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Summer Aesthetic

I was enthusiastic about the idea for doing Seasonal Aesthetic posts, but also a little hesitant.  Was it sort of corny?  My doubts were settled by the lovely response of dear followers who responded with a categorical “yes” when I asked if I should create a more seasonal aesthetics!  And, because of you, here is the next installment!


I just barely squeaked this one in on the last month of summer (although, for some South-dwellers, summer weather will continue into October).

Let us dive into these last golden weeks, my friends – and eat, drink, watch, read, and BREATHE summer.





Type:  Science Fiction and Historical Dramas

Suggested moviesJourney to Center of the Earth and The King’s Speech, Horatio Hornblower, Sky Captain,


FOR CHILDREN (or the young at heart):

Type:  Animated movies and Foreign Films

Suggested movies:  Lilo and Stitch, The Jungle Book, Tresaures of the Snow, Belle and Sebastian, 






Type:   Adventure.

Suggested readingTreasure Island and Around the World in 80 days.




Type:  Science Fiction and Memoirs

Suggested readingOut of the Silent Planet, Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Laughter on the Stairs by Beverly Nichols.  All Creatures Great and Small.  Bring ‘Em Back Alive.




Type:  Sci Fi and Historical Fiction

Suggested reading:   Trion Rising, Jason and Alien’s Down the Street.  My Brother’s Secret.  The Reb and the Redcoats.  


Comic / Graphic Novel:

Type:  Adventurous and Scientific

Suggested reading:  Tintin






Hamburgers / chicken Parmesan / blueberry soup / BLT sandwiches / fresh watermelon / arnold palmers / popsicles / milkshakes / strawberry shortcake



OPERA (and operetta):

                       Suggested song:  

“Una voce poco fa” from Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.  “Papageno and Papagena” from Mozart’s The Magic Flute.  “With Cat-Like Tread” from Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance.





                      Suggested song:  Vivaldi’s Summer, 3rd MovementVaughan Williams The Lark AscendingMozart’s Violin Concerto No. 3 (3rd movement).  Roses from the South by Johann Strauss.


                      Suggested song:   Dulce amour and Milagro by Glorifa Estefan.  Musica del Corazon and Aléjate by Josh Groban.




                      Suggested Song:  “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera.  “If Ever I Would Leave You” from Camelot.  “Hello Dolly” from Hello Dolly.   




have a pool party

have a cookout

blow bubbles

go rollerskating

tackle a DIY project

get a summer haircut

plant a garden

play a round of mini golf

camp in the backyard

fly a kite

head to the beach


have a water balloon fight

see an outdoor concert

pick strawberries at a local farm

catch lightning bugs in a jar

have a zip line adventure

go to an old-fashioned carnival

go to a drive-in theater

visit the nearest amusement park

watch fireworks

Start a journal



I’m not a realllly good representative of my own aesthetic because, based on this list, I’ve only done the following.

I read Out of the Silent Planet and a novel by Beverely Nichols.  I ate hamburgers, milkshakes and popsicles.

I watched a live stream of fireworks (not the same), I got to borrow someone’s swimming pool, I planted flowers (not a garden, ah well), got my hair cut, I got lightning bugs in a jar (BUT THEY DIDN’T LIGHT UP – WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?).



I did listen to 95 percent of the music listened on this post, though.  *pats self on back*

Before the month is over, I would LIKE to have a water balloon fight, stargaze, and tackle a DIY project.  A carnival would be nice too, but that could be a little ambitious.



Okay, now it’s your turn.  I’d like to hear about your favorite things to do in spring.  Give me your quintessential Spring books, movies, food and activities.  I’d love to hear about it!

Now, please excuse me – I have to go blow some bubbles.

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11 thoughts on “Summer Aesthetic

  1. We went to the beach in July and watching fireworks (the set them off on a barge on the ocean, so people could watch on the beach).

    Summer drinks for me include raspberry ice tea and almost my favorite drink ever, homemade blackberry lemonade.

    I need to find some outdoor events to do. We have a big Jane Austen festival nearish us and I was planning to go to that (and make an outfit), but it was right after vacation, and I was burned out . . . I’ve been floating along in burnout since then, probably should find something interesting to do.

    1. Oooo, wooow! That fireworks display sounds fabulous! ? And those drinks sound delicious! I’ll have to try them!!

      I hope you find something fun! But, most of all, I hope you perk up and recover from your burn out soon! *hugs*

  2. I. ADORE. THIS.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve been anxiously awaiting fall, but now this post is giving me such happy summer vibes! Maybe I should enjoy summer while it’s still here! Truthfully, I’m a wimp in the heat and spend most of summer hiding out in my room with the air conditioning blasting. XD But I DO enjoy swimming and watching movies during the summer, so I’ve done that a fair bit!

    Also, that food aesthetic is making me sooo hungry! *drools*

    Anyway, this post was fabulous and all the aesthetics made me so happy!

    1. Yeah, that is so so true; I’m from Scotland, so I can hardly BARE above 30 c! Some Summer aesthetics from me this year…lemonade, iced elderflower cordial, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Endling’, going to the beach, getting a tan ( sooo not gonna happen. Maybe I should try a fake one…?), hiking, getting kittens, writing my journal, updating my wardrobe,mbuying cute new nail polish, starting to write a new novel. Yup, I think that’s it! ? *squeals in Olaf-ish delight* IT’S still SUMMMMMEEEERRR!!

      1. Abbie, hahaa!!! You would melt if you lived near me – and I would die if I lived in Scotland; I do nooot like the cold! ?
        Ooo, that elderberry cordial sounds yummy (reminds me of one of my favorite series, Redwall) and kittens??? How lovely!! And updating our wardrobes and getting cute new nail polish ALWAYS “gives a girl a lift..” ?. And a new novel, eep, that’s fabulous! What’s your favorite genre to write, Abbie?
        *joins you in snowman song* ? IN SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

        1. My fave genres to write would have to be fantasy fiction or historical fiction. I’m writing my second ever fantasy just now, ‘The Fire Watchers’. ? *happy sigh* Sadly I was in hospital a wee while during this summer, so I’m only catching the end of our summer time, plus activities, etc. ? I’m still recuperating, but never mind…your blog, imo, really kept me laughing during that time, and it still does! ?

          1. NICE! What are your favorite historical time periods? I like the title for your fantasy novel – very intriguing!

            OH, YOU POOR DEAR, I’M SO SORRY!! ? I hope you’re feeling better now. I’ll be praying for a complete recovery for you! 🙁

            That makes me very glad that my blog might have cheered you up during such a tough time, Abbie. ❤️ *BIG HUG*

    2. *Happy Squeaking* Eeep, thank you!!! ? I’m so glad! Hehehe, I know how much v u love the cool weather! *nods*
      *laughs* I’m pretty wimpy with hot weather, too. I’m not the best representative of my own aesthetic. ?. Swimming is my favorite summer activity!! *high fives* Yay, that’s awesome!! ?
      Argh, I know, me too! Especially those milkshakes. ?
      Awww, thank you, Christine!!! *squeezes* YOUR comments make ME happy. ❤

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Skye! *hugs*

      Abbie / Skye – ooo, that would be marvelous! Do let me know if you do; I’d love to see your aesthetics! ?

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