Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag (2021 Edition)

As you’ve probably guessed, Allison’s Well is, sadly, being phased out, gradually replaced with my author newsletter and blog.

I do LOVE blogging, and I would like to see the amazing people I have known and loved here on Allison’s Well sojourn over to my author blog, where I hope to post more regularly.

Things were pretty staid over there for a while, since I was trying to keep things more “professional.” But it’s not just me. I’ve started letting my goofy GIF-loving self slip out of the business suit and embraced more fun and faith on both the newsletter and the blog – just like what you used to see here!

I had a lot of fun participating in the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag. Head over to my author blog if you want to read my answers to these bookish questions!

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