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December in a Nutshell



^ Allison entering the blogosphere ^


First of all, I’m so happy to be back!  I missed blogging and I missed YOU so much!  *gathers everybody into a group hug and squeezes and squeezes*

Secondly, I’m really sorry this December in a Nutshell post is so ridiculously late.  I got sick around New Year’s Day and have been very sick ever since.



Consequently, I’m afraid I’m going to be two steps behind everybody else in the blogging world.  *awkward laugh*


♫ “Let’s staaaaart the Neeeew Yeaaaar riiiiiiiight!”  ♫


Now, the December recap.  I ran myself a bit ragged in 2018.  I spread myself thin over way too many projects and thus I decided I probably needed to rethink my approach to schedules and life goals.



Until I figured out a new schedule, I decided to take a break through December.  I chucked my schedule and self-imposed expectations and rested and had fun!

So, because December was a different kind of month, I decided that the nutshell would be formatted a little differently – as a random list of things I did throughout the month.  Enjoy the holiday flashback!

Tided up several things that needs to be tied before the end of the year.  🙂

Ate eggnog ice cream.

Went driving late at night with Geeves (my brother and sometimes chauffeur) and twin to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights and decorations. KitKats and coffee-flavored chocolate was nibbled on and Christmas songs were belted out with great enthusiasm – including the Tebo’s signature Christmas song Snoopy vrs the Red Baron. There was also a challenge to see how fast can one humanly sing Jingle Bells.  The answer is: pretty fast.

Reached complete recovery after a very bad cold and rejoiced in no longer being a human faucet.

Celebrated by having a peppermint chocolate chip milkshake at Chick-Fil-A.

Made Christmas cookies.

Ate inordinate amounts of pumpkin pie, M&M’s, and Andes mints.


Again, I ate.  A lot.



Caught up on my sister’s novels.  No crazed, pressured Goodreads challenge reading, just happy off-the-radar binge reading because I wanted to.  I read five of my sisters novels, back-to-back.  I never really understood book hangover until I read her stories, guys.  They are absolutely incredible and awe-inspiring.  She is, without a doubt, one of my favorite authors, and not because she’s my sister, but because she her writing is THAT good.



Wrapped presents (even more fun when wrapping with my brother, who’s Elf nickname is Mistletoe, because of his inclination to steal kisses)

Practiced the piano for the first time in forever!


(not even going to apologize for that – cause it gets worse)


Watched Frozen for the 4th time this year!



Got to have long talks with my parents and siblings (sometimes in a group, sometimes one-on-one) I treasure every conversation with them.

Got a bubble tea gift card from my twin.



I won a giveaway!  (technically, I won it in November, but it was a Xmas-themed giveaway and the prize arrived in December, so I’m counting it!)

Played fascinatingly stupid computer games with my sisters.

Older sister:  That was fun.  It’s been a while since I did something stupid with you.

*me thinking*  I’m falling down on the job.

Took a long Internet break – which I desperately needed!

And . . . took a family vacation!  A good, old-fashioned American car trip.



My destination?  The Grand Canyon.



Aside from the Grand Canyon, there were stops at Tombstone, Old Tuscon, and a few other places.  On Christmas and New Year’s, my family and I were having a quiet, genteel celebration in the Wild West.



Highlight:  While on the road trip, I also got to meet a very dear Internet friend and I am still thrilled to pieces over the fact that I actually got to meet her!


^ literally me meeting blogging buddy ^


I hope to have a travel vlog and journal with all the details up on the blog soon!

But first, I have to go be sick.



So how was your Christmas and New Year’s, my friends?  Did you go anywhere?  Have a family reunion?  What is your favorite holiday treat and how much of it did you eat.  You can tell me, we’re all friends here.  😉   I want to hear everything in the comments because I missed you!



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18 thoughts on “December in a Nutshell

  1. Glad you had a nice Christmas and that you are feeling better. I had a great Christmas and received a lot of nice gifts. I did receive numerous books and I cannot wait to start reading them. I do have a lot of books that I have not read yet from past birthdays and Christmases. Wishing youa nd yours a blessed and happy 2019.

    1. Hi Marilyn! Thank you so much!! WHOOP, WHOOP – books for Christmas, that is the best! I still have several books that are my “Xmas books” that are all the more special for being under the tree. I hope you enjoy your new reads!

      Thank you so much, Marilyn! I hope you and your family have a blessed beginning to 2019!

  2. *HUGGGGG* I missed you!!! 😀 ♥

    You had such a fun time!! Hiatuses from the Internet are… ahhh. *heart eyes* xD ♥

    I hope you feel better soon! I’m coming down with something, so whatever plagues us, needs to beat it. 😛


      I KNOW! It's a bit hard at first (which is kind of pathetic, but that's human nature) – but then, oh my goodness, it feels so good to unplug! I did have so much fun!

      Thank you, my friend! Oh no! That stinks. 🙁 Yes, whatever plagues us needs to beat feet! I hope you can escape whatever that Nasty Thing is!

  3. So fun to see your post in my inbox!! I love your monthly recaps, and I’m so glad uoy rested and threw out the to-do list. Praying you recover quickly!!

    Your family time sounds so fun and meaningful – it’s truly the best thing on earth. I’m still dying to read your sisters’ novels one day! 😀 So happy for you that you got to meet a dear internet friend! You’ll have to tell me who when we chat, cause I’m curious. 😉 I’m dreaming of the day I’ll get to meet you!

    Can’t wait for more updates on the blog once you’re feeling better!

    1. MARY! *happy squeal* Awww, thank you – that’s so sweet!! *beams*

      I’m glad I rested to – and thank you for your prayers!

      *happy smile* It truly is one of the best things on earth – I love my family more than I can ever say. Oh, Mary, you are in for a TREAT with my sister’s novels – I’m begging her to hurry up and publish. *crosses fingers* 🙂

      EEK – I can’t wait for that day!!! <3 *hugs* Thank you for commenting, Mary!

  4. Allison! I can’t tell you how much I always enjoy your monthly nutshell posts and how they make me grin and smile. Even if I don’t always comment, I always love reading about what’s been going on in your life.

    What a special time you’ve had with your family! Between the vacation, fangirling I’m sure over your sister’s books, and quality conversations you mentioned–awww! That’s just so priceless and dear, and totally worth throwing out a to-do list to focus on.

    Every time you mention Frozen I have to squeal a little. I’m so glad you continue to enjoy it and love it’s quirkiness and themes. Looking back over my 2018 favorite reads I can see how so many of favorites have a common thread of broken family or friendship arcs and of healing and redemption, which is one reason I think I love Frozen so. Also because of the memories I have watching it with you and your twin.

    1. KARIS!!!!! *charges in for a tackle hug* AWW, Karis! *grins* That made my day – thank you, you are so sweet! That makes me very happy that you enjoy them so much!

      Yes, I did have such a special time with my family!! *heart eyes* It IS priceless and so dear to my heart, and yes, you nailed it – far more important than a to-do list! They’re my heart. <3

      *GRINS* OUR MOVIE! I still love it so much, it's a GREAT movie. I'm really hoping to write a blog post about it's themes, because they are so inspiring! Yes! That's so true, what you said about the threads, and I can understand why it appeals to you so much!

      AWW. *heart eyes* It will always be a "Karis" movie to us! The other viewings just aren't the same without our Karis sitting next to us! We miss you! <3

      1. Allison, I have to laugh when you mention tackle hugs because you give such gentle hugs is reality! LOL But I completely agree with the sentiment! I’m so glad you had that time away to focus on other things, but I’m happy to see you back. 🙂

        I’ve actually been avoiding re-watching Frozen even though I’ve felt like it, just because I know it won’t be the same without you two. 🙁 Ooooo! But I’d love to see you write a blog post on your thought on the themes. <3

        Aw! I miss you and your sweet twin so much! I'd love to video chat and catch up with you both some time if you felt up it. 😀 I think the last time you and I really talked was our great conversation that one afternoon on God's will–which was such a huge encouragement to me and really helped me with my decision.

        1. HAHA! I’m tackle hugging in my brain! *grins and hugs softly* Aw, thank you!! *BEAMS*

          Aww, that’s so sweet and so sad! :/ You need to watch it with another special buddy! Thank you; I hope to have it posted before March. *crosses fingers*

          I’d LOVE to video chat and catch up!! I’m so glad! It’s such a gift to talk to you, and I’m very grateful for how God uses us to encourage one another because you have encouraged me so many times! <3

          1. I do! Maybe my little brother and I would enjoy watching it together. This winter we’ve been watching a lot more movies together, which has been fun. 😀

            And I look forward to reading that post. 😉

            Aw! I was just messaging our dear Hosanna and saying the same thing. I miss you both a lot, but what I miss the most is our times together in worship and in building each other up spiritually in person. 🙁 We’ll definitely have to try to work out a time to video chat in the near future.

          2. @Karis – my blog is giving my technical fits – but this is a reply to your last comment!

            Aww, that is so special!!! *heart eyes* You are so blessed – a little brother must be so fun and that would be one special movie night!

            YES, YES, YES. I miss that so much, too – it was so uplifting and fulfilling. We MUST catch up and have more such conversations!

  5. ALLI IS BAAACCKKK!!!!! *screams and dances in celebration* I HAVE MISSED YOU AND YOUR PERFECT GIF-USING SELF! *tackles*

    It sounds like your December was absolutely lovely! I took a break for most of December too because wow, 2018 was crazy! Glad you allowed yourself some time to rest and just enjoy the holidays. I’m sorry you were sick for some of it though, and now sick again. You poor thing! I do hope it passes soon! *sends all the blankets and soup and good books* Get better, m’dear!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your vacation. Look at you and your adorable self on Grand Canyon. So cool!

    Can’t wait for more Allison loveliness, but do take care of yourself first! <3 And Happy 2019!!! Praying it's a blessed one for you!

    1. CHRISTINE!! *gabbles in Minion voice* BUDDY!!! EEEK – awwwck!! Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

      I had such a good break, yes! I'm glad you took a break too, you needed it!

      Aw, thank you - hopefully it will leave soon. *gratefully accepts blankets, soup, and books*

      Aww! *smiles* I can't wait to post more about the trip - but you already know the highlight was meeting you-know-who! <3

      Thank you, dearie!! *hugs* Take care of yourself, too! Thank you so much for your prayers, you are also in mine! <3

  6. ALLI! *tacklehugs* I was wondering just this week when your hiatus ended and here you are! 😀 Glad you took a break to get your schedule under control and also have some fun. That’s definitely a necessity for us all sometimes. Oooh, the Grand Canyon! I want to go there someday, too! Can’t wait for the travel vlog and journal!

    Nothing big happened during my Christmas and New Years, just the usual quiet at home celebrations, just the way I like them. 🙂 And yes, I did eat waaaay too many sweets. :p No white Christmas, but it is currently snowing as I type, so I’ll wake up to a winter wonderland tomorrow. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. BETH!! *tackle hugs back* AW, really – *beams and blows nose* That makes me so happy!

      For sure! As an over achiever, I just needed to S.T.O.P. and I’m so glad I did. I hope you can go! Even the little peek I had was amazing!

      That’s fantastic! I love quiet, cozy celebrations – they’re so dear. AHH, snow. I actually got snow out West and now I don’t want to look at it – haha – but I hope you enjoy your winter wonderland! Stay warm and safe! And thank you! <3

  7. It was so exciting to see your post in my inbox, and so fun to read it!! I actually read it the night you posted it, for once – I was so happy to see it. But my phone won’t let me do the captcha on your blog (only yours, don’t know why), so I write comments at the time I read it and post them later.

    I love your monthly recaps, and I’m so glad you rested and threw out the to-do list. Praying you recover quickly!!

    Your family time sounds so fun and meaningful – it’s truly the best thing on earth. I’m still dying to read your sisters’ novels one day! 😀 So happy for you that you got to meet a dear internet friend! You’ll have to tell me who when we chat, cause I’m curious. 😉 I’m dreaming of the day I’ll get to meet you!

    I”m enjoying your renewed flow of posts, and I can’t wait for more once you’re feeling better!

    1. Aww, thank you, Mary!! UGH, I’m sorry my blog is giving you a problem! 🙁

      Thank you for your prayers! <3

      Yes, it is – amen!!! You are in for such a treat when my sister publishes! *GRINS HUGELY* Thank you – it was such a delight! We will chat and I'm dreaming too! <3

      Thank you, my sweet friend! It's so good to be blogging again!

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