11 Things I Want For Xmas – But Probably Won’t Get (2019 Edition)

What ho, chappies!  What ho, what ho!

It’s the most zany time of the year again!  Long-time veterans of Allison’s Well will know what is coming next. *grins*  But I have a few new followers so I’m just going to explain the ground rules again, very quickly.

Back in 2016, I blogged about ten preposterous (but nice) things I wanted for Christmas.  It was a catalog of my wildest fancies captured for your amusement and I had so much fun sharing my weird wishes, that it became an annual tradition!

And so, I have compiled a list for the fourth year in a row!   Eleven ridiculous Christmas wishes that have absolutely no hope of coming true.

But . . . who knows. It IS a magical time of year. 😉

For the record, I never believed in Santa Claus, I was a rather cynical and realistic little girl.

Hooowever, just because I never believed in Santa Claus doesn’t stop me from making a Christmas lists.  Like I would ever pass up the opportunity to make a LIST.  *laughs at your ignorance*

Note: I am cheating a bit this year by making it eleven wishes instead of ten, but I DON’T CARE.  This is my blog and I make the rules.

Ahem, anyway, I’m rambling.  Why didn’t somebody stop me?  Never mind.  Let’s go!

1.  Spend The Night In A Library


When I was little, I once read a chapter book about two girls locked in a library overnight and I thought that was one of the coolest concepts I had ever seen.

Yup, just gimme some coffee to keep me awake and leave me there.  I’ll spend half the night reading, and then a few hours exploring the deliciously creepy surroundings. And, in the wee hours before dawn, the giant stuffed animals in the kids section will come to life and I’ll play with them.  TALK ABOUT AN EPIC PLAYTIME.

2.  Season Tickets To Broadway

I am crazy about theater and I love Broadway shows.  I WOULD BE ONE HAPPY CAMPER IF I COULD SEE A BROADWAY SHOW ONCE A MONTH, YES INDEEDY.

Actually, scratch that. I wouldn’t just be happy, I would be beside myself with glee and losing my ever-loving mind.

3.  My Own Private Jet.

I’ve got to get to Broadway on the weekends SOMEHOW – right?

4.  A Ride On A Giant Eagle

Most people want to ride a giant eagle because of Lord of the Rings.  Not me, friend. My infatuation with riding eagles started when I was just a wee tot, due to a far superior movie.


Soaring through the sky on Marahute with the wind in my hair and the world far below is MY idea of a holiday treat.  I WANT TO FLY!

You’re probably thinking:  Allison, why wish for an eagle AND a jet?  They’re both forms of transportation.

Riding on a giant eagle is more to satisfy my thrill-seeking heart.  Well, if I’m flying all the way to New York to see a Broadway show, I don’t want to risk sliding off my eagle and falling into a best river to have my best clothes to be ruined.  And for any long-distance jaunts, I want a fast and temperature-controlled way to do it, along with a stewardess to bring me little snacks.  I’m very attached to my creature comforts.

As awesome as they are, you can’t get any of that on a giant eagle.

5.  Participate In A Food Fight

DON’T TELL ME YOU’VE NEVER WANTED TO DO THIS.  Anyway, I know I always have always wanted to!

Yes, I know it makes a mess and it’s a waste of food, but I CAN’T HELP IT!!!!!  I want to be part of a food fight.

I would be sissy enough to request a helmet, though, because getting a pie in the ear or the eyeball looks painful but, other than that, I’LL TAKE ANYTHING YOU’VE GOT.

6.  Attend A Writer’s Conference

I looked at not one, but four different writer’s conferences during 2019.  Sadly, nothing worked out and I wasn’t able to attend a single one.  *sniffs*  SOME DAY, I will attend a writer’s conference.

Unfortunately, the one I want to attend due to so many of online friends regularly attending it (Realm Makers) never seems to be hosted anywhere near me. SHAME ON THEM.

I guess this is where my private jet will start to see service, eh?

7.  A Baby Panda


*incoherent gurgling*


 *screams from the sheer cuteness of that face*

*flails and faints*

*gets up to scream again*

8.  My Own Butler

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve been enamored with butlers for a long time.  When I was little, my mom read a number of excellent books aloud to me that featured butlers (Praiseworthy from By The Great Horn Spoon and Worthington from The Three Investigators series left a profound and lasting impression on me).  This was only the beginning of my butler-love and it has only grow exponentially through the years.

Many of my stories feature butlers in the main cast, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.  I’m so obsessed with butlers that I’m actually planning a blog post on them some day entitled: Butlers I Have Loved.

Yeah, I’m hardcore.

Ahem, anyway, I would like a butler.  THEY CAN DO ANYTHING.  And they have more good sense and sang froid in their little finger than most countries have in their total  population.

Fiction proves that they are just the coolest and handiest people to have around.  With a butler beside me, I would feel invincible. Not to mention pampered.

Plus, he can look after the Pet Panda while I’m busy working.

9.  The U.S.S. Enterprise To Land In My Yard

Forget the Tardis landing in your garden – I WANT THE U.S.S. ENTERPRISE OR NOTHING. I’d gladly help Kirk and Spock look for whales!

In my heart, Captain Kirk and all of his crew are still flying around out there, boldly going where no man has gone before.  They’re a truly incredible and indomitable set of characters and I love them to pieces.


Ahhh, if this band of lovable heroes showed up in my local park (better yet, my back yard) I would be ecstatic.  Like Gillian Taylor, I would be stealing aboard the Enterprise and joining Kirk and Spock in their adventures in a heartbeat.

They would consider me a valuable edition, I’m sure, since I come with my own butler.

10.  A Job Offer From The Bureau Of Magical Nannies.

Yep, when I’m not flying around on the U.S.S. Enterprise, I want to be booking it with an umbrella.  I want to be Mary Poppins.

I really can’t think of a nicer day job than being a magical no-nonsense nanny who gets to spend her days with adorable munchkins.  And in the evenings and my days off, I would write.  A perfect existence, indeed. *wistful sigh*

I feel like I have at least some of the qualifications to make a magical nanny?  ?

11.  A Genie Lamp – So That I Can Get Three More Christmas Wishes.


I didn’t think to ask for a genie lamp in the past three years, so I am really pleased with myself right now.  How far I’ve come!

And there you have it, my wee Elves. Ten absurd (but marvelous) Christmas wishes that have no chance of coming true.

And DON’T tell me you’ve never wished for any of these things yourselves.  I mean, come now. Who wouldn’t????

And, while I’m still on the subject, here are the links to my 2018 edition, and my 2017 edition of this annual Xmas weirdness.

I’m not going to provide the link for my first edition produced back in 2016.  I’m going to make you dig for that one in an effort to dissuade you from reading it. My early blog posts are kind of terrible and embarrassing.

Now it’s your turn, my friend.  What weird and ridiculous things would YOU wish for this Christmas?  Do you want to spend the holidays in the International Space Station? (if you do, you’re crazy)  Do you want a life-size castle made out of Legos? (a much more sane request).  A baby Yoda? (even better).  Tell me EVERYTHING.  Your secrets are safe with me.

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17 thoughts on “11 Things I Want For Xmas – But Probably Won’t Get (2019 Edition)

  1. YES TO ALLLLLL OF THIS. Oh man, these posts are just way too fun. I’m sitting over here grinning and nodding to like EVERYTHING on your list. Spending the night in a library especially. I mean, YES PLEEEEEASE. And a food fight! I’ve always kinda wanted to participate in one as well. It seems like way too much fun. XD

    Your love for butlers is fabulous and I love it so very much. Butlers are spectacular beings, and make for some of the BEST fictional characters out there.

    AND BEING A NANNY. We are such twins. Literally, since I was SMALL being a nanny was something I always, always wanted to do. I love kids, and I always thought it’d be such a cool job. And being a MAGICAL nanny only makes it 10000% cooler. My dream job right there.

    So, something ridiculous I would like for Christmas… How about a castle? (With a butler OF COURSE.) And a stable of unicorns and dragons to go with it. I don’t ask for much, come on now.

    1. HAHA – THANK YOU, CHRISTINE! So glad you enjoyed it!!

      We bookworms could all happily live in libraries, not just spend the night in them! And, hurrah, finally another person who shares my interest in food fights! *throws jelly beans at you in a show of solidarity*

      *grins* I like how you phrased that. Butlers ARE spectacular beings! I have a huge fondness for them!

      WE ARE SO SIMILAR!! I could see you as a magical nanny, no question. That would be just right for you!! ?

      MMM, yes, a castle! (and now all I can think of is Flynn Rider wishing for a castle, haha). And a stable of unicorns and dragons is the perfect Christine touch! ❤️

    1. Ah, that is very true!

      I guess, with my American perspective, it all washes out. Whatever his duties, he’s still my servant and has to do what I say. ?

  2. I’m with you on #6. I loved going to Realm Makers a couple years ago, but the distance and cost were uncomfortable. So my Christmas Wish is not to go to Realm Makers, but to have Realm Makers come to me.
    Emphatic yes to #8! There are so many incredible fictional butlers out there: Alfred (Batman), Praiseworthy, Bunter, Jeeves, and Alfred (Larryboy). I think that if I can’t have a butler, I’d like to be one.
    I definitely do not want #4, though. No, no, mercy no!

    1. I’m so glad you got to attend Realm Makers, Blue! But, yes, my goodness – it always seems to be a million miles away. Good choice!

      You have actually named some butlers I am not familiar with! Should I read Dorothy Sayers? *is curious*

      I absolutely love that you thought of actually becoming a butler! I must applaud that original and fabulous idea! *removes hat in respect*

      HAHA. I take it heights are not your favorite thing? 🙂 I love heights!

      1. Yes, I have a feeling you would like Dorothy Sayers. Imagine what would happen if Wooster was actually clever, and went into the private detective business with Jeeves. That’s one way to describe the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.

        1. Wooster clever and solving mysteries with Jeeves? Way to sell, Blue – I’M GONNA GET ME ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!! *scrambles to library site*

  3. Jeeves would love to be your butler, Allison. He would call you “a young lady of great resource and spirit.” 😉

    I do, in fact, want the Tardis to land on my front lawn–but hey, maybe we can coordinate! You help me get the Doctor’s attention and I’ll help you wrangle the Enterprise crew! 😉

    1. Oh my goodness. *BEAMING* *is delighted* That is one of the nicest compliments ever!! I am so flattered!!

      I can definitely see the Tardis landing in your yard! YES, OF COURSE – WHY NOT?? THIS IS OUR FANTASY. Let’s have a lovely mash-up and have the Tardis and The Enterprise join forces in an epic adventure. What a Christmas present!! *grins and fist bumps*

  4. Yes! I love butlers! I remember reading a poorly written book where the butler was the villian, but he was the best (in my opinion) character in the book. Because butlers have that skill.

    And you forgot the chocolate factory! Everyone wants a chocolate factory. I think.

    1. *high fives* Haha! That’s pretty bad when the villain is the best character but, being a butler, I’m not surprised! They do have a way of stealing the spotlight with their overwhelming aplomb!

      Hehe! Well, I’m not sure I would want a chocolate factory. I wouldn’t trust myself with one! I’d eat so much chocolate I would either fall into a sugar coma and never waken or, eat so much that I would eventually start to hate chocolate – which would be a shame!

  5. ALLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! Your back!! #so pleased I love your posts, where do you get the inspiration for all of these?! I think it’s just amazing. 😉

    I love all of these! I think the only other thing I could add would be I would love to go on a safari or have a tour of the galaxy with Han Solo and Leia (because they are so hilarious lol). I would also love a bulk pack of those adorable squishy stress toys with the funny hair. And yes, perhaps a ticket to Disneyland. Never been there.

    *gasps at self*

    Rescuers Down Under??!! I LOVE that movie – so aesthetic and cute, and YES, definitely makes you want to fly eagles. Every. Single. Time.

    We are like the same person, girl. Library sleepover? Check. Broadway? Check. I would also love it if I was asked to be an extra in LotR, but those days are looooooong past, so oh well. But an extra in general would be cool, like in a BBC drama or something.


    1. ABBIE!!!! *hugs* Every one of your comments makes me smile!! Haha, thank you – I love your enthusiasm!

      AHHH, A SAFARI!! What a great choice! And a tour with Han and Leia would definitely be . . . lively, haha. I had to Google the stress toys, but, aw, those are so cute! It would be fun to pummel someone with them. *grins*

      I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, either. *holds you and sobs*

      AHHH, ANOTHER RESCUERS DOWN UNDER FAN! I think I saw somewhere that it wasn’t as popular as the first one, and I am aghast. It’s a perfect film!

      Well, it looks like I’ve got my Xmas buddy all lined up! *high fives*

      Ooo, that’s a unique choice! An extra! That would be so cool!

      Hehe, I would expect nothing less! <3

  6. Okay, yes to everything on this list except the food fight because I’ve actually been in one and it wasn’t my thing. XD To clarify, I didn’t PARTICIPATE in one, I was just in the room when it happened. It was when I was mid elementary school, (I wasn’t homeschooled until 7th grade) and close to Easter, there were multiple classes in the lunchroom for a little Easter party. As I recall the teachers stepped out of the room for a moment and there must have been a tad too much sugar in some kid’s systems because someone shouted FOOD FIGHT and food, mostly hard candy, started flying. I and some other kids hid under the tables until the teachers came running back in and all the kids not hiding under tables got in trouble. :p I don’t think we ever had another multi-class Easter party after that…

    Anyway, Merry Christmas, Alli! 😀

    1. BETH! Oh my goodness. *laughs* Yeah, food fights do not seem like your thing at all! I can imagine that must have been completely out of control. And a piece of hard candy in the eye would equal major pain. HAHA. You were smart enough to stay out of trouble. 😛

      I could never just “start” a food fight. Unless I was in, say, a Nazi prison camp and I needed to distract the guards – then I would have no regrets. But under normal circumstances, I am so polite that I would have to have PERMISSION to turn into a screaming cake-throwing Tasmanian devil. Or, some really good reason, like saving someone’s life. *breaks down into laughter at my own weirdness*

      Merry (late) Christmas, Beth! <3

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