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A Tolkien Blog Party – Tag Answers

*gal who sometimes goes by the nickname Kili shoves open door with a cheeky grin*     How goes it, all my merry wanderers?  I am here to announce an UNEXPECTED PARTY.  Literally.  Because, doggone it, Rachel. You did it to me AGAIN. For the un-enlightened, allow me to explain.     A few months ago, the very awesome Rachel posted…

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The Spamalot Edition

    I don’t know about you, but I get a TON of spam email on my blog.  Fortunately, my blog is built to withstand the invading hordes, but I’m forever beating off legions of these wretched little spammers, because I tell you, they fight in groups.   While deleting spam after spam – I decided to have a little…

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