s force Jackson to reshoot the final scenes of The Hobbit!!! #IfOnly

      Hahaha! Why, thank you! Dr. Who is rich with awesome gifs!

      Aww, really? Which episode is it??

  4. Great list, Alli! The brain scanner, castle, not-dead dwarves, Pixar balloons, and Disney World are on my list for sure! I’d also like the ability to jump into a picture and play in that world for a bit like Mary Poppins, and transporting into book worlds (including my own) would be really cool too. 🙂

    1. *BURST OUT LAUGHING AT THE NOT-DEAD DWARVES BIT* *feels guilty for laughing at something so tragic*

      OH. MY. GOODNESS. Jumping into books and pictures – YESSSSSSSSSSS! ACK – that is is making my list for next year, that would be UTTERLY STUPENDOUS!! Oh boy, what would I jump into first??? *brain overloading with possibilities* That was brilliant, Beth!

  5. When you find that brain scanner, PLEASE INFORM ME BECAUSE I NEED THAT ASAP. XD

    Ahhhh, a ride on Aslan would be spectacular too! *daydreams*

    Great post, Allison! Sorry I haven’t commented here very much (I blame life). ?


      *sighs dreamily* Yes; a ride on Aslan! “That would be a very great adventure!”

      Thank you so much, Nicole! HAHA – no, no, no, PLEASE don’t apologize! Believe me, I do NOT comment on other people’s blogs like I want to and should (life!) and I want to start doing it more! I’m just so happy you’re taking the time to hang out here with me, at all!

      I was just checking out YOUR blog, and I am so intrigued by the snippets you shared of your WIP, ?

    1. HAHA – well, I had an ordinary list, Skye – but I couldn’t resist doing this one! 😛

      Aww! 🙁 *hugs* I’ll be praying for that stress, Skye! <3

      I let myself get stressed a lot, toooooo much, but I've been working a lot on trying to let things stuff go quickly. Some Scriptures about God bearing our burdens - mumbled fast and hard under my breathe! - really help!

  6. Apparently my mother was a hamster and my father smelt of elderberries. But I am totally with you about wanting a ride on Aslan!!! Ahhh!! The true, book version only, for me. 😀

    I would want to play harp or cello – and magically be better, and stay better, ay the violin, without endless practice. 😀 Also, to be magically brilliant at art (especially realistic portrait and figure drawing), without practicing to develop my un-fostered potential skill.

    Wow, you’re passionate about the Hobbit movies! That’s good, in my book. Er, book rip-off, in this case. But still a good thing that you’re excited! For my part, i would wish for the movie to show Fili and Kili dying at Thorin’s side, defending him shield and body, like they should have in the movie – death happens in battles, but together is what matters. In The Hobbit and LOTR, death in battle usually happens with companionship, now that I consider it, and that’s a beautiful thing to soften the blow. I don’t think I feel exactly the way you do about character deaths, but I do agree it’s brutal and awful even when it’s necessary. Annnnd I will not reply to this part, cause I do not want a discussion about those movies, as usual. 😉

    Um, can’t think of much I want, at first, besides a miracle for us both! XD But what I DO want most, and have for ages now, is to spend time with my dear friends in far places. Old and dear friends who moved, and newer but no less dear friends, many of whom I have never have met. Preferably visiting whenever I want. So make that a wish for teleportation, as I’ve often wished before! Or my own personal dragon to fly at high speeds and enjoy the scenery and breezes. 😀

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh well…hopefully elderberries is a nice smell, and hamsters are cute. *guffaws* ;P Ah, yes: “Dear Aslan!” It would be glorious!

      High five to the harp! And I dearly love the cello, it has such a rich tone. AHH, the violin and art are good choices!

      Haha, yes I am passionate about them. 😛 It really stirred a lot of emotion in me, which is rare! Ahh, that’s a really good point! That WOULD have made the deaths (any death) a lot more rich and poignant and easier to bear when they’re comrades fighting together. *nods in agreement* But I guess I wanted a fairy tale ending where everybody was alive and happy! 😛

      I’m praying and believing for a miracle for the new year – for both of us! <3

      A TELEPORTATION DEVICE - THAT would be handy!! As much fun as a dragon ride might be (I could easily imagine you on a dragon; the perfect way for noble maidens to get around) I think I would choose a teleporter - it's so practical! Plus . . . STAR TREK!! <3

      1. Yes, hopefully, though it’s okay. 😀

        Cello is the BESSST. I wouldn’t trade my E string for anything, but I would dearly love to be able to play cello as well. Cello solos are my favorite thing. Yes, so deep and rich and full of feeling. And I do love harp as well, though I don’t usually think of it, and wouldn’t have remembered if you hadn’t mentioned it.

        Awww, yes! 🙂

        Me too!! <3 I have faith that this WILL be the year, truly!

        Yesssss. 😀 Teleportation is the most convenient and practical, and the quickest – to zip somewhere and be back without wasting precious time and energy. Dragons are just COOL, and that allows atmosphere and admiring of scenery. 🙂 And aww, thank you! The noble maiden side of me is definitely the part that would like to ride a dragon! Especially when I was a teenager, I thought dragons were cool. I don't care about Star Trek, though. Or sci-fi, or technology (though I wouldn't necessarily want to be without what I have). You know I'm old-fashioned in my soul and would be happy a few centuries back, heehee!

        1. <3 Yes, the violin is your baby!

          *hugs* Amen!

          Hehe, yes, teleportation would be perfect! I'd like dragon riding for short little rides to, say, the grocery store (they'd establish my place in line really well), but for long trips, gimme my transporter!

          AWWW, hehe, YES, I know you are!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. I agree with #7 & #8!!!! I really want a new ending to the Hobbit moives. I feel like all producers do that though!! They add and take out things in movies but they always keep the character deaths!! ??

    Also I would love to live in a castle for a few weeks!! That would be so much fun!! ??

    1. I’m really delighted that option 8 was more popular than I anticipated! 😛 I KNOW – I don’t understand that propensity for such morbidness! Come on, people, there’s nothing wrong with happy endings!

      Wouldn’t that be amazing?? The problem is, we might not want to leave! I guess we’ll just have to inherit one we can keep from some mysterious and previously unknown relative!

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