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Tellus Science Museum

   After lots of planning and rescheduling, my family and I finally got to visit the Tellus Science Museum! It was a gorgeous day and we got to enjoy the beautiful grounds.   Aren’t these shady avenues lovely? I wanted to pitch a tent and stay there even more than I wanted to run through the sprinklers.   My sister took…

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I Whistle A Happy Tune

       I am so excited – my singing teacher has set up her own home recording studio! For my lesson yesterday, instead of doing lip trills and deep breathing exercises, I got to record a song!  I picked Dean Martin’s ‘Everybody Love’s Somebody’ and with my wonderful teacher manning the controls, we were able to whip out this puppy…

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Blogs I Follow

Counting Your Blessings One By One    I just love this girl, she is one of the sweetest people and her blog is an absolute joy. Fishing For Ideas -Jonathan is a great guy and a fabulous writer, with a hysterical sense of humor that keeps me coming back again and again.  Sunshine and Scribblings  This girl is AMAZING!  She is a NaNoWriMo…

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