January in a Nutshell

This might possibly be one of the shortest Nutshells I have ever written because so little happened in January.



But it wasn’t by choice.  Starting around New Year’s Day, I had a bug so nasty I dubbed it Zurg.  That way, when the sickness left I could quote Toy Story.


*grins*  Not sure what it was, but it was definitely not an ordinary cold.


^ essentially me throughout January ^


Anyway, I spent three to four weeks sick or resting.  🙂  And I am bouncing off the walls happy to finally be feeling better!  It made me so grateful for small things like finally being able to drink a frappe again (yay!), going to the grocery store, going to work, and just being able to get out of bed.  Every day is such a gift!

But hopefully you knew that already!  🙂   I digress.  Onto the measly nutshell!




Death in Paradise (TV Shows)


British detective Richard Poole is assigned to investigate the murder of a British police officer on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie.  After he successfully finds the murderer, he is reluctantly required by his supervisors to replace the victim and stay on as the detective inspector, solving new cases as they appear, and being the proverbial fish-out-of-water amongst his free-spirited coworkers.  


Thank goodness for new shows that you can binge-watch while you’re sick!  Full of intriguing story lines that keep you guessing, humorous characters, and snappy dialogue.  Watching Richard Poole, the reserved British detective, interact with his bohemian Saint Marie coworkers was hilarious and it was fun to see a show that featured an accurate and tasteful portrayal of culture shock.


Ride (TV show)


The adventures of Katherine ‘ Kit’ Bridges who relocates to England when her father joins the faculty at Covington Academy, an elite equestrian boarding school.  While at the Academy, she befriends a wild horse named TK, navigates complicated friendships, and discovers disturbing mysteries about her past. 


I wouldn’t call this show amazing, but it was definitely entertaining and featured some engaging actors and cute characters that I connected with.  The boy characters, in particular, were fun to watch with their constant teasing and rivalry.  Unfortunately, my sisters and I binge-watched two seasons of this show only to get to the final episode thinking the show actually ended and it DIDN’T.  The final episode was a CLIFF HANGER and the series was never renewed for a third season SO WE DON’T KNOW HOW ANYTHING ENDED.



So, be warned.  It”s a fun show that I recommend, but you’re going to be miserable at the end and run the risk of cramming macarons down your throat in a fit of disgust and disappointment.  Yeah, I did that.

– READ –


I read 22 books in January and found two five star reads.  Quite generous of me.  🙂




For a small part of January, I was traveling through the United States (I didn’t return home until the 5th of January) visiting such sites as Old Tucson in Arizona.



Yup, that’s me on a stagecoach, and it was so much fun!  I promise you WILL see my travel journal and vlog at some point.




I drafted lots of blog posts and worked out all the posts I’ll be posting from now until the end of April.



I celebrated being well again by getting back in the kitchen.  I was having a very Burndee-ish fit of unhappiness by not being able to bake.  Yes, I am such a Burndee.  I cannot even begin to tell you what that baking session did for my “psyche.”



I made macarons for the very first time, and I was thrilled to pieces with how well they turned out.



In case you’re wondering, the one on the left is vanilla lime and the one on the right is coffee chocolate.  I think Burndee might grudgingly approve.  Although I made them too big and they were more like meal replacement macarons.  But hey, if you’re going to eat a cookie instead of a sandwich, might as well do it right!


I also finally joined Instagram!  I am really enjoying the positive and fun community on this social media platform (and dream wistfully of taking pictures as good as everybody else’s).  If you’re on Instagram – let me know!  I’m right over here.  🙂


Also had a terrifying and traumatic experience in January when all the gifs on my half-finished blog posts stopped working.





Fortunately, I Googled the problem and it was an easy fix that I implemented all on my own!  Aren’t you proud of me?  😉  #CrisisAverted


One last piece of news, guys – and an important one.  I am also hosting a very fun GIVEAWAY right over here, so hurry over and take a look!




And that’s it.  I told you it was short.  🙂

So how was your month, my dear followers?  Did you manage to dodge the evil bugs that are preying upon mortals at this time of year?


# Run Fast


How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?  Did you do anything fun to get through January doldrums?  I’d love to hear all about it!



13 thoughts on “January in a Nutshell

  1. I didn’t do anything this month, either, my dear! The only significant thing I can think of is that I started writing the first draft of my first novel for the first time.

    Hahaha, I noticed in the picture that your macarons were huge! Actually macaroons or something different! Yours are macarons. 🙂 (Burndee would be nitpickily disappointed, but he’s likely one of the only people to know the difference. Most people don’t!!) I love your baking dance gif!!

    I’m so glad you beat that nasty Zurg. 😉

  2. And it’s okay that we didn’t!! *hugs* But what you did IS significant! *flails excitedly*

    LOL – you have an eye for details! 😛 WHA? *is horrified by my spelling error* Fixed it – I did know the difference (recently discovered! – sorry Burndee) and I thought I had corrected the spelling – haha! Thanks! 😛 Hehe – that gif was basically me! I was so excited! 🙂

    Thank you, dear!! <3 I'm so happy to be over that!

    1. YES! 🙂

      Hahaha, that’s meeeee!!! 😀 Especially where words and punctuation are concerned. 😉 My brain just works that way and catches them. Aww, good! 😀 It’s easy to make a mistake even when you know what’s right. Burndee is tsk-ing and turning up his nose. XD Aww!!

      So happy you are too! My mom caught another one before she recovered from the one she had all last month, and she’s miserable – she didn’t need that in her current state. Don’t assume that will happen to you, though!

      1. LOL – and I think it’s awesome!! <3 😀

        HAHA - Burndee is SO ASHAMED OF ME RIGHT NOW. He's pretending he doesn't know me... 😛

        Aww, that's terrible, I know. 🙁 Hopefully not - I won't!

  3. It’s always a start to an amazing day when I see one of your Nutshell post in my inbox. *sighs happily* And you did it on time; *five fives* !

    I love the sound of the TV show Ride you mentioned. 🙂 1) Where did you find it, and 2) do you think it would be a show I’d like? I’m always looking for good TV shows, but most of the time I’m scared to start watching them because so many of them have poor content and lanuage. 🙁

    “I read 22 books in January and found two five star reads. Quite generous of me. ” I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment. 😀 I read 22 books also this month, and I had to look back to see how many I rated 5 stars in comparison. Five, I guess, so only 3 more then you, and 2 of those were my darling Sven Nordqvist picture books that I save to read as special treats.

    Your baking dance! Aw! I love it! My mouth was watering when I first saw the pictures you shared on Instagram. 😀

  4. AWWWWWW! *BEAMS and holds heart* HOW SWEET – thank you, Karis! <3 HAHA - yes, FOR ONCE! 😛

    I think it might be something you would enjoy! It was cute! It was actually very clean, but I'll PM you with a few details!

    HAHAHA! *innocent grin* You know me. 😛 HEY, we're tied! *high fives* Great job! Hehe! Well that's not bad! I think that's a pretty good ratio. 🙂 I can't wait to read Sven Nordqvist's books!! I might have to interlibrary loan them, though. *fumes*

    *laughs* That was essentially me in the kitchen! I wish I could send you some, but I don't think they'd keep in the mail. :/

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Liz! Haha – thanks! That one was fun to make. 😛

    Oh no!!! 🙁 I hope you feel better soon! :/

    1. Thanks, Skye! <3 But that's okay! Sometimes we need to take it slow and regroup! Besides, it's only the month after RELEASE MONTH for you - you deserve a break! 😀 It's been so long since I got back to my art - I need to do that - haha!

  6. Gracious, a bug so long and vicious you had to name it? You poor thing! (Though the Toy Story reference is gold. I love your brain. XD) So, sooooo happy you defeated Zurg! Many prayers that you will stay well! <3

    Okay, I am sitting here in awe at your ability to plan out posts all the way through APRIL. I need your plotting skills! I usually don't know what I'm going to post until a few days before it's TIME to post. XD

    YOUR MACARONS ARE GORGEOUS. And I looove the pictures with The Reluctant Godfather. I'm sure Burndee does approve. ^_^ But I have a confession to make… I've never actually HAD macarons. 😡 I KNOW. IT IS A TRAGEDY. I must remedy this atrocity one day!

    I'm so happy to have you in the Instagram bandwagon! 😀 Except I faaail at keeping up with everyone's posts. Ugh. Must do better!

    I do hope your February is an absolutely fabulous one, my dear! <3

      1. CHRISTINE! *tackle hugs* Haha, yeah, it was nasssssty – but the Toy Story name tickled me. 😛 Aww, LOL – thanks! *winks* And thank you for your prayers, sweet friend!

        HAHA – seriously, I had this huge back log of ideas and posts I was LATE to post, so they all have to posted right away – and that’s part of what kept me organized!

        EEP – thank you!! I had fun setting up the picture! I can only assume the cute lil crank approves. 😛 AWWW, THAT IS A TRAGEDY. I only JUST IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS had them for the first time in my life and I was MISSING OUT. They are delicious! I hope you can find some. You might be able to find frozen ones at your grocery store! I did, and they were yummy!

        Thank you!! I really love Instagram – everything I’ve seen so far is so positive and soothing! HEY, THAT’S THE STORY OF OUR LIVES, RIGHT? 😛

        Thank you, beautiful Christine! I hope you have a wonderful February, too!

        LOL – actually an affronted emoji works. Realizing that life’s opportunites have somehow never presented you with macarons so far! 🙂

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