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Welcome fair maidens and kind sirs!  Happy Labor Day weekend!



Before we dive into today’s post, allow me to share a little bit about what inspired it.

While scrolling through my blogs drafts, wondering what I would post next (I’m so organized, wow) I came across a tag that I had forgotten about: The Disney Princess Book Tag.

As I was reading over it, I thought: “I need to do this, but first, I need to do the Disney Prince version!”Why? Because, strangely enough, my post Disney Prince’s Ranked is one of my top posts of all time. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t get hits on that little post.  WHY???  WHY IS THIS? I HAVE NO IDEA.




Piqued by these stats, I decided to do a post in a similar vein – partially because I wanted to see if another Disney Prince post would get the same kind of traffic.  This is sheer curiosity, folks.




Plus, it looked like fun!


But the most important reason of all is this.


Looking at the Disney Princess version of this tag, I did some poking about on the Internet and I realized . . . there wasn’t a Disney Prince option.


It never even occurred to anyone to make one for the boys? *scratches head* Clearly, a fun opportunity had been wasted!


And it was just as clear that I had to do something about it.



Hence the tag.  Now pay close attention, because here come the rules!




# 1.  Use the prompts. 


# 2.  Mention the creator of the tag and link back to the original post. Here’s the link.  😉 


Optional Rules (but it would be terrific if you did them and I might cry if you don’t)


# 3.  Highlight your favorite male characters. (my OCD tendencies make me want a post with prince prompts to be about guy characters). People were doing female characters for the Princess version, so it makes sense to reverse it here!


# 4. Let me know when you do this tag! I would genuinely love to read your answers.


You can also use the graphic, if you want to, though I don’t think it’s very good. 😉  And lastly, the original Princess version of this tag was really more about books, but I shifted the focus to CHARACTERS, because they’re my favorite.  😀 


So, with that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s get started!



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is divide.png



PRINCE FLORIAN – A Character Who Stumbles Into Things


I’m going to go with Archie Roylance from John Buchan’s “shocker” novels. Archie is a sweet-natured land owner who stumbles into one adventure after another. Fortunately, he’s a pretty gung-ho chap and he doesn’t mind.



Archie’s an interesting combination of a lot of different layers – making what would typically be a clueless sidekick into a character that feels life-like and three-dimensional.

He’s a war hero, for one thing (he was injured during the war, but doesn’t allow his disability to hold him back very much), who very kindly employs other wounded or disabled veterans.  He ends up running for politics, even though he really has no head for them. He’s a romantic lead, but he is a a humorous and slightly silly one.

Basically, he’s just a very nice fellow who has no idea what he’s doing or what’s happening.



He might be a bit of a bumbler  – but he’s a unique one!


PRINCE CHARMING – A Character Who Looks Past The Exterior Of Those Around Him.


Clay the dragon from the Wings of Fire series by Tui Sutherland is a perfect match for this prompt.



This Mudwing really goes the extra mile. Whether it’s his sometimes-difficult friends, a proud and dangerous queen, a cruel teacher, a psychotic assassin, or even a human, Clay is constantly looking past the exterior of those around him and trying to get past the skin to touch the heart. HE’S SUCH A WELL-MEANING BIG BROTHER, I LOVE HIM.



I actually found myself really understanding Clay and relating to his thoughts and mindset. He is constantly giving people a second chance and trying to see things from their perspective.


PRINCE PHILLIP – A Character Who Fights For Those He Cares About


Peter Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia fits the bill for this prompt!



Peter truly deserves his royal title: he is magnificent. He is a true king, constantly taking responsibility for his family and always doing his best to defend them. He extends justice and mercy to everyone around him and whether it’s speaking up for his traitorous little brother or trouncing the Giants of the North to keep his beloved Narnians safe, Peter never fails to fight for those he cares about.

*wiggles hands in inexpressibly admiration*  What can I say? He’s the High King of Narnia.



PRINCE ERIC – A Character Who Fulfills The “Dreamy Soft Boy” Trope.


So, apparently, a “dreamy soft boy” is a thing amongst fangirls. I didn’t know this was a thing until recently. *shrugs*

It took me a while to come up with this one, as this isn’t my favorite type of male character. But then it hit me.




Luke Skywalker is definitely a dreamer – whether he’s dreaming of adventure or dreaming of a princess or dreaming of a new order and a redeemed father, Luke’s an introverted soul with lofty goals and wistful desires.

And is there anyone softer than this boy? He displays so much gentleness to his sister and patience towards Han – he’s even considerate to droids. Plus, he willingly sacrificies himself in the hope of redeeming his horrible father.  Let’s just admit it, LUKE SKYWALKER IS A SWEETIE.  HE IS THE HERO OF THE GALAXY AND ONE OF THE BEST GUY CHARACTERS EVER. PERIOD.




THE BEAST – A Beastly Character Who Is Redeemed


Okay, I need to know, did anyone else ever read the Derwood series by Jeri Massi? These books were practically my childhood and I read them over and over again.



There’s a character in this series named Scruggs (that’s his nickname, his real name is William). Scruggs starts out as a real monster and bullies smaller and younger kids.

And yet, we can see something hidden behind the beast. Beneath his cruel and cowardly exterior, there is a scared and hurting boy looking for someone to love him.

Over the course of the series, Scruggs slowly transforms from bully, to uncertain teen, to finally becoming the kind hero we knew he could be.

It’s a really beautiful and natural transition and, years later, I still have a soft spot for Scruggs.



ALADDIN – A Character Who Assumes A False Identity.



Cyrano de Bergerac came instantly to mind! In a sense, he assumes the identity of Christian by writing letters for the unromantic beggar and whispering words of love into his ear, thereby enabling Christian to woo and win Roxann.

THIS GUY.  AHHH! There are no words to describe my affection for Cyrano.



*LIP TREMBLES* I swear, I can’t even say his name without getting emotional. I love Cyrano with a rare fierceness and when I see him take on a false identity, too afraid to show his love because of his appearance, it’s physically painful to me. He is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever ‘met.’

The fact that he felt the need to hide any part of his wonderful self just . . . I CAN’T STAND IT.




JOHN SMITH – A Character Who Loves To Explore.


At first I thought of translating this prompt more literally and choosing a globe-trotting character loaded down with everything from a machette to a first aid kid.

But a suggestion from my sister caused me to look at the word “explore” in a different way.

And I decided to go with Paddington – the bear we all know and love.



Think about it, this little guy loves to explore, in his own way. There are few creatures in his fictional world more curious than Paddington. He’s always dipping his sticky paws into something or other and sniffing out new experinces. Any fellow brave enough to leave darkest Peru to maneuver his way through the strange new world of England is really quite an intrepid explorer in my books!

Plus, he’s furry – and a furry explorer is the best kind of explorer.


LI SHANG: A  Character Who Is A Tough, Military Leader.


I can think of so many tough military leaders that I love (they’re one of my favorite Types) but I wanted to do something unexpected with this. So, I choose Sir Roger de Tourneville from The High Crusade.



What could be more terrifying than being a medieval landlord swept up into a space ship and taken to a strange planet by a bunch of aliens?

And yet, despite the mind-blowing ramifications of what has happened to him, Sir Roger is absolutely dauntless. It’s hard to think of anyone that tops Roger’s resilience of mind.



Even in his weakest moments, he’s determined to show nothing besides a “never-say-die” attitude to his men. But it doesn’t take Roger long to move beyond white-knuckle jollity and recover his normal boldness. In the space of a few days, he goes from merely holding strong to taking over the universe. This simple crusader bluffs freakish aliens and downright enjoys himself as he sends their culture into a downwards spiral. The whole time I was reading the book, I was laughing with admiration and incredulity over Sir Roger’s ridiculous impudence and his lordly confidence. He is the epitome of chutzpah.


FLYNN RYDER:  A Character Who Is A Scoundrel With A Heart Of Gold.


I’m going to go with Reb (Randall Everard Baltimore) from The Reb and the Redcoats!



It always annoys me a little bit when people type-cast scoundrels or refer to them as if there is only one kind of rogue. There can be a LOT of variance in the scoundrel trope, guys. Reb is a great example. He’s quite young (only fifteen) and while he’s charming, he’s not a ladies man.

How do I even describe Reb? He is the definition of indescribable.  And, even though I might be asking for a world of trouble, one way or another, knowing Reb would be epic.



He’s incredibly patriotic, disciplined, and mature for his age, with a cold fire of a temper that often expresses itself in sly mischief. But while he torments his enemies and teases his friends, Randall has a warm and generous heart that more than offsets any of his trouble-making.


PRINCE NAVEEN:   A Character Who Undergoes A Transformation.


I’m going to cheat and use my very own book and character. Prince Colin in A Royal Masquerade undergoes a MAJOR transformation.




Those who have read A Royal Masquerade will know what I”m talking about and will probably (hopefully) let out a mighty howl of amusement.

For those who have not read A Royal Masquerade, consider yourself teased. *grins*


KRISTOFF:   A Character Who Is A Down-To-Earth Hero.


How about Jeeves from P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster series?



You can’t get more down-to-earth than this guy. A butler to end all butlers, Jeeves’ list of admirable traits and surprising talents are never-ending. Down-to-earth is merely one of the many characteristics that his flighty master, Bertie Wooster, benefits from.

Let’s just admit it, Bertie wouldn’t survive if he didn’t have Jeeves.




EMPEROR KUZCO:  A Character Who’s Obnoxious But Still Lovable.


Any character I write???  Burndee from The Reluctant Godfather and Moon Boy from The Pirate’s Path come instantly to mind.


Okay, okay – I’m going to go with Siegfried Farnon from All Creatures Great And Small!



Was there EVER a character more obnoxious than this man?? And yet, despite his bombastic temper, infuriating hypocrisy, and intolerable mood swings, he also has vast reserves of sweetness, generosity, and charm. You HAVE to love Siegfried, despite yourself – even when you want to kill him.



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is divide.png


Well, what did you think of this tag? And my answers?




Also, if my often faulty memory serves correctly, I think this is the first time I’ve invented my own tag, so I’m rather pleased. And the Internet and blogging world now has a princely alternative to this popular tag.  You’re welcome.



I am also rather proud of myself for finding (and making) all these Disney Prince gifs. Okay, okay – MOST of them are of Disney Princes.




And now . . . I TAG:


Christine Smith

Katie Hanna


Livia Rose


And anybody else who wants to do it!



And here are all the details to make posting your own version of this easier .  *hands you bouquet of instructions*




# 1.  Use the prompts

# 2.  Mention the creator of the tag and link back to the original post. Here’s the link.

# 3.  Highlight your favorite male characters.

# 4. Let me know when you do this tag!



PRINCE FLORIAN – A Character Who Stumbles Into Things

PRINCE CHARMING – A Character Who Looks Past The Exterior Of Those Around Him.

PRINCE PHILLIP – A Character Who Fights For Those He Cares About

PRINCE ERIC – A Character Who Fulfills The “Dreamy Soft Boy” Trope.

THE BEAST – A Beastly Character Who Is Redeemed

ALADDIN – A Character Who Assumes A False Identity.

JOHN SMITH – A Character Who Loves To Explore.

LI SHANG – A  Character Who Is A Tough, Military Leader.

FLYNN RYDER –  A Character Who Is A Scoundrel With A Heart Of Gold.

PRINCE NAVEEN –  A Character Who Undergoes A Transformation.

KRISTOFF –   A Character Who Is A Down-To-Earth Hero.

EMPEROR KUZCO – A Character Who’s Obnoxious But Still Lovable.


Remember, if you’re not a blogger, or simply don’t have the inclination to do this post officially, I would love to see your answers to these prompts in the comments!



Until next time, maties!



30 thoughts on “The Disney Prince Book Tag

  1. I’M SO DOING THIS TAG. Hahaha I love the prompts and I love your answers!! Especially Colin and Burndee’s appearances– Burndee is “obnoxious but lovable”??! ???

    1. YAY! I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR TAKE ON THIS, MERIE! And thank you! 🙂 HEHE. Yeah, I couldn’t resist slipping my boys into the mix. *winks* Even though I’m his Mom, I can’t deny that Burndee is obnoxious. Categorically.

  2. Including Kuzco and Siegfried Farnon is genius and simply cannot be topped. Although I only know (and only want to know Siegfried from the books, audiobooks specifically, the tv seems ALL wrong to me).

    Thanks for tagging me!

    1. *GRINS AND BOWS WITH A FLOURISH* I simply could not resist adding Kuzco. I mean, c’mon, he should count as a Disney Prince. Actually, he’s better than a Disney Prince, he’s an EMPEROR.

      I couldn’t find any illustrations of Siegfried and Archie Roylance, so I was forced to use screen caps from the movie. ALTHOUGH, I will say, I really do think that you would love the old BBC series All Creatures Great and Small, Livia. It feels like something that is right up your ally. It’s very faithful to the books and almost (dare I say it) better than the books. I adored the actors portrayal of Siegfried!

      Aw, I was happy to! <3

    1. YOU DO??? *BEAMING* That doesn’t surprise me. He seems like the sort of character you would know and appreciate! <3

  3. OH MY WORD. THIS TAG IS BRILLIANCE AND A PURE DELIGHT!!! *all the applause* I LOVE this and am so very honored to be tagged! I am definitely bookmarking this. Gotta do it! 😀

    I’m so sad how many characters you chose that I’m not familiar with! *hides in shame* But OF COURSE I adore Peter Pevensie, Luke Skywalker, and PRINCE COLIN. Oh, I laughed HARD at your take on that prompt. Gold. XDDD Quite a transformation indeed. I also love how you chose to look at the “explore” prompt. Paddington is such a precious choice! <3

    I adored every bit of this and cannot wait to do it myself! It is so very true that the poor Disney guys get super overshadowed by all the Disney Princess fanfare. I think it's FANTASTIC you're giving them their time in the spotlight! 😀

    1. AWW – THANK YOU, CHRISTINE! *cheers* I cannot WAIT to see your answers! *rubs hands together*

      DON’T HIDE. *coaxes you out* You have mentioned SO many characters on your blog that I am not familiar with at all! That’s the joy of blogging – we get to introduce so many favorites to our friends! 🙂

      HAHA – I couldn’t resist the Colin reference. *grins and winks*

      My sister suggested Paddington for the explore prompt and I thought it was too genius not to use!

      DAW – THANKS, CHRISTINE! As always, your comments make me smile! <3

  4. *bursts out cackling and rubs hands*

    Alli, this is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long LONG time!! I’m so honored that you tagged me–like I was telling you, I haven’t talked anywhere NEAR enough about my favorite male characters & male character archetypes on le old blog …

    Peter Pevensie is a dear, good, brave lad. I wuvs him. <3


    Awwww, Paddington Bear is such an intrepid little fellow! Definitely worthy of the title of explorer!

    Reb is definitely an interesting character, even though I'm not one for the rogue/scoundrel type as a general rule, he definitely has some fine qualities.

    Prince Colin *snickers*

    You know how much I adore Jeeves, so I heartily approve of your choice there!!! Great answers all around!

    1. *smiling* Why, thank you, Katie! 🙂 I was delighted to tag you and can’t wait to see your answers!

      *grinning and wiggling with pleasure over your comments of the boys in this post* EEEE – THANK YOU, KATIE FOR ALL YOUR DELIGHTFUL COMMENTS – I LOVED THEM. And thank you for commenting. <3

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! OH WOW – YOU KNOW SEIGFRIED? I feel like a lot of people don’t. Aw, thanks, Samantha! 🙂

  5. *squeals into the nearest pillow* Those gifs were epic!!! And it’s HIGH time some of the guys get some love! I love my princesses, don’t get me wrong, but I think the princes tend to get left out too often.

    This tag looks like SO much fun!!! Since you were so generous as to tag anyone who wants to do it, I may just have a post up at some point, I'll be sure and let you know if I do. ^_^

    I also love Clay and think he’s the most adorable big brother!!! He and Sunny are just the cutest together! And the way he tries to keep his little family together and safe just makes him more endearing.

    1. Hey Jen! Thanks for commenting! I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed this post – and I am especially tickled at your Gif Appreciation. *grins and bows* I agree! The Disney Princes need more attention!

      HUZZAH! I’m glad to hear I could give you some blogging inspiration – and I would love to see your answers!

      YES, CLAY IS THE BEST BIG BROTHER. ? His scenes are so heartwarming. I agree – the parts with him and Sunny are very sweet!

  6. Oh, my dear, I LOVED this post!! It’s so cool to see you starting a wonderful tag, and I loved seeing your little-known favorites–especially the ones we share! I was delighted to see Scruggs on the list, and I have SUCH a soft spot for him too.

    AND REB!!! I LOVE REB!!! I whisper-cheered in my surprise and joy when I saw his name! And my heart suddenly exploded. He’s just THE BEST!! I love him so dearly. Because of everything you said and more!

    It’s funny, I’ve been forgetting it during my latest reread, but Reb reminds me a LOT of Gen from The Thief. Gen would be my pick for the “Scoundrel with a Heart of Gold,” hands down, far and away. They have a similar feisty, wild fire and delightful, mischievous sweetness! And much more. I don’t usually think of Reb as a scoundrel, but it’s true in his own way. (Even though he’s also the most honorable gentleman ever.) And Gen is definitely a scoundrel, but the best kind–and an unusual kind.

    1. *BEAMING* I KNEW you would be happy to see Scruggs! *double high fives* Thank you!


      That’s so neat!

  7. This is such a fun idea! (My name is Elizabeth) I came from Livia Rose’s blog when she did the tag and I was thinking I was going to try do this tag as well.

    My blog is called Autumn Ink and the url is

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