April Hiatus

Yup, you read that correctly.


I am going to go tearing off into the Blue like some flibbertigibbet Took and I’M NOT TAKING MY BLOG WITH ME.



I KNOW YOU CAN’T HELP CRYING, BUT PLEASE DON’T.  I can’t stand to see a person cry.

Let’s just assume you’re crying.



I’ll be back, I promise!  Between Camp Nano, a author website overhaul, and several other Projects, I needed to cut back on something.


?   I’m going to miss blogging and all of you my amazing followers.  *clingy sniffling hugs*  But even The Amazing Alli has limits on what she can achieve.



JUST KIDDING! ?  I’ve got lots of limitations and nobody knows it better than me.

And so, it’s time for a vacation!



But, obviously, not a real vacation, since I’m going to be working on so many things, it will be more like this –



That looks about right.  🙂


But don’t leave, there’s still plenty to read.  To the new subscribers (*waves excitedly*) and the dear friends who have been with me for years – here’s a mini round up for you.



When you’re missing my posts (or me – hopefully you will! *smiles*), take a moment to browse some of my favorite posts!

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I’ll be back on May 6th, mah friends!   So, until then – goodbye and God bless you. 


I hope you have a wonderful April and, if you’re doing Camp Nano, I hope you SMASH THOSE GOALS.  We’ll meet again soon!





Seriously, Darth gave me a call and he can’t crush the rebellion without me. Ahem, OBVIOUSLY.  ?


Besides, when Darth gives you a call, you don’t say no, do you? 





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8 thoughts on “April Hiatus

  1. *wails out loud* *sniffles* *tackle hugs Allison* I’m going to miss your posts, Allison. (Another close blogging friend of mine just went on hiatus too, so the agony is only double.) To commiserate with me my younger siblings and I just went and re-read your Spamalot post.

    But I love that you know your limits and know when you need to take a break! 😀 I’ll be praying for focus and productivity for you during this month. Love you, girl!

    1. AWWWWWW!!! *hugs hard* Sweet Karis!! <3

      Accck – that's terrible. :/ Hehe – well, I hope it gave you a bit of a laugh. <3

      Thank you so much, dear friend!! You are a treasure! Love you, too! <3 <3 <3

  2. *SOOOBS* I SHALL MISS YOU AND YOUR AMAZING GIF-USING SELF! But breaks are SUPER important, especially during NaNo events! And oooh, what is this about an author blog overhaul? I am intrigued! Everything already looks so beautiful, but I trust you! I know whatever you have cooking up is going to be FABULOUS.

    I do hope you have a good month! You’re gonna ROCK those projects! *fistpump*

    1. *LIP TREMBLES* My friends crying is going to make me cry! *HUGGLES* I’m going to miss you all very much! Yes, I definitely needed the break!

      AWW – thank you! <3 Hopefully so! 😛

      I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL MONTH TOO! Haha – THANKS!! *fist bumps* <3

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