February in a Nutshell







Who else is in complete denial over the fact that it’s now MARCH?  I’d like a second shot at February, pretty please!  Last month was a BLUR.



Two months out of twelve are GONE, people.  *eye twitches nervously*

Oh well!  The only thing I can do about February now is to talk about it.  🙂  So let’s get started!




The Hobbit Trilogy





I was showing the trilogy to my twin, and I FINALLY converted her to how awesome Thorin is (or rather, how talented the actor is).



AH – the story, the characters, the music!  Come on, guys.  Stop fighting it.  Underneath those purist layers of resistance, you KNOW they’re good movies.



Maybe one day I shall torment all of you Tolkien-ites with a blog post about how great the movies are.  Great except for, you know, the part where everybody dies.  :/





I had a “Me Night” and curled up in front of the TV with this old classic.  I was watching it more closely and openly than I had previously.  The movie is charming and has a sweetness to it that doesn’t grow old.  Old Disney classics had really mastered the animal characters to an art – producing furry sidekicks that are far superior to any recent Disney offerings.


Lilo and Stitch


A truly . . . different movie – this film wins the prize of original concept!  I can’t think of anything else quite like it.

Some girls squeal and aww over . . . I don’t know . . . girl stuff like When Calls The Heart or Jane Austen?  (I’ve heard that girls do that, I wouldn’t know).  Anyway, my sisters and me sniffle and aww over Lilo and Stitch.  The theme of finding and choosing your family never fails to touch me.  On top of that, we have one of my other favorite themes: The Monster Becoming Human.

Hilarious, heart-warming and unique with an aesthetic that it sure to win anyone over.  Aliens, Elvis records, sisters, Hawaii, surfing, and Ohana.  What’s not to love?

– READ –


I read 17 books in the month of February!  YAY ME!

No five stars from me last month, but several four star ratings.  I feel that’s quite generous. *winkity wink*





I submitted a short story to a magazine!  It’s been several months – perhaps half a year? – since I’ve submitted to a magazine and it felt great to be back in the saddle again.  Okay, it was also a tad intimidating, because it had been so long since I put myself out there.

Unfortunately, I think I made a teeny error while submitting it (forgot fill out one measly box) and their policy might be to automatically delete anything that isn’t submitted perfectly.



Oh well.  I’ll be able to inquire in about ten weeks.  I just LOVE waiting, don’t you?  #Sarcasm



I wrote over 10,000 words, guys!  I haven’t been seriously writing since October of last year, so this was a wonderful improvement!



Even better news – it was all on Ambia!  I’ve been working on a short story featuring Cynthia and a novelette featuring Poppy!  Poppy’s story was supposed to be a short story but it turned into a novelette.  *shakes fist at computer*  Oh, you traitorous story!

In other news, The Reluctant Godfather was chosen for the book of the month by Author Book Club!



Technically, this happened in January (shush!) and I forgot to blog about it – which is odd, because I was extremely excited and proud at the time!



I had a few lovely shout-outs on social media regarding The Reluctant Godfather!










And Beth Wrangler, the author of Child of the Kaites wrote this lovely blog post about The Reluctant Godfather!





Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU EVERYONE – THANK YOU.  I just cannot thank you enough for all this enthusiasm and support.  It means the world to me! <3


I celebrated the release of A Royal Masquerade’s paperback edition in this blog post!  *CHEERS*



By the by, A Royal Masquerade and The Reluctant Godfather are both on sale for only $1.99 and signed paperbacks are now available from yours truly!

Last of the self promotion here (YOU CAN’T STOP ME!) I also launched a little mini campaign to celebrate The Reluctant Godfather’s two year anniversary by asking (also know as entreating on my hands and knees) my lovely reviewers on Goodreads to march in force upon Amazon and help me get my numbers up!



My goal is to reach the much lauded mythical number of 50 reviews on Amazon (a goal that seems to be as difficult to achieve as a Sasquatch sighting for most of indie authors).

I’m now sitting at 37 reviews on Amazon – only THIRTEEN more to go!




Narnia Party

Yet another idea cooked up by Yours Truly.  While on social media one day, I saw an indie author talking about how she and her sisters were having an all-day Lord of the Rings party, featuring movie marathons and Lord of the Rings inspired food.

My first thought was:  Why should the Tolkien fans have all the fun?  I claim this idea in the name of Narnia!

And thus we had a Narnia party.



But the REAL Narnia – none of this New Movie Nonsense – nossir.  Don’t misunderstand me, I REALLY LIKE the new Narnia movies (the first two films).  They’re wonderful fantasy films in their own right, they’re simply not true to Narnia and never have been and never will be.

For that, we must turn to the good old BBC.  Their movie adaptions are famous (sometimes infamous) for their faithfulness to their original source, and Narnia is no exception.  If you have good taste, you’ll watch and enjoy the four BBC Narnia films.  😉

We dressed up in fantasy costumes (yes, we’re that nerdy) brought out the cut-glass goblets and had a serious movie marathon with themed food.  The menu included toast and frosted cakes and tea (Mr. Tumnus’s food of choice), Turkish delight (nasty stuff, but necessary for a proper Narnian party), meat pies, and other such delicacies.


It’s not something I could do on a regular basis (we were slightly zombie-fied after so much TV and food) but it was a fun day!


Several tasty treats.  🙂  Including a chocolate, marchisio cherry filled cupcake with cherry-flavored buttercream frosting.



There was also a Macaron Mess that made was slightly Disgruntling and Disappointing – but, eh, let’s not talk about THAT flop.



So how was your February, my friends?  Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?  Are your surviving this Rather Nasty thing called Winter?  Tell me everything!




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9 thoughts on “February in a Nutshell

  1. March has no right to be here yet. I feel like it shoved February out of the way before it was time. Complete absurdity!

    But it sounds like you had a good February! Huzzah for converting your sister to the Thorin love. How could you NOT love that majestic dwarf? Seriously now!
    Cinderella! I totally need to rewatch it myself, it’s been way too long. That was one of my TOP favorites during childhood. And oh my goodness, LILO AND STITCH. I wish there were more movies like that. It IS different and that’s what makes it work. I’ve adored that movie since the day it released. <3

    Congrats on submitting to a magazine! 😀 But GAH. I'm sorry it might not have submitted properly. That's awful. I hope it turns out!

    All the love The Reluctant Godfather is getting makes me so happy. It deserves ALL the love! <3

    Okay, that Narnia party is THE BEST THING. I'm just sitting over here drooling over all the gorgeousness and desserts. So fun! You guys are awesome!

    I do hope you have the most frabjous of Marchs, m'dear!


      I did, thank you – I hope you did too! EXACTLY???? I’m suspicious of those who don’t like Thorin – LOL!


      YES, I REMEMBERED THAT. It is definitely a Christine movie! YES, LILO AND STITCH IS SO UNIQUE. It's absolutely crazy and yet delicate – it's such a beautiful film!

      THANK YOU. Haha – well, hopefully it will all work out! *crosses fingers*

      AWWWW, THANK YOU, DEAR FRIEND! You're so sweet! <3 *blushes*

      HAHA – we had fun and it was very tasty! Daw, I'm glad you think so – thank you – hehe!


  2. Lilo and Stitch is still my favorite movie. Period. Hands-down. And YES to everything you said about the themes–those are huge favorites of mine, too. Especially the found-family thing. *heart eyes*

    Did I tell you my idea for an animated Narnia movie series??? where all the images are based on the original b&w illustrations in the books, just in color??? I REALLY THINK IT COULD WORK if someone invested the proper time and energy into making it beautiful. *looks around hopefully*

  3. I KNOW. To quote the 11th Doctor. *grins* <3 High five, friend! Those themes never grow old!

    Very intriguing!! I, personally, have trouble envisioning Narnia as animated movies – even though I love the illustrations – but it's a neat idea *ponders*

    Aww, it's a shame that there aren't any good animated shows being produced. Or, so it seems to me!

  4. I’m actually glad February is over because for two weeks in a row my parents and I had almost daily appointments we had to go to and I was honestly getting sick of it. XD

    Glad your sister now recognizes the majesty of Thorin. 😉

    Yay, story submissions! I hope yours got through okay! It’s so easy to miss those little things. I subbed a short story somewhere last month too, but not only was it rejected, the magazine is going under, so there’s one less pro-rate mag to try in the future. :/

    Poppy! I just met her in The Royal Masquerade! I can’t wait to find out what happens to her. 😀

    A Narnia party sounds fun! My family’s annual Narnia movie marathon usually happens around Easter-ish. (Because of the allegory, of course. ;)) We have so much food on Easter that’s kinda the closest to a “Narnia party” we’re going to get. XD Also, I didn’t even know there were 4 BBC Narnia movies. Guess I need to find them somehow. 😉

  5. AWW! I hope March is more peaceful for you all!

    HAHA! As she should. *grins*

    Thank you!! OH DEAR, that’s not good news! Wait, was that Deep Magic, by the chance? If you don’t mind my asking. That was the one I submitted to – heh.

    Aw! *smiles* I can’t wait to share Poppy’s Peril with the world! <3

    We often watch the new Narnia movies around Easter time, too! *high fives* That's cool!

    YES, YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT!! *shoos you to Youtube with a grin*

    1. Oh, no, no. If it was Deep Magic I’d have been REALLY upset. It was Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. After skimming their archives I wasn’t confident they’d want a story as light and YA as mine, but as long as they’re legit, they pay, and don’t specifically NOT to send that type of story I figured why not try? The rejection said their June issue is their last, though, so they’re not buying any more stories. They weren’t exactly high on my list of places to sub but like I said, them closing down still means one less place to send to and this story is long enough that the options are limited as it is.

  6. Had to break my message into two parts so your blog didn’t get upset that it was too long. 😉 Ooooh, thanks for the YouTube link! I will definitely take a look! 😀

    Btw, I meant to ask… Do you use The Submission Grinder to help track your story It’s free and assuming they have a page for the specific publisher you can log when you sent the story in and see when other people sent their stories in, and you can also see when they got a response, which helps you see when YOU might get a response. I’ve found it helpful in finding new places to sub as well as helping me not fret so much about when the response might come. And it does have a page for Deep Magic.

    1. Sorry the blog was messing with you, Beth!

      WOW! I am REALLY surprised that Intergalactic Medicine Show is closing! *eye balls pop out* I did NOT see that one coming….

      AH – thanks for the reminder to use Submission Grinder! I’ve heard of it, and I think I used it once, but I’m a bit scattered and forgot to use it again – LOL. THANK YOU!!

      And I hope you have a chance to check out the link soon! 🙂

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