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A Bagful Of Nutshells

*STUMBLES THROUGH THE DOOR AND STRIKES A TIRED BUT STYLISH POSE*   WHAT HO, CHAPS.  IT’S ALLI!  DID YOU MISS ME???   *pulls up a chair and leans into your personal space*   It’s – *gasp* – another episode of Nutshells with Alli!  I’ll bet you were starting to believe that you would NEVER get this post but, HA, you…

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My Top Ten OTP’s Of All Time

As many of you know, I’m an infamous critic of romance.     I have even been challenged by one person with the phrase: “Have you any romance in your soul at all, Alli?” (this question was raised after some choice words I shared about that appalling couple, Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe).   I can’t remember how I responded…

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