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BEHOLD, IT IS I, ALLISON.  Flying into your inbox at random, but pulling it off like a boss.



“PRINCESS ALLI!  FABULOUS SHE!  Ali Ababwa!  Genuflect, show some respect – down on one knee!”


Yes I actually DO sing the song that way.


Living with me is just such a joy.


Ahem, ANYWAY.  You might have heard that February is Fantasy month on the Internet, as well as Fairy Tale month!  At the beginning of this month, Fairy Tale Central announced that they were doing a fairy tale themed blog tag so, OBVIOUSLY, I had to join in . . . at the very last minute . . . on a whim.  Because we all know that I am completely on top of things and never run around like a crazed monkey to make deadlines at the last possible moment, RIGHT?


Since this is a linkup tag, I am somewhat obligated to include the source so that my fellow bloggers can JOIN IN!

But, since this is the LAST DAY to post about it – haha – I don’t think it will do you much good.



But enough of me prattling  – ON TO THE TAG!






 # 1:  What’s an obscure fairy tale you love?


I really like Jorinde and Joringel. I love the sweet bond between the main couple, and how gently devoted they are to one another. Don’t ask me why, but they remind me just a bit of Sam Gamgee and Rosie Cotton (or maybe it was just that particular retelling I read that made me think of them).

I also really like The Salt Prince – it was an interesting twist to have the female character be front and center in the adventure and I loved her sacrifice and devotion.

I also really enjoy Puss In Boots – what’s not to love about such a charmingly duplicitous (and fuzzy) con-artist?  Stories revolving around a cast of characters all doing their level best to trick and cheat one another never fail to amuse me.

It’s also always fun when the con artists actually succeed in their schemes because, let’s face it, we don’t feel too sorry when stupid people get taken in.

Ahem, I’m talking about FICTION, of course. ?




# 2:  If you got to choose Disney’s next animated princess movie, what fairy tale would you choose to be adapted?


Honestly, I’d rather like to see Jack and the Beanstalk.  I heard the rumor a little while ago that Disney was going to make an animated film based on this story.  The team involved with Tangled was going to work on it which sounded perfect – making me build numerous castles in the air (or, rather, beanstalks in the air) about what that movie would be like.  Great characterizations, touching stories, and rich animation!  AH – I couldn’t wait!

I howled with dismay and outrage when Disney announced that they had shelved the project, allegedly due to “creative difficulties.”





Yes, I know, technically, it’s not a princess story, but there IS a variation of the tale where Jack marries a princess – so you could insert her in there somewhere. I would kind of love to see another film, like Tangled, where the princess and the main guy are both equally developed.

Plus, after seeing Kristoff turned into a total JOKE in Frozen 2, I’d like to see a more guy-centric fairy tale from Disney.



Rumplestiltskin would also make a fun animated movie (for the same reason that I mentioned for Puss In Boots – I really like stories about a bunch of equally rotten people all trying to pull the wool over each others eyes)

A Princess and the Pea retelling might also be fun – especially if it was really zany and zesty – something utterly different and unique, and greatly expanded.  It might be a project that would fare better under the hands of Pixar, than Disney, actually.



# 3:  What is the first fairy tale you remember hearing when you were a child?


Hmm that would be either Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast – I’m pretty sure it was Beauty and the Beast.

I have memories of being about five or six and watching Beauty and the Beast and aching with the beauty of the story.  Even at that age, that story was very special to me and touched me deeply.  It’s still my favorite fairy tale and never fails to invoke a wonder-filled glow with its beautiful themes and timeless truths.


# 4:  If you were to embark on a fairy tale quest, what necessities would you pack in your bag?


I’m taking EVERYTHING, baby.  If this is a fairy tale, there is magic, and if there is magic (and any justice in this fairy tale world), then I shall have a magical bag where I can take EVERYTHING with me, ala Merlin.



HEY, IT’S NOT CHEATING, IT’S CALLED BEING SMART.  Just keep your eyes on me, younglings: I know all the tricks and all the tricks. Ahem, I mean answers.



But if you want details of what “everything” means. . . .   Lots of the obvious survival gear, including grenades and flame throwers (hey, fairy tales can be a dangerous place and I might need to toast some witches).  I will also have various and sundry creature comforts, and plenty of chocolate.  I’m definitely going to have lots of clothes and shoes.  You have no idea how important it is to me to have an outfit for every occasion when I go on vacation.  Clothes make up the bulk of my packing when I travel, not boots.  Fashion, and being appropriately dressed for every event that might arise, is very important to me.



But, most importantly, I’m packing an Inexhaustible Genie Lamp in that magic suitcase so – just in case I did forget something – I can wish it into existence.  I BELIEVE IN BEING PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING.




# 5:  What’s your favorite fairy tale trope?


1)  I really like the stories involving normal, average guys (usually commoners with normal jobs or vagabonds) with lots of Attitude™ who walk coolly into the most magical and absurd situations and come out of it looking like a champ . . .  and usually with money in their pockets and a beautiful girl on their arm.

I mean, how could you not want to read about people like that?

Or, sometimes, they have even more panache and laugh away riches and lovely princesses and walk away, as carefree as a bird, because they’re so completely themselves, they don’t need it.



2)  Obviously, I like the absurdity of people being transformed into animals – ala the slightly ridiculously situation of Naveen in Princess and the Frog – where the whole curse is treated with a farce-like humor.

3)  I also rather like magical people / creatures who aren’t very good at what they do.  Ineptitude is always amusing (in fiction, haha).

4)  The prince saving the princess!  I am so sick of this modern drivel where the guy stands around like a doofus and the girl does everything.

Come on girls, it’s the guy’s job to be a protector –  let them strut their stuff!  I like a good old fashioned sentimental rescue and I think some kind fairy tale Witch must have escaped from her book to start removing these lovely scenes from our modern fairy tales.

Just chill out, princesses – you don’t have to do everything.



So, basically, all the tropes that I love (the ones above and more!) are the tropes I feature in my Tales of Ambia series.  #ShamelessPlug

# 6:  If you could be any fairy tale character archetype (the princess, the soldier, fairy godmother, talking animal, mischievous imp, wise old woman, evil stepmother/sister, etc.), who would you want to be and why?




I mean, it’s basically me.  Loves giving gifts and advice.  Likes people, but is actually a rather private person.  Kind of existing in their own little world.  Very sentimental about other people, but never gets involved in romance themselves (being rather above that sort of thing).  A mixture between a soft touch and a no-nonsense teacher. Unpredictable, but well-meaning.




# 7:  What animal/mythical creature would be your sidekick for fairy tale adventures?


I’d kind of like a nice, soft little goblin who subsist entirely on midnight feasts of jelly beans, and maybe pillow stuffing.  Don’t ask me why, it just seems like something he would like to munch on.  And maybe a side of junk mail.

A sassy and sentient magic carpet would also be fantastic.


Also, a small squishy dragon. And a big fierce dragon. And two little mice named Jaq and Gus!  And let’s not forget the  wish-granting Genie stowed away in my magic bag!

Is there any law against me having an entire entourage?  Because I really like traveling in a crowd.



# 8:  What is your favorite historical era, and what fairy tale would you love to see in that setting?


OOOO.  *rubs hands together*  I loooove history, so its quite difficult for me to pick a favorite.  *ponders*

Well, I wouldn’t want to see fairy tales set during WW2 or the Revolutionary War (those concepts just don’t do anything for me) – so I will just list my favorite historical eras (or settings) that I WOULD love to see as the backdrop for a fairy tale retelling!

I adore Ancient Rome and I desperately need stories set in this era!  A fairy tale set in Rome (or even one of Rome’s provinces – such as Britain) would be smashing.

And, I don’t know, how about a VIKING FAIRY TALE. EH?  A retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in a Viking village would be cool, although I have no idea how you would go about it!

Ancient Egypt would also be fabulous setting for a fairy tale and I DO have an idea for a retelling set in that time period but – MUAHAHAHA – I’m not telling you about that YET.



# 9:  If you could change a fairy tale’s villain into a hero, who would you choose and why?


AHAHAHAHA.  So, I’m actually going to be doing this . . . MORE THAN ONCE. *coughity cough* in my Tales of Ambia series and other fairy tales and I CAN’T WAIT.  *frolics in joyous anticipation*

But I’m not going to bring those up here, for obvious reasons.



But I can think of a few villains that I can discuss safely without giving myself away.


Hans from Frozen!


I actually still kind of like Hans.  Yes, I know he’s a Stinker of the first order, but STILL . . . I would like to see him redeemed somehow.

I kind of hurt right along with Anna when it turned out Hans was Evil.  And couldn’t help wishing that it could have been different. *sighs*


Or, for my second choice, Rumplestiltskin!  Most people portray him as either bad or having mixed motivations, but I’d like to see more of Rumple being just a straight-up hero!  Maybe him wanting to steal babies was a mistake.  Or maybe the miller’s daughter is an evil shrew!  the possibilities are endless, but I’ve always been fascinated by Rumplestiltskin and I’d love to see a fresh interpretation!




# 10:  Do you prefer fairy tales with happy endings or sad/tragic endings?  Why or why not?



*squints*  I think an ogre escaped from his fairy tale and decided to ask this question because, honestly, WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS???  Does someone out there actually prefer tragic endings???



Okay, okay.  I can, normally, appreciate bittersweet and poignant stories.  But I am currently in Tragic Ending Rehab after  watching several sad films in a row that smashed my heart to a bloody pulp and left me sniveling on my Twin’s shoulder. So, yeah, this is a knee-jerk reaction, but STILL.




Who wants to walk away from a fairy tale depressed?  Such an idea almost feels illegal.  If I’m going to cry over a story, let them be happy tears!

Besides, I think one of the real purposes of fairy tales (really, of all stories) is to relay Infallible Truths to the reader.  The desire for Happy Endings were engraved upon human hearts from the beginning because, for a Child of God, there IS a Happy Ending.  As His daughter, I am royal – and I will be swept into a new Kingdom by the Prince of Peace.  So don’t let anyone call you a sappy sentimentalists or lowbrow for preferring happy endings!  It’s perfectly natural to love happy endings – we were designed for them by our One True Love – God Himself!

What a Happy Ending it’s going to be!  ❤️




What did you think of my choices?  What is a fairy tale YOU would like to see turned into a Disney movie?  If you were in a fairy tale, what role would YOU be in?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Until then, farewell!

6 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Blog Tag

  1. That’s a perfect way to pack bags. I suspect you can also pack people that way (without them suffocating), and save on plane tickets.
    This month I enjoyed a short retelling of Jorinde and Joringel, ‘The Bells of Paradise” by Suzannah Rowntree. But I’m afraid I haven’t heard of The Salt Prince until now. I just looked it up, and I like the sound of it.

    1. Hey Blue! *hugs*

      Isn’t it??? I watched bits of that movie for the first time last year and I fell in love with that method of packing, haha! AHAHAHAHAH. You’re brilliant! What a great idea – that WOULD save on plane tickets. However, since bags are scanned or searched, I’m not sure you could get away with sticking your friends in a duffel. 😛

      OH – I THINK THAT WAS THE VERSION I READ! Wasn’t it sweet??

      It’s a really interesting tale – although, sadly, I haven’t read any retellings. I’m hoping to retell it myself in my own fairy tale series, though!

      Thanks for commenting, Blue!

  2. Pt. 1 (‘Cause my comment is too long. XD)

    AAAHHHH, GIRL!!! I was squealing and giggling and grinning while reading this whoooole thing. I am so glad you joined in! And oh my goodness, you literally can sing the Prince Ali song about yourself since your name is almost the same. That is the best thing ever. XDDD

    Okay, so I already knew we are literally the same person, but this post just grounded that belief! Like your answer to #6! YES to being a fairy godmother. And all the reasons you mentioned are ME. Likes giving advice? Check. Is actually rather private? Check. Exists in their own little world? Check. Very sentimental about other people, but never gets involved in romance themselves? CHECK. mixture between a soft touch and a no-nonsense teacher? SUPER CHECK. Literally that’s meeee! We should start a fairy godmother gang. *grins*

    I loooove Jorinde and Joringel! It’s such a cute one. And you can never go wrong with Puss In Boots, absolutely not! I am HERE for con artists. They’re great! XD The Master Thief is another Grimm one I love for that very reason. It’s a riot!

    1. Pt. 2

      Smart Alli is smart for bringing EVERYTHING on a quest. That’s literally how I pack. I declare I bring my entire room whenever I go on vacation. XD Or I TRY. And OUTFITS. YES. I go waaay overboard making sure I have the perfect outfit for every single day when I pack. Yet more proof we’re the same person!

      Your answer to #7 is gold! XD YES for traveling in an entourage! 😀

      1. Pt. 3

        I am soooo with you on happy endings! Ending something tragically for tragedy’s sake is so. annoying. I get a little miffed at Hans Christian Andersen because sooooo many of his stories ends with the protagonist DYING. Now, he does say they go to Heaven, so it’s kind of a happily ever after? But so much of it more or less implies you CAN’T find joy on this earth, the only happiness is dying and going to Heaven and just??? Come on, Andersen! Joy is all around us! I get so done with this world claiming happily ever afters are childish. >.> But AHEM. That’s a rant for another day. Needless to say, I 100% agree with everything you said there!

        I LOVED YOUR ANSWER SOOO MUCH! There’s even more I can comment on but I’m tryyying to not go overboard (whoops, too late). But EEP. Thank you so much for joining our tag!!! 😀

    2. CHRISTINE!!! Thanks for commenting! I LOVED this tag and had so much fun – thank you!

      HAHAHA – YES. I can entertain myself quite easily. 😛

      *laughs in delight* I KNOW, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT – WE ARE SO SIMILAR. You and I HAVE to meet up again someday, Christine! <3 We would be the best fairy godmother gang! *grins back*

      ALL RIGHT - another con artist fan to justify my personal tastes. 😛 I'll have to read the fairy tale.

      OH MY GOODNESS - THIS IS HILARIOUS. You and I packing for a trip would be quite an ordeal! 😛 But hey, at least we'd be in an entourage! 😉

      Yes - THANK YOU. Yessssss, Andersen had them going to Heaven and yet he always made Heaven seem a little . . . insipid? Less satisfying, not MORE satisfying (as it should be!). YES, I agree completely!

      Thank you, Christine. I loved YOUR answers so much!! *HUGS* You're the best!

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