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Legends of Western Cinema – Tag Answers

Well, Rachel, you did it again!

I hadn’t intended to write a post about this, but then I saw your blog link up and it looked so fun I had to participate!  She pulled me in at the eleventh hour once more.



This post was doubly hard to produce at the last second because, as always, I had to track down the perfect gifs. Do you have any IDEA who hard it is to find Western gifs online???  VERY HARD.  I’m ashamed of the Internet for being so remiss.



Fortunately, the Gif Master was up to the challenge and managed to dig up some good ones. *grins*

This was a short post, but a fun one. Anytime there’s a party, you can bet that Allison will be there, getting into mischief and having fun.


Make sure you check out Hamlette’s Soliloquy to get in on the fun!

So are you ready for my contribution to this little round-up?  Good.   Let’s go!



1. What’s the last western you watched?


Um . . . I’m pretty sure it was scenes from Audie Murphy’s Ride Clear Of Diablo – my dad really likes one of the sidekicks in that film.


Duryea, Dan (Ride Clear of Diablo) (10).jpg


The guy above is hilarious. A lunatic, but hilarious.

As for the film itself (not to mention Audie) . . . . well.  I really can’t see how Audie Murphy got famous as an actor. *hides* Was he a great war hero? Absolutely. But he should have stuck with being a war hero, in my opinion.

2. A western of any stripe (happy or tragic) where you were highly satisfied by the ending?

The Shadow Riders had a highly satisfactory ending. Brothers and sisters riding off into the sunset (not to mention uncles and a future in-law) needs to be far more common in film!




3. The funniest western you’ve seen?


Hawmps! comes immediately to mind.  This movie is definitely one of a kind. Where else are you going to be able to find cowboy’s doing the jitterbug?




4. What similar elements/themes show up in your favorite westerns?


The bad guys getting just what’s coming to them.

Real Men doing what real men do.

Lawmen portrayed as the heroes that they are.

Snappy and laconic dialogue.

Right and wrong / black and white morality.

Stories that don’t follow the usual Western tropes (stranger rides into town and becomes sheriff or at least cleans it up, etc). They are genre-bending and are really escapes, heists, or epic generational story lines wrapped up in a Western setting.

Strong family themes.

Epic settings.

Lots of action.

Not one villain left standing. Not a one.


5. Favorite actress who made one or more westerns?


*scratches head* Well, Deanna Durbin is one of my favorite actresses and, as far as I know, she only made one Western Can’t Help Singing.




I haven’t watched it yet, because I have difficulty thinking of Deanna in full technicolor – to me she exists in a black and white alternate universe. It’s hard for me to realize that the heroine of this film is the same Deanna I know and love.

I have to admit, though – this is a pretty epic background for singing a solo!




6. Favorite western hero/sidekick pairing?


Roy Rogers and Trigger are pretty iconic.



Chris and Vin in The Magnificent Seven (the REAL Magnificent Seven, not that modern monstrosity) are also quite epic.




7. Scariest villain/antagonist in a Western?


Hmmm . . . I honestly can’t think of any villain in a Western who was scary.  I can think of plenty who were annoying, plenty who were jerks, and even a few interesting ones – but I was never unduly scared by any of them.

I suppose there were some movies with Indian attacks that freaked me out when I was little. It’s hard to beat a villain that chases you down with the intent of scalping you.  That would not be my preferred way of leaving this Earth, nossir.




8. Favorite romance in a western?


Hmm .  . . . I suppose the relationship in The Shadow Riders. It had the merit of being abbreviated (they never even kissed) and took a back seat to the rest of the story – which is always a plus.




9. Three of your favorite westerns?



The Shadow Riders.

Big Jake.


10. Share one (or several!) of your favorite quotes from a western.


The scenes and quotes below are used frequently in my house. Enjoy.









And that’s a wrap.  Hopefully you enjoyed this little sip of silliness.


All right, compadres, let’s talk. Have you seen any of these films? What is one of your favorite Western stories? If Westerns aren’t really your thing, what is an element that would make them more appealing to you? (you can bet I’ll be taking notes).


If you want to read last year’s post centered around Legends Of Western Cinema Week, you can find it right here.

Until next time.




9 thoughts on “Legends of Western Cinema – Tag Answers

  1. Worthy answers! I absolutely love Big Jake and the Shadow Riders, but I haven’t seen Chisum yet. Is it fabulous? I thought it sounded like it, but my dad said he didn’t like it, but then again, I think he has it confused with another John Wayne movie.
    I greatly appreciated the death and destruction line. I should use it sometime soon.

    1. Hey Irene! It’s good to “see” you again! YAY – somebody else who has seen those two films and loved it! *salutes you* YES, CHISUM IS FABULOUS. IT’S MY FAVORITE. It’s a very grand story of epic proportions all about the political maneuvering around the Range Wars and has a lot of good acting and complex relationships. I highly recommend it!

      HAHAHA. It makes me so happy that somebody appreciated the awesomeness of that line. I hope you get a chance to use it sometime soon. 😀

  2. I’m also a great fan of genre-bending Westerns! The setting has so much more potential than some of its narrower tropes or patterns would suggest. You can tell SO MANY KINDS of stories in the Wild West!

    When I did this tag on my blog, I had to think quite a bit about my favorite themes in Westerns … what my favorite examples of the genre have in common. When I read Westerns, I seem to find myself drawn to quiet and meditative Westerns where the bursts of action are interspersed with long stretches of the characters Being Peaceful and Enjoying the Land.

    Good answers, Alli! <3 This was fun to read!

    1. Hey Katie! YES. *high fives* I know you are. *grins and side-eyes some of your stories* Absolutely. I rather feel the West has been short-changed a little in the imagination department! There’s a lot of scope for different kinds of stories out West.

      I just read your post and didn’t get a chance to comment yet but I loved it!

      Thank you! *hugs*

      1. *side-eyes my own stories* I swear, they just keep getting crazier and crazier … even WITHOUT my permission … 😉

        I loved your comment this morning!! *hugs back*

  3. My hat’s off to you on the GIFs—a fine job despite the Western GIF drought! 🙂

    Can’t Help Singing is kind of a hoot because it doesn’t even faintly pretend to historical accuracy, but manages some cute spoofs on Western tropes plus a bit of genuinely breathtaking scenery and classic Western imagery tossed in there. Deanna with flowing golden hair does take some getting used to, after all her earlier movies!

    I really like that last John Wayne quote—is it actually from Chisum? I wondered because of the character names.

    1. Hey Elisabeth! Haha – thank you, ma’am! *tips hat*

      Yeah, I didn’t think the trailer looked too historically accurate, hehe – but if you say it’s fun, then I’m more tempted to try it! YES. To me, Deanna exists in a black and white universe and it’s so difficult to see her blond. But maybe I would get use to it!

      That last quote is one of my favorites! It’s so true. Yes, it is from Chisum! It’s a great film.

  4. What fun answers! That one Mel Brookes film showing up in some of your gifs and of-which-I-shan’t-write-down-the-title-at-the-moment is… well, a Mel Brookes… but the lines are SO funny in places! And of course, the acting in general. ;D

    I loved your answers to #4.

    I need to see Chisum.

    And YES YES YES AGREED on Deanna Durbin. I have that main dvd set of her top films and to this day haven’t been able to bring myself to watch Can’t Help Singing. Ah well, one of these days. Eventually. XD

    Thanks for joining the party!

    1. Thank you, Heidi! Ooo, now I’ll have to hunt down that movie.

      *grins* It’s so nice to see someone singling about my answers to number 4 – hehe!


      It’s a regular consensus on CAN’T HELP SINGING. I do feel that I’m gathering up my nerve to try it sometime soon, though.

      Thank you for hosting it!

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