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A Tolkien Blog Party 2020 – Tag Answers

Greetings Hobbitses!  It is I, Alli – coming at you with yet another Unexpected Party. Or rather, blog post.


I don’t know what it is about Rachel’s tags. I am utterly INCAPABLE of resisting them.  One look and I’m a goner.



Consequently, I end up throwing something together extemporaneously and tumbling into your inbox at the last minute –



– at a time when I should be working on ANYTHING but this blog post.

I am really having trouble prioritizing lately. Is it just me?  Please tell me it’s not only me and that this is just a phase we’re going through!



*sigh* ANYWAY, now that the prerequisite excuses are out of the way, it’s time to announce the party rules.  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE.



“A Tolkien Blog Party” is a six-day long blog party hosted by the magnificent Rachel Kovaciny. You can contribute any Tolkien-related post to the party or you can answer the tag questions, like I did.

And be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY to nab some treasures that Smaug himself would love to hoard. Actually, don’t enter; I want to win. *greedy dragon grin*


And now, with that final bit of housekeeping out of the way – on to the party!




1. What Tolkien character do you think you’re the most like?



Ah, these sorts of questions make me ramble uncomfortably. . .  It always feels so narcissistic to examine my own character under a microscope.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a way do this and not sound like you’re tooting your own horn or being overly self-deprecating.

I shall make an attempt, hobbitses.



I would say that I’m kind of a combination of Kili, Gandalf, and Boromir. Especially Kili and Gandalf.


Kili:  Rambunctious, charming, extroverted, willing to love people and take chances on others.  Makes friends easily and quickly.  Feels things deeply.  Not afraid to put himself out there. A blend of fiery passion and easy-going high-jinks.

He’s also too eager, too easily distracted, and overestimates what he’s capable of doing.

And he’s NAUGHTY.



Boromir: A bit of a mother hen. Constantly worrying about others and always leaping to someone’s defense. Believes in swift and hard action. Conservative, but others think of him as an extremist. A combination of grizzly and teddy bear.  Quick to call people out when he thinks they need it, but just as swiftly comforts those around him.

And, I have to confess, I would have probably also been tempted to use the ring to obliterate the enemy.



Gandalf: Appears to be extroverted and open, but is really very private and is basically a Mystery to everyone around them. Has a tendency to very nicely push, pull, and “orchestrate” people.  Swings between titanic confrontations and charm and wit. Often low-key frustrated because few people appreciate his opinions and advice.


Very spiritual and wiser than many people might give him credit for. Might be more widely recognized as wise if he wasn’t so stubbornly weird. Not very in touch with his own state of being because he’s so busy helping others.



Actually, I feel like these three guys have a lot in common.

All three of them have a very strong moral code.

All of them are vehemently opposed to evil (or complacency) and ready for a fight.  They are quick to leap to the rescue . . . sometimes too quickly.



They consider the big picture, but don’t forget the little guys. They’re all willing to make tough decisions for the sake of the greater good. They’re a combination of soft tough-guy and steady wild man.

Also, all three kind of have a tendency to fall on their face. They get too excited, too involved, and too pushy.  Sometimes they just plain make donkeys out of themselves.


In a nutshell – what the three of these guys most share is tendency to be too hasty and to take on too much at once.



Ah, one more thing that is fundamentally like me. All three of them like parties.



2. What Tolkien character do you wish you were more like?

I wish I was like Thorin, so I could scare more people – possibly even beat them up.



JOKING. Ahem, sort of. It would be nice to be more intimidating, though. AND THAT MAJESTY.  I could always use a dose of that majesty.


In all seriousness. I would like to be more like Elrond – calmer, wiser, more immovable. More noble-minded and pure. More fully in the spiritual realm than the physical. More gracious and more patient. More willing to serve.

And yet still one awesome fighter that makes evil minions scream and beg for mercy.


3. What would your dream home in Middle-earth be like?


*wiggles down into chair to prepare for an epic day dream*

Okay, let’s assume I’m rich.



Since I largely identify as a dwarf, it’s a given that I got some of that loot from Erebor (it’s also a given that I was assisting Gloin in burying some of that lovely troll trove).



Now that you have been assured that I can cover taxes and afford a full staff – onto the details.

My MAIN home will be in the Laketown / Dale region. I really love the wild Northern feel of this region of Middle Earth and I ADORE the fact that it’s on a lake and in the center of the action, with plenty of foreigners and trade traveling through its streets.


I love the ancient color and rich palette of this area and it appeals to my artistic sensibilities.  It’s also right on the doorstep of the dwarvish kingdom.  My claustrophobia would prevent me from living in Erebor full time, but this way I can at least be close to it and visit my darling dwarves regularly.



I would have a second home in Rivendell – I think it would be a very relaxing and peaceful place to go there during winter time.  I can definitely see myself finishing the deadline on a book in Elrond’s library . . . and tormenting some Elves by throwing snowballs at them.



So, two thirds of the year in Laketown/Dale and a third in Rivendell, with occasional vacations to Erebor or the Shire.

I know. You’re probably thinking: “You don’t want to live in the Shire??? EVERYBODY wants to live in the Shire.”

Well, I don’t.

I’m half wizard. The Shire is nice, but it’s too tame for me to live there all the time.

More importantly. some of the people there are kind of IRRITATING. And dull. And they steal your spoons. And consider your home ripe for the picking when you’re not even dead.  Not very nice neighbors, no indeed.

In short, I like the holes, but not all of the hobbits.

Hence my alternative to Shire dwelling.

4. You get to make a movie of the story of Beren and Luthien!  Who do you cast as the leads?



Uh . . . no one? I haven’t read the book, so I don’t really have an opinion on this.



*Googles the story of Beren and Luthien*

Hmmm . . . well . . .  *silence*

I’m not really up on modern actors; I watch a lot of old films.  It’s basically like a version of Aragorn and Arwen’s love story, right? *isn’t a Tolkien aficionado*

Okay, I’m going to go with Sean Bean and Liv Tyler. They were the two I really shipped in Lord of the Rings, and this is their chance to finally be together!

Aragorn wasn’t good enough for Arwen, but Boromir was.




I got off topic there, but that head cannon just slipped out.  ?

5. Have you ever marathoned the LOTR or Hobbit movies?


It depends on your definition of “marathoned.”



I have watched all three Hobbit movies over a period of two days.  Does that count as a marathon? Or are you talking a 24 hour sort of thing . . . ?  My answer is yes and no: depending on the qualifiers.


6. Do you have a favorite song or track from the movie soundtracks by Howard Shore?



I get the shakes and the chills and the whimpers listening to my dwarves sing The Misty Mountains.  Isn’t it wonderful?



I also love this track – which is basically the symphonic version of The Misty Mountains.  But it’s more than that. It’s a beautiful layer of themes and music that makes my heart swell and my throat constrict. My goodness, guys, there is something about this story that resonates with my heart and this track encapsulates all of those feelings.



And here’s the opening track from the extended edition of The Unexpected Party and it’s this glorious combination of most of the themes that you hear throughout the film – Concerning Hobbits, the Mirkwood Elves Theme, Erebor’s theme, etc. It’s epic, hobbitses.




7. Which of Tolkien’s characters would you like to be best friends with?





OH MAN. HOW DO I PICK?  HOW?  I’m an extrovert, I don’t have just ONE friend.

Okay, okay, I’ll try. I’m going to go with Bofur the dwarf. He’s completely irresistible.


He’s just so EASY to be friends with. He’s sweet, funny, mild-mannered, quirky, and he’s also an incredibly merciful character. His kindness to Bilbo and the way he looks out for him never fails to move me.  *squeezes dwarf tightly*

Isn’t he sweet? Isn’t he marvelous? Isn’t he all-together too Irish?

Yeah, I can definitely see myself being extremely good friends with Bofur. I even have a hat similar to his!


8. Who of the people in your real life would you want in your company if you had to take the ring to Mordor?


Well, obviously, my five immediate family members – no question.  ORCS BEWARE.



And we never would have been involved with Gollum, either. That little bounder would have been simultaneously smashed by six Tebo’s the moment he made his appearance. Three of my family members are great with maps and directions – we don’t need Gollum!

Honestly, not to brag on my family or anything (who am I kidding, I will brag on them all day) . . . I really feel that we could destroy the Ring. And whup the villains. And basically succeed with flying colors.

We are our own little Shire, full of close-knit hobbits.  Between us we have the inventiveness of wizards, the determination of hobbits, the cunning of men, the ferocity of dwarves, and the wisdom of elves.

Ah, I love my fellowship. ❤️


9. Have you read any of Tolkien’s non-Middle-earth works?


Yes, I have. I have read Roverandom, Leaf by Niggle, Smith of Wooten Major, and Farmer Giles of Ham.  Of all of them, I like Roverandom the best. It’s my favorite work by Tolkien and I like it far more than Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. It’s very whimsical and cute: more like Wizard of Oz than Middle Earth. Dogs that bite wizards in the trousers and then get sent to the moon are infinitely more my cup of tea than creepy dark lords or oppressed peasants.


10. Is there a book by Tolkien you haven’t read yet, but want to?


Well, I’ve read through the first two books in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and then I got bogged down in the middle of The Return of the King. I would like to finish that one day, just to say I finished the doggone thing.





Yes, I spent FAR too much time on this unnecessary and unexpected blog post.



And I am once again rather chuffed that I was able to churn out something so nonsensical and yet so full-to-the-brim of spot-on gifs.

Okay, guys. It’s your turn to weigh in! Are you doing this tag on your blog? If not, I would love to see you answer these questions in the comments!



What did you think of my answers? Who do YOU think I’m most like and what Middle Earthling would YOU pair me with?  (this ought to be good).


For now I must leave you and tackle the scads of projects I’m SUPPOSED to be working on.





15 thoughts on “A Tolkien Blog Party 2020 – Tag Answers

  1. IF YOU AREN’T A TOLKIEN AFICIONADO, (and haven’t finished Return of the King) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON ARAGORN! *coughs* Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. He is the destined one, the one who has worked for long, the one who has loved for long, the loyal, the awesome, the descendant of the Numenorians, the almost-immune-to-the-ring. Boromir is a hothead, arrogant, irritating, imperfect, and greedy for power. Aragorn deserves Arwen 100%. (Especially if we’re going by the books, which we definitely are, because whyyyyy would we ever go by the movies). Sorry. *makes embarrassed but determined face*. I get very up-in-arms about LOTR.

    But other than that, I liked your tag answers! ? Figuring out which combo of LOTR characters one is a smart idea, rather than trying to figure out which single one…and not wanting to live in The Shire makes sense, when you put it like that. I’m still torn about there or Gondor, though.

    1. Hey Samantha! *grins* I never let lack of appreciation to keep me from passing judgement, hehe! I’m afraid there are no words to describe how much I detest Aragorn in the books and the films so…we shall have to agree to disagree!

      *bursts out laughing* Since I identify with Boromir I think I was just insulted??? ? But yes, book Boromir was definitely different from movie Boromir, so I can see why you weren’t too keen on that version.

      You don’t have to apologize. I had noticed that Lord of the Rings super fans get pretty passionate about these subjects. Hehe!

      Thanks! Yeah, I couldn’t squeeze myself into just one, but I could narrow it down to just Kili and Gandalf, I suppose! How about you? Ooo, I wouldn’t like living in Gondor – but they DO have a cool library, so there is that! ?

  2. This was delightful in nearly every way. (I say “nearly” because I dis.a.gree. about Boromir and Arwen…she would have snubbed him like nobody’s business…I’m sure of it!!! I don’t particularly LOVE her and Aragorn together but honestly, they’re the best for each other out of everyone else in the story ? As much as it PAINSSS.MY.SOUL. to say this, Eowyn and Aragorn would never have turned out well. She and Faramir are perfect for each other (but wow have I digressed…hahaha). So “no” to Boromir and Arwen, absolutely not; he died well and it’s better that way ? I love him dearly but his death was hugely important to the story (and to Faramir’s overall arc (another one of my loves ?))) All of my parenthesis within parenthesis are living their own lil adventure ? But I loveddd this spontaneous blog post, Allison!! It was just what I needed this afternoon so thanks muchly for writing ?

    1. Aw, thanks, Tabby! Haha, yeah, I know a lot of people feel very strongly about Aragorn and Arwen. It’s intresting to see someone who wishes Aragorn could have would up with Eowyn!

      *grins* Well, I’m a maverick and not much of a fan of LOTR, so I guess I’ll just have to stand in the corner with my irreverent ideas! ? But I can appreciate your points and I LOVE your comment. Thank you SO much for reading and commenting! I hope it gave you a smile. 🙂

  3. Well this was just a dose of goodness on my wordpress dashboard this evening!!! I LOVED your thoughts on the characters who you most relate to, and I can totally see you being a mix of those three! That work perfectly. You’ve got the enigma and magic and strong will of Gandalf and the charm and love of Kili. ‘Tis perfect! <3

    Also, your plans for homes in Middle-earth are fabulous and I wholeheartedly approve.

    And oh my gracious, yesssss to the dwarves singing The Misty Mountains. I get chills every. single. time. It is just… *clutches heart* So moving.

    THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE TEBOS THOUGH. Now *that* is an epic thought and I love it so, so much. Sauron wouldn't know what hit him. XDDD

    This was an absolute blast (and the gif-usage was, of course, GOLDEN). Thank you for sharing!!! <3

    1. HAHA – thank you, Christine!!!! *BEAMS* Your comments never fail to bring a smile to my face and make me feel I have succeeded in blogging! *hugs* Aw! *ducks head* You’re too kind. ?

      I HEREBY INVITE YOU TO STAY WITH ME IN MIDDLE EARTH. That’s where we’ll have our pink Keurig machine! 😀

      THANK YOU, YES. FINALLY! *cheers* Someone else who appreciates how amazing the Misty Mountains is! <3 It moves me to no end! *high fives*

      *GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR* AAAAHHHH - THANK YOU. The Tebo's truly appreciate your confidence in us!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and hope it gave you a good chuckle! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING!

  4. Your “irreverent” LotR headcanons bring me an absurd amount of joy. I love you so much, my fellow non-canon shipper. yOU UNDERSTAND ME. <3

    Boromir is the best and he deserves a lot of hugs and also a nice happy ending with a nice princess!!! Yes ma'am!!! (Eowyn x Boromir might be my preferred pairing but mostly I'm like "BOROMIR x HAPPINESS" so I'm totally down either way.)

    1. HAHA! THANK YOU. I WAS THINKING OF YOU WHEN I POSTED THIS. I knew you would get it and appreciate it! *HAPPY SMILE* We irreverent non-canon dreamers have to stick together!


      1. Awwww! That makes me feel honored, that you were thinking of me!! And yepppp! A girl can dream, no matter who says she shouldn’t!

        (Also *whispers* I’m going to put Han & Qi’ra on my list of favorite Star Wars ships when we do the blog party … ;))

        Boromir was a Good Boy who got a Raw Deal *sobs forlornly*

  5. ALL THE GIFS!!!! This post was EPIC and all your perfectly placed gifs increased its epicness! I had a blast reading your answers!!!

    I um… I’m greatly intrigued that you think Boromir and Arwen should have been a thing. I, too, wish Boromir could have had a happier ending but, ARAGORN AND ARWEN FOREVER! XD I did cry when Boromir died. ):

    I’m also joining the blog party! ^_^ I should have my post up tomorrow. 😀

  6. Okay, that Gimli gif after you talking about Boromir made me snort coffee up my nose. How dare you be so funny!

    I would probably become totally comfy living in the Shire… but I’d rather live in Rohan. I have a certain need for open spaces.

    But I heartily resist the idea of Boromir and Arwen getting together because the truth is, Boromir is already secretly married to me by the time he goes on this epic quest and meets Arwen and all, so no, that pointy-eared she-elf can keep her dainty paws off my warrior, thank you.

    (I mean, you bring out your head-canon, I’ll bring out mine, and I’ll add a Mary Sue on top of it like a dollop of homemade whipped cream.)

    Bofur is awesome. Also, the guy who plays him basically adopted Luke Evans as his long-lost brother while they were filming the Hobbit movies, since his daughters were playing Bard’s daughters, and they ended up doing a live concert together at some point (James Nesbitt and Luke Evans, I mean, not the daughters too), and those guys can SING.

    I’m just saying. Look them up on YouTube.

  7. This post was so fantastic, it fully made my day! THE GIFS!! I haven’t even seen the Hobbit movies, but now I kind of want to. When I was little Aragorn and Arwen slightly bored me, so I can totally see her and Boromir. 😉

  8. This post was so fantastic, it fully made my day! THE GIFS!! I haven’t even seen the Hobbit movies, but now I kind of want to. When I was little Aragorn and Arwen slightly bored me, so I can totally see her and Boromir. 😉

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